June 2015

All you ever need to know about wild bird feeders

June 24, 2015

The choice of wild bird garden feeders is wide, and the type abundant, but don’t worry because here we have decided to give you a complete rundown of the most common forms of bird feeder available for your garden. Depending on your aims and goals, for instance if you know there’s family of goldfinches nearby and you want to attract them to your garden, then …

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The Bird Riddle Quiz

June 17, 2015

We’ve had a number of 1st places with 100%, so we placed all these names into a ‘random’ online picker (actually the ‘brew-maker’ picker). We’re happy to announce I Ward as the winner; the proof is below. Congratulations.     To enter the quiz, answer all fifteen questions; only one entry per person. The quiz closes at midnight on Wednesday 24th of June. The winner …

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Introducing our brand new premium bird peanuts

June 17, 2015

We’d like to introduce to you our brand new ultra ‘plump’ bird peanuts. With lots of crunch for your money, your garden birds are sure to flock around the feeder for a taste of nutty goodness. Available in 5kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg and 100kg combinations, we offer these tasty treats from as little as £10.99, which of course makes us the cheapest online. In fact, …

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The Ins and Outs of Mealworm for Birds

June 8, 2015
Mealworm image-min

Mealworms are an increasingly popular form of food for wild garden birds, especially during the breeding and fledgling seasons when considerable competition exists among birds for local natural resources such as earthworms. This demand can be offset by human intervention i.e. the feeding of mealworms, which are readily available to buy online, in either fresh or dried formats. Considered as a ‘luxury’ form of wild …

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The ultimate guide to wild bird suet food

June 2, 2015

Wild garden birds absolutely adore suet foods, especially during periods of time such as the breeding season when they require energy for mating and essential nutrients for their health. Those wild and frenetic ‘calls of nature’ must be fueled somehow; after all, it’s a competitive time for birds, and the more energy they have, well…the rest is history. So, we have put together an Ultimate …

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