February 2016

Cuan Wildlife Rescue

February 26, 2016

Garden Wildlife Direct is always in support of any cause that promotes the welfare of British wildlife, so we are incredibly pleased to be partnering with Cuan Wildlife Rescue to help raise awareness and offer support in the nurture and conservation of all wildlife.

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BBC Springwatch 2016

February 12, 2016

After an outstanding Springwatch last year, BBC Springwatch 2016 is sure to bring us plentiful action from nature around the UK. Details are scarce, but we’re quite certain the usual Springwatch television series presenters will be on hand to provide unseen (and, who knows, maybe unknown) information about wildlife around the British Isles. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on any new information about Springwatch 2016 …

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Monogamy in garden birds

February 4, 2016

IT IS COMMONLY THOUGHT THAT BIRDS are completely monogamous to their partners, but recent findings demonstrate that this is only true genetically 15% of the time. So which birds are really staying true, and which ones are cheekily playing the field? Is it true monogamy, or just for the first year? After all, we’ve all felt that 7 year itch, right?! In time for Valentine’s …

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