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September 6, 2016

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September 6, 2016

Bad harvest. Why not try an alternative to peanuts?

September 6, 2016

As you may be aware, there is a global shortage of peanuts due to an unfortunate bad harvest this year, which has affected the supply of this key commodity. Along with an increased demand for peanuts, there has been an inevitable rise in prices, which have increased across all our peanut products, including premium and peanut splits varieties.

Despite the increase in prices, Garden Wildlife Direct is still the cheapest online. However if you are concerned about the prices of the peanuts, why not consider other bird foods such as sunflower hearts, suet pellets, fat balls or dried mealworms?

Whilst the poor harvest and bad weather conditions have affected the price of peanuts, which contain an invaluable source of beneficial fats, fibres and proteins, similarly nutritious bird food is available at a lower price.

What else can I feed my garden birds?

There are many different types of bird food available alternatively to peanuts. Alternative food is available which also includes nutritional ingredients for the birds. Alternative foods include sunflower hearts, fat balls and dried mealworms.
Sunflower Hearts
Sunflower hearts burst with energy and goodness, and are a tried and tested favourite among birds such as Greenfinches, Great tits and House sparrows. With little to no mess, sunflower hearts are a great alternative food.
Fat Balls
Or why not treat your garden birds to some fat balls? Rich in energy and suitable for feeding all year round, suet fat balls attract a wide variety of birds such as House sparrows, Robins and Starlings.
Dried Mealworms
Dried mealworms are also an additional great alternative to peanuts. Try soaking them in water overnight to soften them; they will most likely double in size and become and fantastic juicy snack. Or simply scatter them onto a bird table for birds such as Robins and Blackbirds to enjoy.
So you can see, there are many great alternative bird foods, which contain high levels of nutritional value, available from Garden Wildlife Direct. If you’re worried about price, just give something else a try.
Whilst you may notice a decrease in regular visitors to your garden by changing the type of food you provide, but it is certainly possible to encourage and attract a variety of different species of birds by using our recommended alternative bird foods.
Try these alternative bird foods.

Product Name




High in energy, sunflower hearts are a valuable and nutritious seed to have in any garden.



Give your wild birds a treat that is packed full of high energy ingredients.

Pack of 6


Dried mealworms are a high calorie, high protein treat.



An irresistible treat that will appeal to a wide variety of wild birds.



Mother & Chick Fledgling No Grow No Mess Seed Mix is our great new seed mix which is perfect for both chicks and their parents.



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