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December 17, 2015

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December 17, 2015

BBC Winterwatch 2016

December 17, 2015
Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland

Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland

The brilliantly acclaimed BBC Winterwatch 2016 will be back in the New Year packed full of wintry tales of extraordinary wildlife that live among us here in Britain. More importantly, it will be broadcast from the wild and wonderful Cairngorm Mountains in the eastern highlands of Scotland. The BBC Winterwatch 2016 team will brave the blizzards and cold winds to bring us the very best of ptarmigans, black grouses and other fascinating upland species, all from their base Mar Lodge.

Other places of interest for the team will be the upper parts of River Dee, where wandering wild red deer survive under extreme temperatures. This wildlife safari is a brand new feature for 2016 Winterwatch. Also, watch out for some wonderful observations in East Anglia, where presenter Lolo Williams will be catching a glimpse at the rarely seen (Chinese) water deer.

It’s a great time to start thinking about the birds and wildlife that will visit you through the harsher months and get ready to fill your feeders and provide shelter for your garden birds. Though we lose the light and warmth that the summer sun brings, winter is another enchanting time of year, as it brings all kinds of new visitors to our shores as well as seeing off resident visitors on their long migrations.

Some of you may be lucky enough to encounter returning birds such as Fieldfares and Redwings, many of which may have already completed their journey and are resting out for the winter getting ready to migrate again in spring.

Though the crisp frosts and snow can create beautiful landscapes around us, it is easy to forget that foraging for food and finding fresh sources of water can be difficult for garden birds and wildlife, so keep an eye out as we provide you lots of useful hints and tips as well as highlights of all the best wildlife stories and facts from BBC’s Winterwatch 2016.

Why no check out previous series of BBC Winterwatch and refresh on past years wildlife stories.

When will Winterwatch 2016 be broadcast?

Winterwatch 2016 will be broadcast form Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th January 2016. Be sure to catch all the episodes over at the BBC official website here, otherwise tune in to BB2 on TV.

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  2. Hi I live in North Dorset and as I right this, there are 13 buzzards walking about in a field at the back of my cottage is this normal as I have not seen them out there before, the numbers have gone up in the last few weeks. regards David.

  3. This Bird has come and slept on our bird box every night all winter, he arrives every evening at around 5-pm and goes every morning at daylight.
    Despite it being above the main door into the hotel and people are coming and going through the door below all evening, he quite happily perches on top of the box, all fluffed up in a ball, occasionally waking and looking at customers, and then going back to sleep

  4. re: occupy wall steret from the little that i understand it’s a movement to protest the fact that there is this disparity betweeen the income/wealth of wall steret bankers and the rest of the population, especially in the face of all the economic problems. (this may be totally wrong it’s my interpretation). i’m getting my info from twitter, and from the live feed, which you can check out here:re: launch i booked a couple tickets through the link, because i only asked for one via the blog, and didn’t want to confuse things. hey Misha how’s your arm?

  5. Sparrow Hawk – we saw one at 0930 this frosty morning, on our garden fence in Southampton. Right outside the bedroom window. Tits eating the coconuts are looking very nervous now. This is the very first time I have seen one in my 60.9 years!

  6. There’s no detail about live webcams on Winterwatch. I hope there will be live webcams behind TV’s red button from Mar Lodge during the day. If not, I’ll be dreadfully disappointed.