Bird Of The Week

Choosing the right nestbox for your garden birds

August 13, 2015

Should I buy a nest box? This is an interesting question. Using a nest box can be a very rewarding experience, especially considering there are many locations around Britain with a lack of suitable vegetation for nesting. It’s typically common for certain species of bird to nest in holes and crevices of trees, and when these aren’t readily available, using a nestbox can be of …

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Everything you need to know about: Niger Seed

July 7, 2015

Nyger seed, or ‘nyjer’, niger’, as well as other variants, as you are probably aware, does not have a standard spelling format. Or, at least, there’s no universal agreement on how this enigmatic and linguistically unique word ought to be standardised. The best effort, so far as we know, was attempted by the Wild Bird Trading Industry in the USA, whose leading members took it …

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