Top ten tips for attracting wild birds to your garden

May 7, 2015
Ban the cat

After the huge response we got for our Bird Feeding Bundle competition (please read the fabulous comments!), we’ve decided to put together a list of the top ten most practical tips for attracting birds to your garden. Please read on… 1. Use a WIDE VARIETY OF BIRD FOOD (a varied ‘menu’) to attract different types of birds to the garden – NEVER EVER leave your feeder …

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National Hedgehog Week

May 1, 2015
Its Hedgehog Awareness Week

National Hedgehog Week Sunday 3rd May marks the start of National Hedgehog Week. The British  Hedgehog Preservation Society works hard to ensure our hedgehog populations  are safe by highlighting the major problems that face British hedgehogs and how we can all help. There are lots of ways we can all get involved and so much any avid gardeners among us can do to help our …

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