Have you experienced the ‘long-running script error’?

If you use Internet Explorer, the browser created by Windows, you may have experienced a long-running script error when trying to make a purchase at the checkout.

The most common cause of this is having too much browser history on your computer, which can slow down things a bit.

To see if you are using Internet Explorer, try to find the computer icon that looks like this:


You can also see the same icon at the bottom of your screen:

Icon bar at bottom of screen

How to clear your browser history

  • Click on the Internet Explorer icon (the ‘e’) and open up Internet Explorer
  • In the top right hand corner of your screen, you will see a cog icon. Click the cog and select ‘Internet Options’ from the drop down menu.

Step 1

  • A pop up box will appear that looks like this:

Step 2

  • You will see the text ‘Browsing History’. There’s an empty box under this. Please click on this empty box and a tick will appear.
  • Now, press the Delete button
  • Another box should appear and you should see the following pre-ticked boxes. Leave these ticked. There’s no need to tick the other boxes.
  • Step 3Now, press the ‘Delete’ button to remove your history
  • Depending on the amount of historical information you have, your computer may take up to several minutes to completely clear your history.
  • Now that you’ve cleared your history, go back to the checkout to see if the long-running script error has been resolved