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October 2, 2015

Feed your hedgehogs before they hibernate

October 2, 2015

Funny Wildlife Stories: And The Winner Is…

October 2, 2015
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Over the last two weeks we have been swamped with hilarious wildlife stories from you all, and here at Garden Wildlife Direct HQ we have certainly been amused by all your tales of the wonderful wildlife around you. Thank you to everybody that took the time to leave us your stories, we have worked through all of your entries and most regretfully there can only be one winner, and after much deliberation we have decided upon the triumphant story. Congratulations to Roz Inglis, your Hedgehog rescue mission had us in stitches, and rightly so, the hanging mealworm feeder is on its way to you. Well done to everyone that took part, make sure you check back for more fun, but for now we will leave you with our winning entry…


We have over 8 hedgehogs who regularly visit our garden for the “Fast Food” mealworms we provide. Our next door neighbour had dug a 2 metre deep foundation for a garden building. As I was doing a final garden check at around midnight one night, I heard a strange sound from next door and shone the torch on a stranded hedgehog…how it had got into the middle ‘island’ of the building I couldn’t work out but I dashed back to the house to get my gloves.

On returning the young hedgehog had found its way back to the safety of the land behind the building site but I swung the torch along the trenches as I thought I could hear hedgehog snuffling. Sure enough there was an adult hedgehog trapped in the trenches with no way of getting out! I should mention at this point that I was dressed ready for bed in my nightie and fleecy dressing gown! I am over 60 and not the most agile of folk and only 5ft 3”!

Somehow I clambered down into the 2m deep trench and set off to rescue the hedgehog. Usually, if they sense you are near they will stop and freeze….only rolling into a ball if they feel really threatened. Well this one hadn’t read the hedgehog guidelines and set off at a fair old lickety spit around the trenches.
If you have ever seen a hedgehog run they can move really quickly! It was like a comedy sketch…me, armed with a torch and gloves, and the hedgehog barrelling away, with me in hot pursuit along a slightly muddy trench!! In my head….the music from Benny Hill chase sketches was playing!!

If any neighbours had been looking out there would have been a bizarre scene of an elderly lady, dressed inappropriately seemingly power walking around building ditches….for no apparent reason!
Happily, I did catch the racing hedgehog and returned to my point of entry with difficulty, as I now had to manage a fairy heavy hedgehog and a torch in my hands.

Then the next problem reared its ugly head…how was I going to climb out??
Fortunately the hedgehog was in full curled up mode so I placed it where I thought I could clamber out…the trench was less deep. I paced it carefully on the outside of the building work so if it did run off it could access our garden. I don’t know how I managed to climb out but I did. I scooped up the hedgehog ‘ball’ and returned it to our garden with many stern words about not trying to emulate lemmings!! I think it was a mother as the young hedgehog snuffled up and the two disappeared towards our feeding area…both unscathed by their experiences! I returned next door with some decking planks that we had and placed them at strategic points around the trenches so that any other animals that ‘fell’ in could escape! Trying to explain all this to my neighbour the next morning is yet another story!!

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