I didn’t receive my confirmation email. Where is it?

It can be frustrating not receiving a confirmation email, and it can leave you feeling left in the dark. We’ve highlighted a number of possible reasons, including something as simple as a typo on the email, or something more serious with our systems.

If you haven’t received your email (order confirmation, dispatch or any other), please try the following:

1. Check the correct email account. Sometimes it may be as simple as being in a Yahoo! account when the email was for a Gmail account.

2. Search your inbox. You can type in ‘Garden Wildlife Direct’ to see if your email appears

3. Look in your spam box. Sometimes, email can be flagged as spam. Please check here to see if your email was automatically filed as spam.

4. Check to see if you are receiving emails. Sometimes your email account provider may be down for maintenance or other reasons, and this can cause delays in emails.

5. Contact us. If you still didn’t receive, or couldn’t find, the email after checking all the above, we’re more than happy to help find a solution. Please give us a call on 01772 440242 or send an email to info@gardenwildlifedirect.co.uk.