BBC Springwatch 2015

April 7, 2015

Competition: win a bird feeding bundle worth £23.98

April 7, 2015

National Gardening Week 2015

April 7, 2015

National Garden Week 2015, beginning on the 13th and ending on the 19th April, aims to encourage people of all ages to grab their shears, gloves and spades and get involved with some gardening. It’s that time of year when early planting of flowers can yield some stunning results throughout the summertime.

There’s also plenty of opportunity to improve your chances of some springtime visitors to your garden, and now is the time for blackbirds, starlings, house sparrows and many more visitors to gardens all across the UK. It’s a tuneful time of year, and these birds sing out loud with their their ‘dawn chorus’ early in the morning. What’s more beautiful than the sweet sound of tuneful birds in your garden?

Wild birds can be a stunning and natural complement to your garden all throughout the year, and particularly in spring when birds are gearing up for the mating season. Those early mornings when males sing out loud to attract their female companions is a time of natural wonder, and also a time of intense competition among species for the expression of individual ‘voices’ in the moment of  seductive charm before selection.

Preparing your garden for attracting birds

Robing with FeederDepending on your aims, there are various ways and methods of attracting birds to your garden. A great way to start is to buy a basic feeder and start from there. Different species of wild birds enjoy feeding on different types of foods, some from hanging feeders, some from tables, and some from the ground, like the blackbird.

If you’re after a peanut feeder, which can look quaint and rustic when used in conjunction with a hanging bracket, you may want to to attract such species as the house sparrow, starling and long-tailed tit, all of which like to feed on peanuts. Or, if you decide to provide seed, then feeders that can hold a variety of quality mixes and straight seds such as sunflower hearts are ideal for blackbirds and blue tits.

So, get involved and liven up your garden!

Resources for national garden week 

Here are some links to National Gardening Week and resources for attracting birds to your garden

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