No quotes available at this time – checkout error

You may on occasion experience a message at the checkout that says ‘no quotes available at this time’ when you submit your address information to find out the delivery information for your items.

This generally occurs because of lack of information at the checkout stage. In 99.9% of cases, the postcode is sufficient to provide an accurate delivery rate; however, now and then the delivery rate cannot be displayed just based on this. So, try the following to resolve the problem:

1. Refresh your browser by clicking the circular arrow, usually in the top left hand corner of the browser:

Circular arrow

2. If the delivery information still doesn’t display, try adding more specific information about your address to provide the checkout process with a clear indication of your location, such as town, county, road name and house number

3. If all else fails, please contact our customer service team on 01772 440242.