Springwatch Bird Quiz

July 22, 2016

Guess the Olympian: Win Lantern Seed Feeder & 5kg No Grow Seed

July 22, 2016

Picture Caption Competition

July 22, 2016
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(Last Updated On: June 21, 2018)

We’re offering you the chance to win a Supa wild bird feeding station + a 5kg bag of Mother & Chick seed mix.

All you have to do is:

Give us your best caption for the Blue tit

Blue Tit-min

Please write your answer in the comments section below.

To enter the competition, simply leave your answer in the comments section below. The competition closes at midnight (for any night owls out there!) on Friday 29th of July. The lucky winner will be selected based on the best caption for the photo. Garden Wildlife Direct reserves the right to remove any answers deemed inappropriate or offensive. Entrants must reside within UK mainland. Good luck!

Please see our competition Terms & Conditions for more information.

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  1. Come on you lot can’t you see I’m hungry and have a family to feed its not cheep!

  2. You always think you are watching me…………….. THINK again! I got my eye on you.

  3. “Why’s it taking so long to get my lunch, a blue tit’s got to eat you know, we don’t live on bugs alone”


  5. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes… you’re under.

  6. I hope you’ve placed an order for more supplies of premium peanuts, supplies are getting a tweety bit low!

  7. Hello in there, yes you in there, our feeders are empty and they have volunteered me too sit here till their filled

  8. A little bird told me that the best grub in town comes direct from Garden Wildlife Direct!

  9. How gorgeous am I, been well fed and watered thanks to my caring parents and their human suppliers of good food.

  10. You may have called me a Tit!, but I forgive you as you do feed me some lovely food.

  11. Two popadoms and a vindaloo please Bob … Failing that I’ll ave some of thoes puka sunflower hearts!!

  12. Look into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes. You must obey my voice. “Hurry and submit your order to GWD”.

  13. Well I’m not paying! I asked for short, back and sides and you’ve given me a blow dry!

  14. My little brood knows they can rely on a well balanced diet from Garden Wildlife Direct.

  15. “Watch the birdie” they said when I applied for the modelling job; they just didn’t tell me it’d be for two hours!

  16. FRIEND OR FOE? I can’t quite see… So either feed me or (gulp) eat me. Just get on with it…

  17. “That’s the last time I fall asleep when the kids have got their colouring books out……..”

  18. What a summer this has been I’ve been wet most days but at least I’ve had decent food from my Wildlife Direct.

  19. Been rather wet this year but at least she gets me decent food from Garden Wildlife Direct.

  20. On Stars in their Eyes today is Blue Tit , tell us who your going to be . Tonight Matthew I am going to be Adam Ant

  21. Well……….. It wasn’t me, it was the cat……………..I’m only small and fluffy………….honest

  22. You try looking this good 1st thing in the morning, no hairdryer no mirror, I do my best !

  23. I’m feeling blue, these black glasses are a bit small, can’t see the food feeding staion, should have gone to “Garden Wildlife Direct”!

  24. I can’t believe the garden wildlife prices just look at the great value can’t take my eyes off of them

  25. Please tell the kids next door I am not a Pokemon. I’m fed up with them trying to catch me

  26. What do you mean you were thinking of buying your seed mixes from someone other than Garden wildlife direct…?

  27. Life would’ve been so different if I hadn’t turned down that role as part of the crime fighting duo. I had the mask and everything. I just never thought it would catch on…and the robins are all like ‘we’ve got our own tv show and films, blah, blah’…

  28. Here Derek, come and look at this…I call it ‘humanwatching’. I reckon it could catch on. It takes a while to get into ’cause they all pretty much sound the same at first, but just start with the visuals.

  29. “Handsome Bluetit seeking female with GSoH. Must like flying and singing. Let me ruffle your feathers.”

  30. I am tweeting feed me with Garden Wildlife Direct feed it is scrumptious and healthy.

  31. I’ve got my face on for my selfie, next I’m tweeting on twitter, then networking at the bird table…got to fly!

  32. I spy with my little eye ……………………………………a feeder full of sunflower kernels, yummy!

  33. You looking at me looking at you ? What the fecking hell for – I’m a blue tit not Mrs Brown !!

  34. Who needs to go to the gym when you can do your early morning worm ups right here in the great outdoors

  35. I`ve got a birds i view which only you can solve,so if you can afford to help
    me feed my little ones at this time of year then i`d be so happy for you`d bring
    myself and others alot of cheer so feel free to hold out thy hand and i little blue
    will do my best to bring some cheer into your life at this time of year.

  36. “I said have you re-ordered the fat balls yet? – Just remember we know where your washing line is!”

  37. They didn’t warn me that this blue dye was permanent, I only asked for a blue tint, I didn’t realise that I was a blue tit forever……

  38. Did you know your bird feeders are empty ? You must go to garden wildlife direct,and quick, my tummy is rumbling !

  39. Although I’m in DIRECT competition with the WILDLIFE in my GARDEN I still have a full tummy .

  40. Look into my eyes, you’re feeling sleepy, when I count to three and flap my wings you will FEED ME!!!

  41. And I say to all cat lovers, ” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

  42. I’m getting the hang of these “selfies” !! Who said squirrels are the clever ones when it comes to working things out!
    Jenny Nudd

  43. Ah!!! All that lovely food from Garden Wildlife Direct and your Mummy and Daddy aren’t feeding you, you say.

  44. EXCUSE ME sunshine but I’m just about to have a “private” bath before tucking in to some succulent mealworms from Garden Wildlife !!!

  45. EXCUSE ME Sunshine – yea you with the camera – I’m just going to have a private ablution before my juicy mealworms, supplied by Garden Wildlife, so please push off !

  46. I know it’s a brilliant disguise! Those caterpillars never see me coming. He he he….

  47. Mum – super dinner! Just wish this bigger bird would let me get my share ‘cos I’m only little and he eats quicker than me!

  48. I kow, like me, you can tweet and twitter but please, dear humans, just give me food a bit quicker!

  49. I don’t care if budgie’s have patented it ….WHO’S A PRETTY BOY ……..So , ..there I’ve said it WHO’S A PRETTY BOY ….now what you gonna do ….who’s a pretty boy ……

  50. I’m wearing L’Oriole hair colour ‘Summer Skies’……………..because I’m worth it!

  51. My reflection shows I’m a blue tit, and there I was thinking I was a canary who couldn’t sing!!

  52. Got my blue cap and goggles….who says I might not be a member of the Olympic swim team!

  53. Hi, I’m Cyndi ….. Do you like my True Colors ….. They’re Beautiful, like a Rainbow .. 🙂

  54. i would call the blue tit talking heads after the group who were around in the punk era his hair looks like a punk artist ah bless!!

  55. YOU THINK THIS IS IN YOUR FACE ,,?Yeah too right im upset if you give me the same crap as you did yesterday boy youre in BIG TROUBLE

  56. Errrr I think you will find you’re out of seed, yes definitely out of seed, yes you need more seed, anytime will do, GET TO GWD!

  57. Look into my eyes, not around my eyes and repeat after me…I will feed you forever, I will feed you forever.

  58. Hhmm. Did I leave the iron on at home? What a great tit I am. Oh hang on, I’m the other type of tit!

  59. M , B, spiders M,B O,R,M,B, spiders M,B, O,R, M,B, spiders M,B, C,D,B,D,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  60. Hey could you take the camera out the box you would’nt want one in you bed room would you mate

  61. “Orvill did you do that?”
    “No I didn’t, I didn’t, it wasn’t me.”

  62. I am training for special branch in the police but at the moment I am only good enough for special twig!

  63. I’m Just “Heavenly”, don’t you agree?—nevertheless that is what they call me.

  64. If you call me a tit again I shall become very angry and you won’t like me when I’m angry!

  65. So I’m not a young chick any more,a blue rinse is cool,you gotta problem wi’that punk!!

  66. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind…. You must feed me….. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind…..

  67. Hi, Baby Blue here, have you anything else other than peanuts, so boring, and can you please send a comb?

  68. ‘Knock Knock’. ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Blue.’ ‘Blue who? ‘Aw, don’t cry, it’s only me.’

  69. Your breast is mellow yellow
    Your head is kinda blue
    And as your eyes are looking at me
    I’d like to be your fellow

  70. Ha ha….No-one will recognise me with my eye mask on…….just call me Blue Tit -The Feathered Crusader….., fighting evil in the trees and in the hedgerows……then disappears silently into the night……..

  71. ( said in voice of Al Pacino)

    You looking at me…………..you looking at me….

  72. Unless you feed me, you’ll be up before the beak – and he’ll give you some bird.

  73. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you’re under. I have not stealing your eyeliner, putting it on in my bedroom and staring into the mirror going ‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’ Three, two, one… You’re back in the room.

  74. Hello, I’m a blue tit and I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to tweet ….

  75. Look into my eyes.
    You are now under my control.
    Go now and bring me the entire bird feed stock from Garden Wildlife Direct!!!