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5 Famous Bird Superstitions

August 17, 2021

Birds are fascinating creatures, so it’s no surprise that they’re the centre of so many legends and superstitions. Throughout history birds have been seen as the messengers between this world and the next. As such their actions and arrivals can have special meanings for us. Read on for 5 bird superstitions and what they mean for us…

If Ravens ever leave the Tower of London the British Empire would collapse!

In the 17th Century King Charles II decreed that if the ravens who lived at the Tower of London ever left, the tower alongside the entire British Empire would crumble. This superstition is still taken very seriously even today, and resident ravens have their wings clipped to ensure they stay. However the ravens aren’t complaining, with a team of 4 dedicated to looking after them and a Tower Beefeater appointed Raven-master, they enjoy their life at the tower- hopefully enough to never leave!

Peacock feathers inside the home are bad luck

Despite being incredibly beautiful, bringing peacock feathers into the house is thought to invite bad luck in too. The ‘eye’ on the feather is said to represent the evil eye watching over the house and bringing misfortune to the occupants. Some even say that if a single female has peacock feathers in her house, she is destined to be a spinster! Peacock feathers are also bad luck in theatres, with many disastrous stories of when they’ve been used in sets and costumes. However, this is not the case in all cultures. The peacock is the national bird of India, and the eye instead represents awareness and protection.

Getting pooed on by a bird is good luck

Although it certainly doesn’t feel it, a bird depositing onto your head is a good thing! With the number of birds in the sky and heads as potential targets the chance of getting pooped on are actually quite slim. So if you are chosen as a birds next target, this bird superstition means good fortune is coming your way!

A bird flying into the house foreshadows a death

There are many variations of the superstition surrounding a bird flying into the home, but the general belief is that it represents chance. Some say this change is the death of a loved one, others say this ‘death’ is simply a life change and no one physically dies. Either way if a bird does fly into your house, pay attention to your life to see if any changes do occur.

Sadly, birds flying into windows is no fun for anyone. To find out how to prevent this: How To Stop Birds Hitting Windows 

Magpies can foretell the future

Following the popular nursery rhyme ‘One for sorrow’ it’s commonly believed that how many magpies you see can predict your future. ‘One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told’. If you do happen to see a magpie alone, it’s thought etiquette to greet the magpie by saying “Good morning, Mr Magpie – how’s your lady wife today?” This should hopefully stop the magpie passing on any bad fortune to you.

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