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All you ever need to know about wild bird feeders

June 24, 2015

The choice of wild bird garden feeders is wide, and the type abundant, but don’t worry because here we have decided to give you a complete rundown of the most common forms of bird feeder available for your garden.

Depending on your aims and goals, for instance if you know there’s family of goldfinches nearby and you want to attract them to your garden, then your choice of feeder would be influenced by these factors.

So, let’s get stuck in and look at some feeders you may want to use in your garden.

1. Window Bird Feeder

If anything is to provide a window of opportunity for you to get up close and personal to your garden birds, then there’s nothing better than a window bird feeder. These practical yet stylish feeders are available in two key variations. The first is the transparent type that sticks to the outside of your window, allowing you to view (very closely) your birds feeding and munching away on delicious Garden Wildlife Direct bird food. The second isn’t necessary a feeder itself, but a window ‘hook’ on which can be hung a seed, peanut of suet feeder.

Not only are window feeders relatively stylish additions to the exterior of your house, but they offer a rare viewing angle for seeing and taking photos of your garden birds. Believe us when we say it, these are extremely popular.

See our complete range of window bird feeders.

Window observer feeder
Jacabi JayneThe One seed feeder

2. Seed Feeders

Wild bird seed feeders are ideal for attracting a consistent and wide variety of bird species to your garden, often all year round. You’ll find that these feeders are easy to hang in various locations around the garden, but depending on the characteristics of your specific garden birds you may choose to hang your seed feeder under cover (chaffinches prefer this) or in a more open space (house sparrows, starlings and robins).

These seed feeders are designed with small enough feeding holes for the seeds to fall through, great for different bill-sizes. Furthermore, we have a range of budget seed feeders that would complement your other feeders, especially during breeding and fledgling seasons.

See our complete range of seed feeders

3. Fat Ball Feeders

Wild bird fat balls feeders are ideal for any of our range of suet balls (minus the netted balls). The range includes caged fat ball feeders, hanging feeders as well as other ‘snazzier’ versions such as the Fat Snax ring feeder, featured in the image.

Our fat ball feeders have either special cupped compartments, or specifically-designed vertical tubular cages, for holding suet balls to prevent them from rolling around and dropping out. This also allows the birds to munch on the balls without the frustration of chasing them around.

See our complete range of fat ball feeders.

Gardman Fat Snax Fat Ball Feeder
Bird Feeding Station

4. Bird Feeding Stations

The ultimate ‘buffet’ table for birds, these complete bird feeding dining stations provide a one-stop shop for all birds, ticking off all the boxes for variety, style and panache. In most typical feeding stations, you’ll find hooks for hanging seed feeders, suet feeders and coconut suet treats, as well as trays for water and seeds, just like the Chapelwood complete dining station, which includes a number of feeders to get you started.

See our complete range of bird feeding stations.

5. Niger Seed Feeders

Niger seed feeders are specially made to hold these tiny seeds, which are ideal for birds such as goldfinches, greenfinches and redpolls. Since most of these birds prefer to feed from hanging feeders, most niger feeders can be hung from various locations around the garden. See our complete range of niger seed feeders.

Goldfinch niger seed feeder
Squirrel Proof Feeder

6. Squirrel Proof Feeders

Those darn pesky squirrels…how dare they pinch our birds’ food? Well, now you have the means to prevent them from doing so. There are all sorts of different squirrel-proof bird feeders, but most are encased in a wire frame to prevent squirrels from getting to the feeding hole.┬áSee our complete range of squirrel-proof bird feeders

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