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Autumn Quiz

October 6, 2020


THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED. However, please feel free to take this quiz just for fun! 

Now that Autumn has arrived, we thought we’d put together a quiz to test your Autumn knowledge! Have a go at the 10 questions below and let us know how you did on Facebook.

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1. What causes the change from Summer to Autumn?


Question 1 of 10

2. Hedgehogs will now be fattening up as they prepare to hibernate for the winter. What is the name for a group of hedgehogs?


Question 2 of 10

3. A winter migrant to the UK, usually arriving in October and November, can you name this member of the thrush family?


Question 3 of 10

4. What British garden bird is know for it’s ‘Autumn Song’?


Question 4 of 10

5. The berries of the Mountain Ash tree are a favourite food of Waxwings, by what other name is this tree known?


Question 5 of 10

6. Squirrels, Jays and Nuthatches are known for creating caches of food in the autumn, but which other garden bird also stores food?


Question 6 of 10

7. In Autumn, Swallows from the UK migrate to Africa. On average, how many miles a day will they cover?


Question 7 of 10

8. A spectacular sight at this time of year, a Murmuration is a huge, swirling cloud formed of what type of bird flying together?


Question 8 of 10

9. The annual World Conker Championships is normally held on the 2nd Sunday of October in Northamptonshire. According to records, where did the first game of conkers take place?


Question 9 of 10

10. Which of the following is the official end of Autumn?


Question 10 of 10



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  1. 10 out of 10 – a bit of a surprise! Some of the questions were obviously put in to throw us.Great idea though!

  2. Typical ,already got my winter stock of bird feed in so won’t use the 10% discount this time. Maybe next?
    Good fun though.


  4. Great quiz, really informative and good fun. Pleased I scored 9/10. Would be happy to take part in more quizzes.

  5. Nice quiz. Managed 10/10, though 6 and 9 were “educated guesses” and 10 was just a lucky guess. It did make me look up “end of Autumn” after I was done, but the information was quite confusing. Seems we have two choices of when seasons begin and end. Who knew?

  6. Not bad for someone who just feed the Wildlife outside in the Garden. I am not Mrs Thomas’ but her daughter.

  7. Usually don’t bother with quizze’s but this was good with one or two quite difficult questions. Keep up the good work !
    8 or 9 Q correct, not too bad but had to guess 1 or 2.

  8. Really good quiz. Didn’t get them all right but so interesting on the ones I got wrong. If we continue feeding birds through the winter it will help our mental state throughout this dreadful virus, as well as helping birds.

  9. I guessed a lot and was pleased how many were right!! I learnt a lot of interesting facts. More please!!

  10. Very good questions. Wasn’t too sure about the Hedgehog question so a guess. More please but without the gifts.

  11. Good fun but still think the collective noun for Hedgehogs should be a “prickle”. Sadly, not on your list!

  12. Good questions there, some questions I should have known but put the wrong answer. I didn’t know Robins cashed their food or it was an array of hedgehogs. Very informative,thank you.

  13. I really enjoyed the quiz, although it showed up my poor knowledge of wildlife. Thank you for this welcome bit of fun

  14. Thank you. It’s always good to learn something new and to remind myself to read the question properly! 2000 miles a day would be some feat.

  15. I really enjoyed this quiz (lovely pictures). I learnt some interesting things. It was also nice to be rewarded for my score. Thank you.

  16. I really enjoyed this quiz (lovely pictures). I learnt some interesting the things. It was also nice to be rewarded for my score. Thank you.