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March 31, 2015

National Gardening Week 2015

March 31, 2015

BBC Springwatch 2015

March 31, 2015

Springwatch 2015 is upon us so don’t forget to tune in and catch up on the hottest nature program of the year. Filmed from various locations around the British Isles, this year’s BBC Springwatch is destined to be full of insight into the world of birds and other nature, featuring RSPB nature reserves such as Minsmere in  Suffolk, one of the UK’s premiere bird watching sites, and far-out but glorious northern islands such as the Isle of Mull, we’re most certainly in for a treat.

*Tawny Owls Image by Peter Trimming, available according to the following license.


Watch out for Spring garden birds

Since Spring is in the air, we recommend listening and watching out for the sweet sound of  ‘attraction’ in the air as mating season gets underway, and of course the inevitable frenzy of the fledgling season. Some of our favourite British garden birds can be heard right now, including:

You can find more about these garden birds in our comprehensive A – Z of British garden birds.

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  1. Hi, tell the viewers about the camera and type of lighting in the bird boxes please
    Ron Knight

  2. Just watching spring watch now, I saw a pair of sparrows nesting in my cottage roof today, off to get them some meal worms tomorrow, thanks.


  3. Having observed Red Kites in mid Wales on several occasions I have come to love this majestic bird, especially in flight, so imagine my complete surprise and delight earlier today when I saw one not 200m away above a field very close to my home in Bodmin, Cornwall…yes a Red Kite in Cornwall!!

    No ideal if I will ever see it around here again, especially in view of the severe mobbing it suffered from half a dozen irate jackdaws, but here’s hoping.

    Janet Crocker

    1. Hi Janet,

      Thanks for sharing your story with so. The red kite certainly is a majestic bird, and relatively rare these days (Amber Listed). In terms of their distribution, you may have seen a continental red kite. They can sometimes be seen in small groups over spring in southern England.

      Keep your eye out and let us know if you spot any others.


  4. I have lived in my house for 21 years. Every year I have been host to anything from 2-6 pairs of House Martins. They usually arrive around 4 May. This year I have none and feel really robbed. What is happening?

    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry hear that. There could be many factors for their disappearance, including their migration from north Africa where there is a distinct chance of house martins being caught in certain areas of the continent. Other factors could be to do with disturbance or the brood dying off.


  5. Visitor to our garden in Coelbren Nr Neath SA10 9NS this week,has come back to sit on the same post three times this week.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for posting the photo. That looks like a male Cuckoo. I’ve not seen one around here, although they do cover the UK over the summer months.

  6. Visitor to our garden in Coelbren Nr Neath SA10 9NS this week,has come back to sit on the same post this week.

  7. hello just to let you know my mums hawthorn tree has just blossomed, dated 5/5/2015, in cannington somerset

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing with us. Do you have any photos to upload? We’d love to see the hawthorn.

    1. Hi Dave,

      We’ve had a few people letting us now about hawthorn appearing, which is the first sign that Springwatch is underway. Watch out for swallows, orange tip butterflies, first oak leafs and frogspawn as sign of Spring as well. Here’s a link to the BBC Springwatch page:



  8. there is some hawthorn blossom at Cefndy Road Rhyl North Wales just outside the Marine Holiday park, it is a hawthorn tree and the blossom is out now, I noticed it on my morning walk and then on tv was asked to let you know…. beautiful it is

    1. Hi Beryl,

      Thanks for sharing with us. Hawthorns are a beautiful flower at this time of year. If you have any pictures, please share them with us and we can put them on our blog.