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BBC Springwatch 2016

February 12, 2016

After an outstanding Springwatch last year, BBC Springwatch 2016 is sure to bring us plentiful action from nature around the UK. Details are scarce, but we’re quite certain the usual Springwatch television series presenters will be on hand to provide unseen (and, who knows, maybe unknown) information about wildlife around the British Isles.


A swift in flight, by Falciot

Of course, we’ll keep you updated on any new information about Springwatch 2016 as it appears online. If you fancy a quick recap, you can see all the highlights from last year, including the beautiful tawny owls, dawn chorus in London city centre, and one of our favourite birds, the swift and its amazing world of aerial performance.

Click here to view previous year’s Springwatch collection of online videos.

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  1. We have a greater spotted wood pecker that arrives everyday at 0530. He returns regularly throughout the day. It has been a while since we have seen his partner so are wondering if he is feeding her as she may have chicks. WE also have a pair of Jays, several long tailed and blue tits, starlings, sparrows. One hawk that flies over, two regular wood pidgeons, magpies and two crows that continually take the food. I also feed the squirrels. My food bill from garden direct is quite large as you can imagine but it is the company I always use for price and quality. Just thought if anyone has ideas to stop the crows and ideas on what our woodpecker is up to please let me know.

  2. We have a bluetits nest box with great success in our garden , the young has left the nest or so we thought but they still keep returning , is this normal because I was going to clean the nest box out but I’ve left it alone because of this .

  3. 26th of may through to June this year according to some websites, but that may be just outdated from last year

  4. ok, so when is Spring watch this year? Is it in May at all or has it been cancelled? I can’t find any dates anywhere!! I want to be ready in front of the box when it starts but…nope…no hints as to when it’s being shown again. Why??

  5. This photo was taken at Cuckmere Haven this week.And allthough it took this Heron some time it did eventually swallow it whole.