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January 25, 2017

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January 25, 2017

Best Bird Pun Competition

January 25, 2017


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. However, please continue to comment below with your best bird puns! 

Welcome to the Best Bird Pun competition. Give us your best bird pun, it can be anything related with birds: a few examples: Owl by myself, toucan play that game and hawkward.

Simply write your best bird pun in the comments section, along with your name and email address, which will not displayed publicly, to be in the chance of winning 25kg No grow/No waste/No husk bird seed mix worth £28.99, a 500g bag of Premium Berry Suet Pellets worth £1.49, a Supa 12 inch Suet Pellet Feeder worth £4.99 and a Garden Wildlife Direct Medium Seed Feeder worth £5.99.

Only one entry per customer. The competition will end on Tuesday 31st January at midnight.

Good luck!

To enter the competition simply comment with one bird pun. The competition closes at midnight on Tuesday 31st January 2017. Garden Wildlife Direct reserves the right to remove any answers deemed inappropriate or offensive. Entrants must reside within UK mainland. Good Luck!

Please see our competition Terms and Conditions for more information.

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  1. I won this competition, much to my surprise, and my prize came today. The 2 good quality feeders have all ready been filled with the seed and pellets and I’m sitting here watching the birds tuck in. Thank you.

  2. We don’t want to crow. we’re not robin or trying to gull you.
    You’ll have no grouse, in fact you will be raven over it.
    Our bird seed is the best!

  3. At the cinema, I was “partridge’d”, so I went to the bar and ordered a “Starling” Black Label before going the watch the film, “Thrush” Hour! The film had very good reviews, but I thought to myself, it can talk the talk, but can the film “stork” the “stork”…???!!! Sitting by myself, I felt a bit “ostrich”-cized. However, I do “hen”joy my own company. Then someone came & sat next to me – that put a “sparrow” in the works!!! Hey, ho! I had a good night “owl”!!!

  4. The DIVER knew it was ILL-EAGLE to exceed the speed LINNET but he was in a hurry to get to Garden Wildlife Direct.

  5. This chick’s raven about Garden Wildlife Direct – costs are mynah , deliveries are swift and I’m so chough-ed !

  6. Heard about this comp from the birds on TWITTER they said it was an EGGcellent one to enter no one is going to be ROBIN you, its not horrWRENdous and you wont rEGRET it, I think I’ll give it a NEST now.

  7. All the finches come to my garden for your sunflower hearts as all the neighbours use mixed seed locally bought ha ha. I have told them where I get my seed.
    Blackbirds love sultanas and we have up to 20 every morning and they make such a noise with excitement.

  8. Q. Why are there no painkiller pills in the Jungle?
    A. Because the Paracetemol . (because the Parrots eat ’em all)

  9. Don’t be such a Loon: Duck the competition and Peck us instead. We are not Robin you blind and you will never want to re-Tern anything. No need to Wader around – you would be a Dodo to miss out on our offers: whatever Tweaks your Beak we have it!

  10. Wren a newcomer arrived to eat at the Nuthatch the Duck asked who is that Great Tit? Starling at the Robin visitor the Song Thrush gave a Swallow and sang I don’t know Ma’llard!

  11. Wren a newcomer arrived at the Nuthatch the duck said Who is that Great Tit? Starling at the robin bird, the Song Thrush sang I don’t know Ma’llard!

  12. Give the birds in your garden a real tweat – our seeds not fowl, its totally auksome, and cheep to hoot! Go on you won’t egret it, and you’ll soon be re-terning for more!

  13. decided it was much better to buy online as the man on the market, kept giving me strange looks, when I asked if he had “fat balls”

  14. The Peacocks keep scaring the Great Tits from my garden then nibble on my Fat Balls and my little mealworm.

  15. I am glad you lot at Garden Wildlife Direct are not Robin me like some bird seed companies, your prices are starling good as they are cheep cheep. I Dunnock know why everyone isn’t buying from you. I can’t wait for Wren the deliveries Tern up.

  16. The Golden Plover I got for Christmas from Aunt Coot made me grouse as it wasn’t pheasant. Indeed I felt a bit of a twite. I vowed to swallow my tongue and get swift revenge, by getting her a yellowhammer.

  17. I know it’ll end in wheatears & a life of egret if I tern to robin banks & appearing before beaks, so I’ll pour me a nightjar of ale instead, & snipe at the folk who wanted me to travel feather down into a life of crime without any hoopoe of taking up a lawful hobby!

  18. Wren I win the prizes for best bird pun I won’t be robin you. I eagley look forward to my prizes that I won’t use to rook anyone nor will I hawk the prizes or attempt to swallow the seed myself. I think that this whole game is a bit of a lark!

  19. Weathers taken an ARCTIC TERN, AVOCET o blankets to snuggle in, there’s going to be a BUZZARD, no there isn’t- you must be CUCKOO, won’t be taking a DIPPER in that water bowl unless EIDER DUCK shares his feathers, it’s even colder in the FIELDFARE, see how much food the others are eating-they are behaving like GANNETS, though for some it’s just a HOBBY, suspect we are as cold as ICELAND GULLS, JAY there-have you seen JACK SNIPE my food, no he did KNOT, yes he did just as I was doing a LITTLE TERN whilst trying to impress MERLIN who said the weather was going to get worse-in fact there could be a (NIGHTIN)GALE, we OWL gonna be freezing but someone PIPIT to the warmest roost, you will hear the others QUAIL, but others will simply go ROBIN the best roost and SNIPE at all getting a good TEAL of food making their feathers like VELVET (SCOTER), and WREN WHEATEAR the weather is warming up we all be happy!

  20. Said baby tern to mummy tern, I’d like a little brother. Said mummy tern to baby tern, well one good tern deserves another!

  21. I’d love to win this owl by myself. I’m just a chirp off the owled block when it comes to feeding my birds. Toucan play at that game, I don’t want that Hawkward moment when I realise I’ve run out of seed. Best stock up @ # Garden wildlife direct.
    Loving all the puns, they Quack me up

  22. As a reward for the many birds that visit my garden throughout the year I believe that “One good tern deserves a plover”.

  23. It has been reported that the robin of British tourists has declined as the pound starling has fallen in value

  24. Cheep food ‘s no good you cuckoo,knot at all,not even on a skua….so tern around and lark about…..don’t owl about the weather it’s much twowit to woo…,

  25. I know I’ll woodcock it up, probably fowl it up, but, no robin, or Larkin going and you’ll egret it.

  26. With a little bit of this and a little of that. That makes up the mix for the wild bird feed. And also is the BIRDIES SONG.

  27. I have fallen out with my neighbour, he protested when I sang common eider too rah loo ray hey. He took a great snipe at me, the twite.

  28. I thought of robin’ a few off the the website, after all, toucan play at that game and then I can avocet to send in. I was pretty choughed with the idea but have now realised after a strange tern of events that I’ve bittern off more than I can chew and am going to duck out!

  29. Been reading all these puns and they really quack me up! I could tell you a few bird puns but that would be foul

  30. (Somerset accent) – Nice lass but woodpecker nose all’t time, nuthachly attractive b’toucan ever go wrong with a country chick’en lesser Dad is a drake-onian sorta feather.
    She’s a top plover and early mornings I surprises her, I creeps up and lesser spotted, fly catcher unawares with a goosey peck. On a stormy nightingale force winds we nest’le down snuggly and whisper tweet nothings to one another. Ganet explain owl much owl miss her when she’s away.

  31. I am talon you conquackulations beakause you are somebirdy who buys from Garden Wildlife Direct and hoo knows a bargain and is not a Dodo for buying your bird food aviarywhere else.

  32. When the male blackbird came home he was surprised to find and egg in the nest. When questioned his wife said she had done it for a lark.

  33. This winter Wren I get Eider my Black Cap or Coot on, I’ll be Choughing happy Brambling through the Fieldfarely Swiftly.

  34. Well Owl be…someone’s half-finched my birdseed so I’m in a real (th)rush to get some moor(hen), but without a hefty bill! Better get to Garden Wildlife Direct.

  35. This winter Wren I get Eider my Black Cap or Coot on, I’ll be Choughing happy Brambling through the Fieldfarely pretty Swiftly.

  36. The Robin said to the chaffinch-‘why are you hanging around this birdfeeder-You look a bit of a seedy character’.Robin’s reply-‘You can talk your just trying to worm your way in’.

  37. Birds are better at TWEETing than the American president, Donald Trump. It keeps getting him into horWRENdous trouble and it causes people to scOWL at him! He keeps FOWLing all his TWEETS. Maybe we should give him a break or allow him to be a lucky DUCK because after all, he’s just WINGING it!!! Oh well, I guess patience is for the birds, I guess!

  38. That seed is “cheep”and it’s great to see your not “Robin”people because they won’t “swallow” huge price rises

  39. I live in the south west & with our special visitors at the moment, I’m hoping to be “Waxwing Lyrical” with my comment.