Bird Facts

The Best Heron Deterrent for Ponds

October 1, 2022
a heron not deterred from a pond

Herons are magnificent birds, but they can cause issues for fish owners who have open outdoor ponds. Once a heron has found a spot for a quick, easy snack, it will continue visiting that spot repeatedly. It doesn’t help that they’re pretty stubborn by nature, so it isn’t easy to get them to stay away when they know there are fish that are ripe for …

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How Do Birds Fly?

September 9, 2022
a flying bird showing the answer to how do birds fly

You may not think of birds as one of the giant wonders of the world, but have you ever wondered just how do birds fly? Well, the answer may make you rethink your opinion on birds! The way birds fly is a marvel of evolution, involving perfectly developed features, interesting bone structure and a little help from gravity. So, if you’re questioning ‘how do birds …

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British Bird Egg Identification Chart

August 2, 2022
bird nest found in the bird egg identification chart

Finding bird eggs can be thrilling, whether in your garden or on a walk in the woods. However, it’s easy to get confused if you want to identify British bird eggs! Our birds’ eggs come in various sizes, shapes and colours, and if you’re determined to identify your latest find, you will need a bird egg identification chart. Fortunately, we have just the thing! To …

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Collective Nouns for Birds

August 1, 2022
a wedge of geese is a common collective nouns for birds

In the animal kingdom, there is a surprisingly large number of collective nouns. It seems almost every animal on Earth has a name for their groups. However, some of the collective nouns for birds are by far the most interesting. To help you identify the groups of birds you see correctly, we have a comprehensive list of collective nouns for birds. Some of these birds …

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All About the Red Kite (Milvus Milvus)

August 1, 2022
the face of a red kite bird

The magnificent Red Kite is a bird of prey that loss of habitat almost pushed to extinction in the UK. However, thanks to radical efforts to re-introduce them to England and Scotland, Red Kite numbers are in recovery, and there are currently 1800 breeding pairs residing in Britain[i]. If you want to learn more about the Red Kite, continue reading. Quick Facts Family – Accipitridae Diet …

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Life Without Birds

July 25, 2022
bird carrying seeds from a nest box answering why are birds important

Why are birds important? This common question may sound innocent, but the answer is essential to our future. Birds are a vital part of our ecosystem. From pest control to vital pollination, there’s plenty of natural actions birds do that affect our lives in ways you probably don’t even realise. With species of garden birds in decline, it’s a sobering thought to imagine our lives …

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Do Robins Recognise Humans?

July 1, 2022
a robin looking at humans

Do you ever step outside and feel like somebody’s watching you? If you have robins nesting in your area, chances are these affectionate and chirpy little birds are watching you. And, when you’re under their gaze daily, it’s easy to wonder, ‘do robins recognise humans?’ While it is not inconceivable to believe that local birds will notice humans as they go about their day, some experts believe …

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