Bird Feeding

The Most Instagrammed Nature Reserves

August 1, 2022

Nature reserves are vital to the conservation of many important bird and wildlife species here in the UK, as well as beneficial ecosystems and vital plants. They give these species a safe habitat to grow and thrive. And, with some island nature reserves not even allowing people to step foot in the same habitat as the wildlife they seek to protect, it’s safe to say …

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Price Increases: Why is Bird Food So Expensive?

July 1, 2022

There are multiple factors which have resulted in our recent price increases. The major cause being the devastating events in Ukraine this year, leading to disruptions in various markets, such as fuel, oil, sunflower, wheat and many other cereals and grains. Unfortunately, these affected markets have resulted in an increased cost of living which we have all been impacted by. The high rise of fuel …

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How To Encourage Birds Into Your Garden 

June 11, 2022
two birds in a garden

A garden full of the sound of bird song is many homeowners’ dream, but that dream doesn’t always become reality. Sometimes, no matter how you try, you may find that your garden remains void of an array of feathered friends to bring your property to life. Creating a safe space for birds is vital for them to visit (and hopefully stay!) in your garden for …

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What Do Baby Birds Eat?

May 10, 2022
what do baby birds eat

Are you wondering what baby birds eat? Wonder no more! In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of food that baby birds can eat and provide tips on how to feed them properly. So, what do baby birds eat? They tend to eat the same food their parents eat. That typically includes things like insects, seeds, and earthworms. When a bird parent …

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Spot The Bird Song Brainteaser

March 21, 2022
robin on branch

Have you ever noticed how many bird-related songs there are? Birds are an international symbol of freedom, new life and hope, so it’s only natural that they have been a source of inspiration for musicians across the years. According to Wikipedia, there are over 74 popular songs that are specifically about birds. At Garden Wildlife Direct, we consider ourselves to be bird lovers. We thought …

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Sparrowhawks: Everything You Need To Know

March 21, 2022
a sparrowhawk in water

The sparrowhawk is a truly beautiful bird, and many gardeners would delight at the sight of their mottled wings flapping around their gardens. However, as intriguing as they can be, sparrowhawks are one of Britain’s most common birds of prey, and this can spell trouble for other animals and smaller birds that you have grown accustomed to seeing in your garden. Knowing what a sparrowhawk …

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Sunflower Seed Feeding Guide

March 19, 2022
an american goldfinch at a bird feeder, an example of which birds will eat sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds have a lot of benefits to offer for birds, so let’s take a closer look at the different types of sunflower seeds that are available, and why they are excellent food sources for your garden birds. View our range of sunflower hearts and seeds   Which Birds Eat Sunflower Seeds? Sunflower seeds are a popular food source for all garden birds, and their …

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Suet Bird Food Guide

March 18, 2022
suet fat balls for birds

Suet fat balls are high in energy and provide quality nutrition for wild birds. It’s an ideal supplement for garden birds and can easily be hung from a bird table or added to a feeder. Suet fat balls can attract a diverse range of birds to your garden.   What is Suet for Birds? Suet is the raw fat around the kidneys, mostly in beef. …

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Different Types of Bird Feed Explained

February 23, 2022

Did you know that in the UK, we spend on average £200 – £300 million on bird feeding products every year?[1] But how many people know that different birds need different bird feed? Or about the different types of bird feed available? Although this is common knowledge amongst bird-lovers, it’s something that most of the British public aren’t aware of at all. If you are …

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What to feed ducks

January 12, 2022
what to feed ducks

Feeding ducks and other waterfowl is a great activity for all the family. It allows children to get closer to nature and nurture a lifelong love of animals, and adults to sit back and enjoy the relaxing activity. However, what to feed ducks has caused some controversy over recent years. With ducks in Leicester dying after being fed rotten bread[i] and so many conflicting opinions …

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