Bird Feeding

Royal competition time

May 11, 2016

Our lucky Queen gets to celebrate three days for her 90th birthday; so, we thought, why not celebrate with a competition. The prize is one of our brand new Globe Seed Feeders worth £25.99. All you have to do is: Create the perfect ‘Royal’ bird mix, something the Queen could feed to Her birds. Give it a name and fill it with pomp and circumstance. …

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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

February 26, 2016

Garden Wildlife Direct is always in support of any cause that promotes the welfare of British wildlife, so we are incredibly pleased to be partnering with Cuan Wildlife Rescue to help raise awareness and offer support in the nurture and conservation of all wildlife.

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BBC Springwatch 2016

February 12, 2016

After an outstanding Springwatch last year, BBC Springwatch 2016 is sure to bring us plentiful action from nature around the UK. Details are scarce, but we’re quite certain the usual Springwatch television series presenters will be on hand to provide unseen (and, who knows, maybe unknown) information about wildlife around the British Isles. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on any new information about Springwatch 2016 …

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All about ground feeding birds – some tips

November 16, 2015
Ground Feeding Sparrow

EVERYONE HAS SEEN BIRDS feeding from bird feeders hanging from trees and bird tables filled with seed. However, there are plenty of birds that feed from the ground. See all our ground feeders Song thrushes, wrens, chaffinches, dunnocks, blackbirds, house sparrows and robins are birds that mostly scour for insects and other forms of sustenance from soil. Providing feed for these ground-feeding birds may seem …

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BBC Autumn Watch 2015 – Highlights

November 4, 2015

BBC’s autumn watch was back at the start of this week, packed with intriguing insight into British wildlife in Autumn 2015. Over the coming week we will be bringing you the highlights of autumn watch and all the best advice for your garden visitors. This year Autumn watch is live from The Wildfowl & Wetland trust (WWT) in Caerlaverock. It has the largest salt marsh landscape …

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Feed your hedgehogs before they hibernate

October 8, 2015

A few weeks from now, our fine spiked friends will go into hibernation. It is no menial affair that these hedgehogs must put on as much fat as possible; otherwise they risk dying in their sleep. And this, for such as beloved creature, one that resonates with symbolic pleasure as it gives us a glimpse of true rambling nature in our gardens, is simply unacceptable. …

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While some go, some stay

September 18, 2015

When once we heard the flurry of beautiful birdsong over the breeding and fledgling months, the approach to autumn is somewhat a barren affair, with hardly a melody to be heard. You may even ask yourselves why it is that that all goes quiet. Well, the answer is twofold. Firstly, many of our summer visitors pack their bags and say cheerio to the winter, which …

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Winner Announced for the Bird Bonus Quiz

August 28, 2015

  Wow, we never expected so many entries this time around. We’d like to say a big thank you to all those who entered the Bird Bonus Quiz. It was fun, and due to the large number of top marks, we’ve had to sift through randomly and apply our results to the mighty Random Tea Generator. Therefore, the teaspoon has decided that Steve Miller is …

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The Bird Bonus Quiz

August 25, 2015
The Bird Bonus Quiz

To enter the quiz, answer all ten questions; only one entry per person. The quiz closes at midnight on Thursday 27th August. The winner will be selected based on the most points, not percentage achieved. If more than one person equals first place, we will have a random prize draw using the fabulous Random Tea Maker. Entrants must reside within UK mainland. Good luck! Please …

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Winner Announced for the Wildlife Camera Kit

August 7, 2015

After a few rounds around the office, with almost a fully blown fisty-fight, an argument and a break up (they are now at separate sides of the room), choosing the winner was no easy task. Despite this, we got there in the end, and we all voted on the most fantastic selfie captured by Alfie, who was on his trampoline with a grasshopper when the …

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