Our Journey to Becoming Eco-Friendly

June 18, 2021

Plastic or Paper? We are all aware of the importance of being environmentally conscious and trying to reduce our use of plastic due to the resources required to produce these materials and the length of time for them to breakdown. Here at Garden Wildlife Direct, we are passionate about actively working towards reducing plastic pollution. To do this, we are consistently cutting down on plastic …

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5 Simple Tips To Help Save Our Hedgehogs

April 19, 2021

It’s a sad fact that the UK’s Hedgehog population is in rapid decline. Our domestic garden areas are now caring for the majority of our remaining prickly friends. In fact, Hedgehogs have seen a 50% decline since the year 2000!  That’s a staggering figure which we all need to do our part to turn around.  You can help by giving them an opportunity to survive …

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Feeding Garden Birds in Autumn

November 18, 2020

After the quieter period of late summer and early autumn, it starts to get busier in the garden! For avid birdwatchers Autumn can be an exciting time of the year. The last summer visitors are still departing while the first winter immigrants arrive. The combination of migrant and resident birds offers great potential for surprises in the garden. Many birds are still feeding in the …

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To Oblivion and Beyond

June 12, 2020

From June, parent birds will encourage chicks to leave the safety of the nest, giving them a crash course in flying which normally happens early morning. This harrowing experience is a twofold test of survival as predators will be watching in anticipation. Young birds are highly attractive to many creatures (including the Sparrowhawk) that rely on a constant source to feed their own hungry chicks. …

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6 Top Tips To Help You Care For Wild Birds This Autumn

October 16, 2019

Autumn is one of the best times to observe many forms of wildlife.  At this time of year, it’s common to see the Brambling, Redwing, Waxwing, Fieldfare, Coal Tit, Nuthatch, Siskin, Spotted Woodpecker, Jay and more as they start to bulk up before Winter.  It’s important for them to find plentiful food sources at this time of year, in fact their very survival through the …

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Summer Feeding Guide

July 24, 2019

Your garden bird will definitely appreciate being fed in the Winter months, but what about Summer? You might be surprised to hear that it’s important to keep feeding birds throughout the year. This helps them out by giving them a place to feed in the event of food shortages or changes to the landscape around you. Feeding wild birds in our gardens is an enjoyable …

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How To Help Hedgehogs

May 2, 2019

  There are lots of ways we can all get involved and so much any avid gardeners among us can do to help our local hedgehogs. With species numbers in decline it is now more important than ever to get involved and spread the word around the dangers surrounding British Hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and usually only come out at night having spent all days sleeping …

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Feeding Christmas Leftovers to Birds

December 21, 2018

During the festive season, it’s likely that the with large amounts of food on offer, we’ll find ourselves with plenty of Christmas leftovers. Rather than it going to waste, an ideal way of putting it to good use is feeding it to our beloved garden birds. Throughout winter, natural food sources that wild birds rely on will become scarce, so any treats will be gratefully …

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National Insect Week – 5 Benefits of Bugs

June 22, 2018

Did you know…. It’s National Insect Week! The creepiest, crawliest time of year (well, maybe aside from Halloween!) Here at Garden Wildlife Direct, we love ALL wildlife, so naturally we don’t want to leave anyone out. The little guys matter too: the bees, bugs, beetles, butterflies, ladybirds, centipedes, spiders and worms are all important for a beautiful and healthy garden. So, let’s celebrate insect week …

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