National Insect Week – 5 Benefits of Bugs

June 22, 2018

Did you know…. It’s National Insect Week! The creepiest, crawliest time of year (well, maybe aside from Halloween!) Here at Garden Wildlife Direct, we love ALL wildlife, so naturally we don’t want to leave anyone out. The little guys matter too: the bees, bugs, beetles, butterflies, ladybirds, centipedes, spiders and worms are all important for a beautiful and healthy garden. So, let’s celebrate insect week …

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Where to Position Your Nest Box

January 24, 2018

There are many considerations when deciding where to position a nest box. These include; practicalities, the types of birds you’d like to attract and avoiding predators. Avoiding direct sunlight and wind – we want to welcome birds into our gardens and into nest boxes, so avoiding direct sunlight and wind will make the nest box more comfortable for birds and their chicks. Keep clear of …

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How to create a garden space for your birds

January 16, 2018

With ongoing land development and subsequent loss of habitat and food sources for birds and other wildlife, some bird species have become extinct. Although we cannot stop this, what we can do is support wild bird populations by offering them a retreat in our gardens at home. Whether you work individually or as a community, creating garden space for birds will benefit all different types …

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Winter is coming: Helping your garden birds this season

October 26, 2015

Autumn is a crucial preparation time for garden birds anticipating the coming winter, during which exposure is at its peak and food is scarce. During winter, garden birds will not be able to forage for food and water in frozen ground and ponds. Nor can they search for insects carefully hidden during hibernation in foliage. Combined with the fact that the temperature causes them to …

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Fresh, Regular Water is Vital to Birds

October 22, 2015

There are plenty of things that are easy to provide for your garden birds, from bird seed to birdhouses, but one of the most important offerings is fresh, clean water. Although birds do not need as much water to survive as mammals, access to fresh, clean water is still extremely important. Although they do not have sweat glands, garden birds still lose what water they …

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Some tips for the frenetic fledgling season

May 22, 2015

Fledglings are birds that are developing feathers and are about to leave the brood. They still have a reliance on their parents for food, but not quite as much as nestlings. During the frenetic fledgling season, it’s common to see the ‘starving baby’ movement made by many young birds as they sit there in their nests: raised heads with jutting bills pointed upwards signals the …

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Top ten tips for attracting wild birds to your garden

May 7, 2015

Here is a comprehensive list of the top ten most practical tips for attracting birds to your garden. Please read on… 1. Use a wide variety of bird food (a varied ‘menu’) to attract different types of birds to the garden – never leave your feeder empty! 2. Use a range of different bird feeders, stations and tables, and keep them in the same place so …

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