How To Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

July 1, 2022
a kitten in a flower bed

Of course, cats are one of our favourite pets. But, these popular pets can become a nuisance if you’re a gardener. From digging up flower beds to crushing plants, it’s easy to see why we can quickly lose our patience with unwanted feline visitors. But, learning how to prevent pests can save you a lot of work and trouble in the long run. Although cats may not …

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The Fastest Birds in The World

February 21, 2022

Birds can fly at impressive speeds – but some are much faster than others. The Garden Wildlife Direct team have explored which birds are the fastest in the world. Fastest Birds The fastest birds in the world are: Peregrine Falcon – 247mph Golden Eagle – 200mph Saker Falcon – 199mph Both the Golden Eagle and the Peregrine Falcon are faster than the world’s fastest rollercoaster …

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How To Create The Perfect Wildlife Garden Design

February 18, 2022
a pretty wildlife garden design

Our back gardens are the perfect spot for wildlife to make their home. All it takes is a little encouragement, and your garden can become a favourite destination for a wide variety of visitors! Wildlife garden design doesn’t have to be difficult, and once you’ve established your garden, it will all be worth it. Here are our tips on creating the perfect wildlife garden to …

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Species Extinction – The State of Our Wildlife

January 14, 2022

The earth, our ecosystem and our wildlife are extremely fragile. With numerous reports being published discussing the ‘code red’ status of our environment, it’s important that we all remain aware of our impact on the planet, and in particular, what our presence does to the numerous species which inhabit our planet. More than 99% of the 4 billion species that evolved on our planet are …

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Everything You Need To Know About Wild Bird Peanuts

April 20, 2021

Peanuts are hugely popular with a very wide variety of bird species that visit our gardens across the UK. They are a completely natural and healthy food, and contain essential minerals and nutrients that enhance survival prospects for birds in all forms of environmental conditions. So, we’ve put together this ‘complete guide’ to peanuts so you know exactly what you’re buying and feeding your precious …

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Fat’s the Way To Do It – Feeding Garden Birds This Winter!

October 1, 2018
Migrating Barnacle Geese in Flight

We all love our garden birds they look amazing and are always entertaining but there’s also so much more going on under the feathers that makes them doubly amazing and helps us understand why feeding certain foods is so important to help some of our favourites! Birds, like people, are warm-blooded but they have a higher metabolism which means they process food and oxygen much …

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Out with Summer Visitors and looking out for Winter Arrivals

September 11, 2018
Migrating Barnacle Geese in Flight

Officially autumn, September is a month of change for birds in our gardens. With their annual moult completed most are looking brand new and fresh in the feathers that will carry them through the winter ahead. Most of our summer-visiting birds are on the move this month as they begin to think about heading south. Migration isn’t just something that happens on Springwatch, it’s a …

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