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Collective Nouns for Birds

August 1, 2022
the face of a red kite bird
a wedge of geese is a common collective nouns for birds

In the animal kingdom, there is a surprisingly large number of collective nouns. It seems almost every animal on Earth has a name for their groups. However, some of the collective nouns for birds are by far the most interesting. To help you identify the groups of birds you see correctly, we have a comprehensive list of collective nouns for birds. Some of these birds you may have spotted in your garden will filling up your  bird feeders, some of them you’ll only have seen on TV, but all of them have their own collective noun.

So, let’s take a look at some of these collective nouns for birds.  

What Are The Collective Nouns For Birds?

Here’s our comprehensive list of collective nouns for birds, handily organised into an A-Z list.


a rookery of albatrosses

Albatrosses – Rookery of albatrosses

Weight of albatrosses

Auks – Colony of auks

Auks – Raft of auks

Avocets – Colony of avocets

Avocets – Orchestra of avocets


Bitterns – Pretence of bitterns

Sedge of bitterns

Siege of bitterns

Blackbirds – Cloud of blackbirds

          Grind of blackbirds

Bobolinks – Chain of bobolinks

Bullfinches – Bellowing of bullfinches

Buntings – Mural of buntings

Buzzards – Wake of buzzards


a brood of chickens

Capercaillie – Tok of capercaillie

Capons – Mews of capons

Chickens – Brood of chickens

      Peep of chickens

Chicks – Brood of chicks

Clutch of chicks

      Chattering of chicks

Chiffchaffs – Confusion of chiffchaffs

Choughs – Chattering of choughs

       Clattering of choughs

Coots – Commotion of coots

Covert of coots

       Raft of coots

Cormorants – Flight of cormorants

Cranes – Sedge of cranes

Siege of cranes

Herd of cranes

Crows – Mob of crows

Murder of crows

Parliament of crows

Cuckoos – Asylum of cuckoos

Curlews – Curfew of curlews

        Herd of curlews


Dotterel – Trip of dotterel

Doves – Dole of doves

Flight of doves

Pitying of doves

Ducks (Diving) – Dopping of ducks

Ducks (Flying) – Plump of ducks

Ducks (On water) – Paddling of ducks

Dunlins – Fling of dunlins


Eagles – Congress of eagles

Convocation of eagles

Aerie of eagles

Egrets – Congregation of egrets

       Wedge of egrets

Eider – Quilt of eiders

Emus – Mob of emus


Flycatchers – Swatting of flycatchers

Falcons – Cast of falcons

Soar of falcons

Tower of falcons

Finches – Charm of finches

Trembling of finches

Trimming of finches

Flamingos – Flamboyance of flamingos

        Stand of flamingos


a gaggle of geese

Godwits – Omniscience of godwits

Prayer of godwits

Pantheon of godwits

Goldfinches – Drum of goldfinches

Troubling of goldfinches

Charm of goldfinches

Goosanders – Dopping of goosanders

Geese – Gaggle of geese

Nide of geese

Skein of geese

Geese (Flying) – Wedge of geese

Geese (On water) – Plump of geese

Goshawks – Flight of goshawks

Grebe – Water dance of grebes

Grouse – Covey of grouse

Lek of grouse

Grouse – Pack of grouse

Guillemots – Bazaar of guillemots

Guinea Fowl – Confusion of guinea fowl

Gulls – Colony of gulls

        Screech of gulls


Hawks (tame) – Lease of hawks

Hawks – Cast of hawks

        Kettle of hawks

Hens – Brood of hens

Herons – Glean of herons

Siege of herons

Station of herons

House Martin – Cerclage of house martins

Hummingbirds – Charm of hummingbirds


Jackdaws – Clattering of jackdaws

       Train of jackdaws

Jays – Band of jays

Party of jays

Scold of jays


Kingfishers – Concentration of kingfishers

            Crown of kingfishers

Realm of kingfishers


a deceit of lapwings

Lapwings – Deceit of lapwings

Larks – Bevy of larks

Exaltation of larks

Exalting of larks

Linnets – Parcel of linnets


Magpies – Gulp of magpies

Mischief of magpies

        Tidings of magpies

Mallard Ducks – Sord of mallards

Martins – Richness of martins

Merlins – Cast of merlins

Mudhens – Fleet of mudhens


Nightingales – Watch of nightingales

Nuthatches – A booby of nuthatches


Owls – Parliament of owls

Study of owls

Wisdom of owls

Oystercatchers – Parcel of oystercatchers


a company of parrots

Parrots – Company of parrots

        Prattle of parrots

Pandemonium of parrots

Partridges – Covey of partridges

Peacocks – Muster of peacocks

Pride of peacocks

Ostentation of peacocks

Pelicans – Pod of pelicans

Scoop of pelicans

Squadron of pelicans

Penguins – Colony of penguins

Creche of penguins

Huddle of penguins

       Rookery of penguins

Pheasants – Bouquet of pheasants

        Covey of pheasants

        Nye of pheasants

Pigeons – Kit of pigeons

        Loft of pigeons

Plovers – Congregation of plovers

Ptarmigans – Invisibleness of ptarmigans


Quail – Bevy of quail

      Covey of quail


a conspiracy of ravens

Ravens – Conspiracy of ravens

Constable of ravens

Unkindness of ravens

Robins – Blush of robins

Breast of robins

Carol of robins

Rooks – Building of rooks

       Clamour of rooks

       Parliament of rooks

Ruffs – Hill of ruffs


Sandpipers – Bind of sandpipers

Contradiction of sandpipers

Fling of sandpipers

Sea Fowl – Cloud of sea fowl

Seagulls – Colony of seagulls

      Flock of seagulls

Shelducks – Doading of shelducks

       Dopping of shelducks

Skylarks – Exultation of skylarks

Snipe – Walk of snipe

       Wisp of snipe

Sparrows – Host of sparrows

Quarrel of sparrows

Sparrows – Ubiquity of sparrows

Starlings – Murmuration of starlings

Storks – Muster of storks

       Phalanx of storks

Swallows – Flight of swallows

       Gulp of swallows

       Kettle of swallows

Swans – Gaggle of swans

       Gargle of swans

       Whiteness of swans

Swans (Flying) – Wedge of swans


Teal – Diving of teal

Spring of teal

Terns – Committee of terns

Thrushes – Mutation of thrushes

Titmice – Banditry of titmice

Turkeys – Raffle of turkeys

      Rafter of turkeys

Turtle Doves – Dole of turtle doves

      Pitying of turtle doves


Wagtails – Volery of wagtails

Waterfowl – Knob of waterfowl

        Plump of waterfowl

Waxwings – Museum of waxwings

Wigeon – Coil of wigeon

Woodcocks – Fall of woodcocks

Woodpeckers – Descent of woodpeckers

Gatling of woodpeckers

Wrens – Chime of wrens

       Herd of wrens

Collective Nouns For Birds FAQ

a flock of seagulls

The list of collective nouns for birds is a long one. If you’re looking for some quick answers, here are a few common questions about collective nouns for birds to help you find your answers.

What Is A Group of Magpies Called?

There are many collective nouns for magpies, but perhaps the most common names for a group of magpies are a conventicle, gulp, mischief, tidings or tribe of magpies[i].

What’s The Collective Noun For A Group of Crows?

The collective noun for a group of crows is a murder of crows. This is one of the best-known collective nouns for birds; however, you may also call a group of crows a horde, a mob or a parliament[ii].

What’s The Collective Noun For Goldfinches?

The main collective noun for goldfinches is a charm. However, you may also call a group of goldfinches a chirm, a drum, a troubling or a pantheon[iii].

Can You Add To Our Collective Nouns for Birds List?

So, that is any many collective nouns for birds as we could think of! Many of these collective nouns are just as intriguing as the birds they describe, and now you’ll know just when to use them.

Are there any collective nouns for birds we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll keep our collective nouns for birds list up to date.   





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  1. I’ll go with all- and they are delightful- except the words for chickens. In the States, those belong just to a hatching of chicks.
    I think practical useage must have a say, too.
    So a group of chickens might merely but adequately be just ‘A flock of chickens’.