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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

February 26, 2016
Garden Wildlife Direct is always in support of any cause that promotes the welfare of British wildlife, so we are incredibly pleased to be partnering with Cuan Wildlife Rescue to help raise awareness and offer support in the nurture and conservation of all wildlife.
Young Blackbirds
Baby Owl
Baby Song Thrush
Cuan Wildlife is a 24/7 wildlife rescue centre in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, run by Sean and Anna Nicholas. We take in sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds, with the aim of nursing them back to health. Once fully recovered, great emphasis is placed on returning them back to the wild.
Anna & Sean
Megan Morris-Jones, Founder of Cuan Wildlife Hospital
Founded in 1990 by Megan Morris-Jones, the centre has grown in both admissions and size and is now based in a purpose built wildlife hospital with outside aviaries and pens in 15 acres of land - in the shadow of the picturesque Wenlock Edge. Last year we admitted 2314 wild animals and birds; some were close to death on arrival but of those who survived the first 48 hours approximately 80% were able to be returned to the wild. Each year we have to raise over £100,000 to cover our running costs and enable us to continue our work in rehabilitating injured wildlife.

We not only treat injured wildlife which is brought to us but are also a port of call for advice for people who may have disturbed a hedgehog or other wild animal in their garden, want to attract more wildlife or just for advice about wildlife in general.
Anna & Sean
Anna & Sean, Volunteers at Cuan Wildlife Rescue
Anna & Sean
Cuan Wildlife Rescue, Much Wenlock Shropshire

Helping hedgehogs…

On the subject of hedgehogs, not all areas have them and they are in national decline but you can help them by changing a few small things in your garden. Hedgehogs can roam up to 1 – 2km in one night. Make a small hole in your fence or wall so they can move freely around in search of food. Do avoid using slug pellets, as the hedgehogs eat the poisoned slug and thus become poisoned themselves. If you do have a problem with slugs in your garden there are a few alternative ways of controlling them; encourage hedgehogs into your garden (obviously!), use broken egg shells on the top of your soil around the base of the plant, sink an empty yogurt pot in the ground and fill it with stale beer or plant garlic next to your most vulnerable crop.
Why not build or buy a hedgehog house? Ideally it needs to be in a quiet, slightly overgrown area where it won’t be disturbed. If it is left quiet you may be lucky enough to have a resident! Visit our website for instructions on how to build a hedgehog house. Hedgehogs are nocturnal; if you see one in the day time please ring us or your local wildlife rescue centre straight away - there is nearly always a problem if it is out in the daytime.

If you have hedgehogs in your area or garden and you wanted to feed them you can buy hedgehog foods from pet stores or local shops, it is important to remember that if you feed “wet” food it is a good idea to also feed dry food too as they can get a build up of tartar on their teeth by having too much soft food in their diet.

Remember to always put out clean, fresh water and if you come across an injured bird or animal, or you would like some advice please call us (see contact information below)
Baby Hedgehogs
Baby Hedgehogs

We Needs Your Help!

Cuan Wildlife makes a huge difference to the wildlife in and around the area in which we operate. We rely mostly on donations to continue the work which we do. If you would like to donate and support your local wildlife please visit our website or our Just Giving page for details.

If you would like any more information about all the fantastic work Cuan Wildlife Rescue do, then check out their website

If you need any help or advice about sick or injured wildlife in your area then please call 01952 728070
A special thank you to Anna Nicholas, of Cuan Wildlife Rescue for providing photos and content

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