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Halloween Quiz + Up to 13% off!

October 29, 2020


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. However, please feel free to take the quiz just for fun! 

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble”

Complete our Halloween quiz for a mystery discount code (up to a spooky 13%)! There may or may not be multiple discount codes depending on how well you do – it is a mystery after all!

Have a go at the 10 questions below and let us know how you did on Facebook.

The quiz has no end date, but the discount codes expire at midnight Sunday 8th November 2020. You may still complete the quiz after this date, but you won’t be eligible for the discount code. If you would like to access further promotions, please sign up to our emails.

1. What is the scientific name for a pumpkin?
2. What year was the film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock released?
3. What is a group of witches or warlocks called?
4. The first name of Dr. Frankenstein is?
5. Which bird is synonymous with death?
6. What is the day after Halloween called (select all that apply)?
7. There are two colours that are associated with Halloween, which are they?
8. Where did bobbing for apples originate?
9. Before pumpkins, what was carved at Halloween?
10. What is the fear of Halloween called?


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  1. Once again, many thanks for the quiz… could have done better comes to mind this time though but, appreciate the discount.

  2. The quiz was interesting, varied, and worth doing – I was disappointed, having succeeded in getting all ten answers correct, that the 13% discount had suddenly shrunk to 9% for orders exceeding £35 which is way more than I can afford (as an OAP) in a lump on birdfood

  3. Enjoyable quiz – can get another bird table now – will stock up the weather has turned so bad already!

  4. Clever questions but Crow in Q5 is just as correct as Raven hence a ‘murder’ of crows. Get one wrong and you get 9% discount.

  5. good quiz, however cant afford to spend over £35 to get a 9% discount, so not really worth it, considering my husaband and i are regular customers

  6. That was fun… even when not getting them all right…. A very pleasant way to spend time on a cold wet night….. Halloween decorations go up tomorrow.. with the virus perhaps not as many visitors as last year…. I’ll still dress up… even as old as I am.. just to add a bit of brightness …whilst wearing a mask

  7. I knew that all the answers in no 6 were correct, but thought wrongly, that I could only choose one! Very clever.

  8. I knew !st November was all Saint’s Day as that was my late Uncle’s birthday. I had no idea it was called the other 2 names as well! Scored 10/12. Fun quiz, thanks for the discount, more quizzes please!