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May 2, 2019

Niger Seed: What You Need To Know

May 2, 2019

Hedgehog Awareness Week

May 2, 2019

This week we’re celebrating Hedgehog Awareness Week, with the focus this year being on Hedgehog habitats and what you can do to help nearby hedgehogs.


Why Are Habitats a Problem?

As we build more and more houses and use up suitable land, we also eat into the hedgehog’s habitat.  Whilst this isn’t too much of a problem when you think of what might be being built around you at the moment, scale that up across the country and suddenly they’re losing a lot of their habitat to homes and other developments.


What Can You Do?

The easiest thing to do is to make a space for hedgehogs to live in your garden.  This can range from buying a hedgehog home to forming a log pile or other wild area for them.


Other petitions are also ongoing to help hedgehogs such as the Hedgehog Highway campaign.  The campaign aims to raise awareness of the damage new homes do and in particular – the fences in the gardens.  All of the land that hedgehogs used to be able to roam free on, suddenly has lots of new gardens that are often inaccessible to hedgehogs.  It’s a quick fix too, by cutting small holes new fences, hedgehogs can roam from garden to garden safely.  You can find out more about this here.


How Hedgehog Friendly Is Your Garden?

There are other things you can do to help too and sometimes the little things can make a big difference.  Follow as many of the below as possible and you might just find some hedgehogs in your garden the next time you look out of your window:

  • Add a gap to your fence (about 13cm x 13cm) to allow hedgehogs access to your garden
  • Try to avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • If you have a pond, consider adding a means for hedgehogs to escape should they fall in
  • Keep netting and anything that a hedgehog could get tangled up in off the ground, or put it away after use
  • Keep rubbish bags off the ground, since hedgehogs could climb in looking for food if left unattended
  • Finally, we all know this one, but try not to leave piles of leaves lying about, since hedgehogs love them!


What Are We Doing To Help?

To help you prepare your garden, we’re discounting all of our hedgehog products by 10% this week (5th – 11th May)!  Just use the code HEDGE10 at checkout.

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  1. I have had hedgehogs visiting my garden for four years but this year for some unknown reason they came in March April and I have not seen any since July. I have cameras in the garden and I kept putting out their food for a few weeks in case they return but so far no luck. I just hope they return next spring.

  2. I have got a hedgehog house and I have 2 hedgehog ‘s that come every night for there food , I have had them for over a year, they come in at the same time, I put a camera in , they don’t half go through some food , a friend does it for me when we are on holiday,

  3. we are so lucky we have a family of hedgehogs in our comunnal garden in Devon they live in our log pile and we see them most nights scurrying around our large garen we have not ound anywhere near so many snails and slugs this year so far. they love the spikey food. and meal worms.