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No Grow, No Waste, No Compromise!

August 3, 2015
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Benefits of our No Grow No Waste Seed Mix

Ordinary bird seed, although cheaper, comes with the potential for growth of unrelenting and extraneous vegetation in your beloved garden. A once clean patch of fertile grass under your bird seed feeder can quickly become home to unwanted growth.

However, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of our no waste bird seed mix. The basic idea is to prevent seed from germinating, rendering it 'infertile'. Saying this, what the heck is germination? It's science time, so put on your lab coats and let's take a walk on the wild side of growth!

Germination 101

Germination occurs when a wild bird seed drops to the ground and the correct moist environment triggers a process known as imbibition, which essentially means 'to drink'. When seeds imbibe they become hydrated, and this in turn influences the seeds' metabolic activity so that more energy is generated for enlarging the cells.

Shortly after imbibition, the root will emerge from the seed casing. This means that the seed is a viable and active fellow, well on his way to becoming a fully-fledged nuisance in your garden. Add a sprinkling of photosynthesis, some carbon dioxide, sunshine and water, and there's no stopping him!

No Grow Bird Seed

The idea behind ‘no grow’ bird seed is simple, and there are different methods of preventing seeds from germinating, without, of course, affecting the inherent nutritional value of the bird seed.

The main method is known as cracking. This is when the seeds are cracked, and thus by damaging the seeds’ mechanism for active growth. It’s not possible for cracked seeds to germinate.

These seeds, although cracked, still maintain all their nutritional integrity so your birds will get 100% of the goodness from the seeds.

No husk bird seed

The idea behind de-husking seeds is to prevent mess from occurring in your garden. Birds have an automated response when they want to eat a seed, and that is to remove the husk.

When this occurs, there’s usually a shower of shells, and where do they go? All over your garden. This unwanted waste can be prevented by buying a blend of no waste bird seed mix.

No Waste, No Grow Seed Mix

No Waste, No Grow Seed Mix

Official RSPB No Mess Seed Mix

RSPB No Mess Seed Mix

‘The One’ Classic Seed Feeder

The One Classic Seed Feeder is perfect to go with the no mess seed mixes

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