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June 27, 2018

Summer Drinks in the Garden? Keep those Bird Baths topped up for guests!

June 27, 2018

No grow, no waste, no compromise – the perfect summer seed mix!

June 27, 2018

At this time of year, everything in the garden seems to go into fast-forward – fledglings are bulking up and testing the limits of their new flying skills, there are bugs, bees and minibeasts of all shapes and sizes and plants are shooting up inches every day (or so it seems!).

The reality is that this is what summer is all about – warmth, sunshine and abundant food means that all flora and fauna are growing and developing apace. And whilst this is generally fantastic news, there are some things we’d all rather not see in our garden and one of those is unexpected plants and weeds appearing underneath your bird feeders from the discarded seeds above.

That’s why Garden Wildlife Direct developed its No Grow / No Waste / No Husk Wild Bird Seed Mix.

What makes it so special?

As the name suggests, these seeds are developed specifically to maximise nutrition for your garden bird visitors without all the unpleasant waste and mess that can sometimes result.

This mix is specifically designed to attract a diverse array of birds to your garden, with various oats, peanuts, sunflower hearts and grains that will appeal to tits, finches, sparrows, starlings, wrens, doves et al.  More than that, however, they’re all husk-free so there’s much less mess as the birds flutter around the feeder, breaking them up.  And additionally, all the seeds and cereals have been treated to prevent germination so there shouldn’t be any surprises popping up in your garden!

Depending on the food, different elements in this mix will have been cut, dehulled, baked or sterilised to ensure they do not sprout when they are dropped or discarded onto your lawn, border, paving or decking.

With much less mess and risk of unsightly plants appearing, these are ideal for all our feeding systems – from the larger stations and hung feeders to the open bird tables and ground feeders – again, ensuring you can attract as many different types of beautiful birds into your garden as possible.

These are hugely popular – especially during the summer months – so don’t miss out: grab a bag or two today.  Perfect for the birds and perfect for your garden too!

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