How to scare away pigeons but not other birds

January 14, 2022
How to scare away pigeons

Feeding and caring for garden birds is vital for conserving species and helping our environment thrive all year round. However, one species that most gardeners could happily do without is pigeons. Considered a pest species, pigeons are potentially damaging birds that can cause serious trouble in a garden. It’s only natural to want to deter them. However, sometimes, in an effort to rid your garden …

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What to feed ducks

January 12, 2022
what to feed ducks

Feeding ducks and other waterfowl is a great activity for all the family. It allows children to get closer to nature and nurture a lifelong love of animals, and adults to sit back and enjoy the relaxing activity. However, what to feed ducks has caused some controversy over recent years. With ducks in Leicester dying after being fed rotten bread[i] and so many conflicting opinions …

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Attracting Autumn birds to your garden

August 26, 2021

Autumn brings all sorts of changes to your garden, and with it comes a whole bunch of different wildlife visitors, particularly bird species. Garden birds benefit from feeding all year round, but the colder months are a time of vulnerability for them, and therefore it is the perfect opportunity for providing supplementary food.Of course, with many of this season’s visitors migrating from Northern Europe, and …

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Sunflower Suet Fat Balls

August 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered are fat balls actually good for birds? Or what are the best suet fat balls for birds? Well wonder no more! This article is going to explain to you exactly why fat balls are so good for birds, and why Sunflower Suet Balls are a must have for wild birds. Are Fat Balls Good for Birds? To put it simply; YES! …

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5 Famous Bird Superstitions

August 17, 2021

Birds are fascinating creatures, so it’s no surprise that they’re the centre of so many legends and superstitions. Throughout history birds have been seen as the messengers between this world and the next. As such their actions and arrivals can have special meanings for us. Read on for 5 bird superstitions and what they mean for us… If Ravens ever leave the Tower of London …

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Which Garden Birds Eat Mealworms?

August 10, 2021

When putting out a variety of bird foods or trialling new ones, it can be fascinating to see which food attracts which species. Even better if someone new comes exploring into your garden. Trying out new bird foods can be interesting but it can also leave you wondering just which foods do which species prefer. This article is going to explore mealworms; who likes them, …

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Male Or Female Robin? How To Tell The Difference

August 5, 2021

As Britain’s national bird, the Robin is a much-loved part of our garden wildlife here in the UK. That’s why when you spot a Robin in your garden, it can leave you wondering if it’s a male or female. If you do spot two Robins together in your garden, it’s likely to be a male and female. This is because Robins are known for being …

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Where to Position Your Bird Feeders

August 3, 2021

After purchasing a bird feeder it can be confusing to identify the best place to position your bird feeders in. Where you place them dictates not only if it’s successful with the garden birds, but also which ones it’ll attract. Read on for more information into what factors to consider when positioning your feeders as well as which areas attract which species. Birds will only …

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Preventing Garden Pests

July 9, 2021

A garden that is attractive to birds, may also attract less-welcome visitors… Often when we work hard to make our gardens appealing to garden birds, it can also invite in some not so wanted guests such as rats, pigeons, crows and squirrels. This article will lay out the key steps we can all take to keep these unpleasant callers at bay. 1. Keep Bird Food …

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How To Stop Birds Hitting Windows

July 8, 2021

How to stop birds hitting windows is a question many of us ask when we sadly find a bird that has fatally collided into a window. Watching our garden birds through the window is a simple pleasure in many of our lives. This makes it all the more heart breaking when you hear the dull thud of a confused bird flying into a window. Sometimes, …

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