Picture Caption Competition

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. However, please feel free to comment below with your best caption for this adorable Blue Tit! 

We’re offering you the chance to win a Supa wild bird feeding station + a 5kg bag of Mother & Chick seed mix.

All you have to do is:

Give us your best caption for the Blue tit

Blue Tit-min

Please write your answer in the comments section below.

To enter the competition, simply leave your answer in the comments section below. The competition closes at midnight (for any night owls out there!) on Friday 29th of July. The lucky winner will be selected based on the best caption for the photo. Garden Wildlife Direct reserves the right to remove any answers deemed inappropriate or offensive. Entrants must reside within UK mainland. Good luck!

Please see our competition Terms & Conditions for more information.


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  1. Carole Filer

    Saucer-eyed Blue brush-top

  2. polly trot

    Feed me

  3. Chrissie Bond

    That’s the last time I use that extra volume shampoo for “fly away” hair!

  4. Peg Vaughan

    “You really think this paintballing trip is such a good idea??”

  5. Lizzy T

    I’m too young for a blue rinse!

  6. Jean Anderson

    What are you looking at?

  7. Audrey

    OH no Not another bad hair day

  8. mrs p y harries

    well come on hurry up Ihavent got all day

  9. loretta coote

    where,s the food i,am hungy please put some more out ty

  10. Brian Gray

    Please Fill My Feeder.

  11. Laura

    I’m gonna take over the world!!

  12. Laura

    Look into my eyes.
    You are now under my control.
    Go now and bring me the entire bird feed stock from Garden Wildlife Direct!!!

  13. Stephanie Tapper

    Call yerself a cat!!

  14. Lucy Potts

    Hello, I’m a blue tit and I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to tweet ….

  15. John Whittaker

    But the man in the shop said it would wash out!

  16. Mrs Elaine Wortley

    “Hmm nice selfie not bad for an old bird like me !”

  17. Elaine Turner

    Oh sorry to stare, but have you seen my mum?

  18. Susie B

    Don’t mess with my No Mess bird seed!

  19. Carolyn B

    I bet you blink first….

  20. Laura MacDonald

    I’m ready for my close-up!

  21. Beryl Andrew

    Watch out, I may contain nuts!!

  22. Patrick J

    To tweet or not to tweet, ….what was the question ?

  23. Audrey

    I want my Mummy…..!

  24. Mike H

    Giant blue tit seen in woodland.

  25. Amanda Mercer

    Got any tit bits for me?

  26. Ruth Haskins

    “Look into my eyes. You are under my power. Go and buy more birdseed!”

  27. Peter Newlands

    I cannot see a camera in your nest box!

  28. Linda Collins

    Had awash in the bird bath now I can’t do a thing with my feathers

  29. Pam Hurst

    Hey you! The bird feeder’s empty‼️

  30. Anne Greenwood

    Look out foods coming.!

  31. Lee Finney

    I can see right up your nose!

  32. janice jenkins

    Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep

  33. colin fielding

    give us a kiss

  34. Hilary Murphy

    Thank you for all the wonderful food. Soooo good!

  35. Nigel Warman

    Let’s get right to the point … are you a real big spender?

  36. joyce digby

    If you’ve got it flaunt it.

  37. Angela Watkins

    Does my beak look big in this?

  38. Teresa Dodd

    I only have eyes for you

  39. Pauline harvey


  40. Rachel Ashby

    I will win this staring competition,if i win you buy dinner

  41. Christine Potts

    Look food in a tube, and tit bits galour, Garden Wildlife know the score …..

  42. John A

    “I can’t wait for my meal break – being a screen saver all day is no fun”

  43. Anne smith

    Is my eyeliner straight now for my lippy

  44. Andy

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you’re under. I have not stealing your eyeliner, putting it on in my bedroom and staring into the mirror going ‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’ Three, two, one… You’re back in the room.

  45. claire

    What, we are out of seeds nooooooooo

  46. Ken Johnson

    I’m male and sick of looking like my sisters.



  48. Lyn Gardner

    Blue Tit of Zorro!

  49. Tony Gardner

    Now I have my pension thought it about time I had a blue rinse!

  50. Mike Baughan

    Unless you feed me, you’ll be up before the beak – and he’ll give you some bird.

  51. Sandra hancock

    ( said in voice of Al Pacino)

    You looking at me…………..you looking at me….

  52. Sandra hancock

    Meiow Meiow……………..I think I’m am having an identity crisis…….

  53. Lin

    You want some!!

  54. Lorraine clarke


  55. Colin S

    Nothing succeeds like a beakless blue tit…

  56. Alex Morrison

    It makes me look what ?

  57. Julia

    I know that pokemon is around here somewhere!

  58. Peter Farrow

    I’ve a family to feed and you are running out of bird seed!

  59. Stefen Holland

    I spy with my beady eye…

  60. Sarah Nicholson


  61. Stuart H

    Ha ha….No-one will recognise me with my eye mask on…….just call me Blue Tit -The Feathered Crusader….., fighting evil in the trees and in the hedgerows……then disappears silently into the night……..

  62. Jane Davey

    Two fatballs and a packet of crisps, please.

  63. Stuart H

    Say “cheese” you said….I did….I’m still waiting for it…….

  64. Robert Gilbert

    Your breast is mellow yellow
    Your head is kinda blue
    And as your eyes are looking at me
    I’d like to be your fellow

  65. Sarah

    Welcome to this week’s episode of Through the Treehole

  66. Elizabeth Edmonston

    Keeping my beady eyes on you.

  67. PAM

    I’m all fluffed up, feed me chick mix

  68. June Hampshire

    Mirror mirror on the tree , am I the cutest bird your see.

  69. Anna hitchcock

    “Think you may have ppi on an old loan or credit card? We can help.

  70. Miriam


  71. Teresa Phillips

    Don’t twitch when you press the button.

  72. Geoff Dagger

    What’s all the fuss about the internet? I’ve been tweeting for years.

  73. Dave Beer

    I’m not sure this blue rinse is really me

  74. Beverley whitby

    Does my beak look big in this?

  75. Jacqui Delhaye

    Big bird’s watching…

  76. Susan Telfer

    Ahem. sorry to bother you but the feeder’s empty again.

  77. Nicola Bennett

    Stand and deliver!

  78. Alan Bennett

    Who said I look a right tit?

  79. Alicia Wingfield

    Holy bat cave Robin we are being watched!

  80. Michael Wilson

    You aint seen me, right!!

  81. Doreen Mepham

    Thank goodness they use gardenwildlifedirect.co.uk

  82. Jacqui

    ‘Knock Knock’. ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Blue.’ ‘Blue who? ‘Aw, don’t cry, it’s only me.’

  83. sandra sheppard

    here,s looking at you kid

  84. Terry

    I am very busy looking for Pokemen and I hope he has got some peanuts when I find him

  85. Graham Warner

    Come on somebody wheres my ALL YEAR ROUND SEED MIX from pet supermarket.

  86. Christine Baker

    I can see you now!

  87. Ant

    My name is willow

  88. Stephen Bigg

    “I’m all alone: I feel a Very Blue Tit!”

  89. julie Terry

    blue rinses are in i tell you !!!!

  90. Peter

    Mr Speaker … The Eyes Have It … The Eyes Have It

  91. Peter

    Clearly, beauty is in the Eyes of the beholder!

  92. Peter

    I used to be a ‘New Romantic’ !

  93. Peter

    STICK _EM_UP! ….. & Make My Day Skunk! …

  94. Betty Draper

    It must be nearly picnic time ?

  95. Carolyn Carter

    My name is Cyanistes Caeruleus Littlest and I eat peanuts.

  96. Irene Murdoch

    Bet you wish you had cool eyeliner wings like me!

  97. Eunice Norman

    Today is a fly away feathers day – typical.

  98. Ivor Hall

    I don’t need Specsavers

  99. Sally Read


  100. Alex Morrison

    I said breakfast not brexit

  101. June Neal

    Hi, Baby Blue here, have you anything else other than peanuts, so boring, and can you please send a comb?

  102. Mrs. Rosemary Roberts

    Where’s my breakfast?

  103. Susan Payne

    Follow me on Twitter #tweettweet

  104. Wendy Jackman

    ‘Meal worms! You know I’ve gone vegetarian and prefer sunflower hearts!’

  105. Sarah Grancis

    Ay up! Looks like I need to check my privacy settings again!

  106. Martyn

    Listen pal…..your not coming past until you hand over the bird seed!

  107. Steve Bailey

    Did you get my tweet???

  108. Ewa Hamilton

    MIrror mirror on the wall…who’s the cutest of them all?

  109. Rosemary Corner (Mrs)

    Hello! My Peanut feeder’s empty!

  110. Mr E

    Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind…. You must feed me….. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind. Bacon Rind…..

  111. Susan

    Feed me,NOW.

  112. Deborah Rabbidge

    Hmm. I remember you!

  113. Ethan

    You want some? I’ll give it ya

  114. Ethan

    You looking at me?!

  115. Leonard Hirst

    Who’s the Parrot?.

  116. Karen Rowbrey

    “You looking at me?”

  117. Dave Tarbox

    Please sir, can I have some more

  118. Sandra Gardiner

    “What do you mean you ran out of seed”

  119. B Jones

    Where’ the spiders then?

  120. Yvonne gee

    I take a good selfie

  121. C Thorogood

    Tap tap..excuse me but I was told this is the place for “tit bits”!

  122. dIANE

    Does my beak look big in this?

  123. Sarah houghton

    ‘A little heavy on the eye liner me thinks’

  124. John hall

    Sunflower hearts now or else !!!

  125. Bill Reay

    So I’m not a young chick any more,a blue rinse is cool,you gotta problem wi’that punk!!

  126. Nige

    ‘Honestly now, do you think I’ve gone overboard wth the blue?’

  127. Elizabeth Gray

    I’ve sent you a tweet … now give me a treat!

  128. Amreena Roshon

    Whatcha lookin at? Yeah! I am the one who is gonna raid your bird feeders today.

  129. keith hole

    my god that was some party!

  130. Susan

    What you lookin at?

  131. lesley eaton

    OK, who has moved the bird feeder?

  132. Yvonne Edwards

    mine’s a juicy mealworm please

  133. Elizabeth Waim

    I may look sweet, but if you don’t feed me I’ll be a hungry Angry Bird!

  134. Mary Robbins

    Just had a wash and blow dry, felling a bit peckish!

  135. James Fleming

    I’ve got a birds eye view of you sowing the seeds of discontent

  136. Irene

    Come on guys the preanut holders are empty!!

  137. Stephen Hullyer

    If you call me a tit again I shall become very angry and you won’t like me when I’m angry!

  138. Irene Martin

    I am just a little mite waiting for a “chittering bite”

  139. Annthony Michael Wilkinson

    I’m Just “Heavenly”, don’t you agree?—nevertheless that is what they call me.

  140. Roberta Burton

    I know I’m blue but I make you smile

  141. Sandra Adams

    I am the Blue tit staring champion, this is not a picture, this is a video.

  142. Elaine Patterson

    OK Guys, it’s a Wrap!

  143. Gary Russell

    Shall we go out for lunch? I’ve reserved a table at Garden Wildlife Direct.

  144. Pamela Robinson

    Now that’s what I call a fat ball

  145. Sharon Middleton

    Watch the birdy!

  146. Helen Ardagh

    I am training for special branch in the police but at the moment I am only good enough for special twig!

  147. perek24

    Get them feeders filled, there are 20 more like me. Lovely eh!

  148. angela edmonds


  149. Gary Russell

    I thought you was bringing the grub!

  150. Shannon Carr

    What do you mean you have run out of peanuts –

  151. Dorothy Hayter

    Please feed me. I am waiting patiently.

  152. Christine Halliwell

    “Orvill did you do that?”
    “No I didn’t, I didn’t, it wasn’t me.”

  153. David chaplin

    Hey could you take the camera out the box you would’nt want one in you bed room would you mate

  154. Brian Boddy

    I hope you’re only bringing that good stuff from Garden Wildlife Direct

  155. Mal

    Do l look like I am joking?!!!


    Got the eye liner just right this morning.!

  157. tom drew

    if that food aint from wildlife direct you are in big trouble buster

  158. Julie

    You’re wondering why I’m blue? I got the worm but my brother pinched it off me!

  159. Jane Peters

    Having a Great time here at Garden Wildlife, the food is lovely, wish you were here!

  160. Wayne Brown

    M , B, spiders M,B O,R,M,B, spiders M,B, O,R, M,B, spiders M,B, C,D,B,D,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  161. Angie Davidson

    I’m ready for my close up Mr Demille.

  162. Tania Ardell

    Here’s looking at you Mr Blue

  163. Tina Seviour

    Looking through the Eyes of Love (for your seed mix). – Mother and Chick Edit.

  164. Jan diss

    Hi you said recommend a friend ” I haven’t got any friends “”

  165. Mel Martin

    Any chance of a hot bath before breakfast?

  166. Toni Davies

    Suet will do it!

  167. Alex MacKenzie

    That’s the last time I put Comfort in the bird bath!

  168. David Hattam

    You looking at me ?

  169. Fred Jerabek

    Go on ! I dare you to say that again!

  170. Clive Mapp

    Give that caterpillar!! You heard me.

  171. Jean Louise Brown

    Where have all the fat balls gone?

  172. Beryl

    Love me tender, Love me do, allI I’m waiting for is food!

  173. Simon B

    I’m supposed to look like a tit; what’s your excuse?

  174. Sue

    Feed me, feed me NOW!!!!

  175. jim ware

    l can see you in the hide

  176. MMobey

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the bluest of them all.

  177. gerald green

    Ive just had my hair done and the blue rinse looks great.

  178. H A Anderson

    Ouch………I knew I should have gone to Specsavers. What a tit I am.

  179. Ron Argyle

    When I grow up I want to be a Stormtrooper!

  180. Chrisi

    Do you feel lucky punk ???

  181. Lesley Sinclair

    I’m sure there’s a Pokemon here somewhere

  182. Peter Addis

    Hurry up I can’t keep still much longer

  183. christine WESTLAKE

    delighted with selfie, just got to tweet it to my feathered friends now.

  184. cherie callaghan

    Ok Mum! which garden has the wonderful bird food ready for us?

  185. Laura Love

    Small but beautifully formed, that’s me.

  186. Alan

    If I stare at you long enough, will you put the fat balls out

  187. Sandra hancock

    So darling tell me, what’s my motivation for this photo shoot?

  188. David Tuomenin

    Who`s a pretty boy, then.

  189. David

    Where is my breakfast?

  190. Amanda Tarrant

    I have stopped sipping your milk, now you quit spraying my bugs!

  191. Joy Stonehouse

    hey wheres my dinner

  192. william shankly

    feed me feed me love me

  193. Tracy challis

    Betty blue tit was pleased how well her blue rinsed turned out.

  194. Sumita Ray

    “I’m the best looking an best fed round ‘ere… I’m BLUE TIT FULL! “

  195. Peter

    Who or what is that strange creature looking back at me?

  196. Peter

    Who or what is that strange creature looking back at me?

  197. Karen Polmear

    Here’s looking at you kid

  198. Brian Smith

    “Who are you calling yellow?”

  199. robert painton

    ok you got the shot NOW FEED ME.

  200. Margaret Hurst

    What you staring at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. Brian Howard

    That bloody pigeon has been eating blueberries again!!!

  202. Christine summers

    I’ll kill that hairdresser for giving me a blue rinse!

  203. Ellie

    I’m in the garden directly in front of you, and I’m waiting!!!!

  204. Jane

    It wasn’t me!!

  205. Carol

    What you looking at???

  206. Muriel

    I wanted to be red white and blue not yellow.

  207. Samantha

    Is she or isn’t she?

  208. Freda Clark

    do you want me to smile now?

  209. Jane Francis

    Does my blue rinse make me look older?

  210. N Harvey

    Feeders empty again, get on the phone to g w d, I only eat the best

  211. Angela morris

    This new hair gels working well!!

  212. Lorna Harvey

    Hey – There’s a breakfast queue out here!

  213. Catriona Kupper

    You will feed me, Won’t You !!

  214. Brian Sigsworth

    I need FOOOOOOD ………. hurry up !!!!!

  215. Darren S

    Hhmm. Did I leave the iron on at home? What a great tit I am. Oh hang on, I’m the other type of tit!

  216. Maureen Band

    Hurry up and give me more food

  217. Sarah

    Who stole my comb??

  218. F walker

    Did you just call mea tit ?

  219. Gloria Locke

    where,s my dinner ?

  220. Barbara

    You lookin’ at me cupcake???

  221. Mary West

    The bird feeders empty!

  222. Alan

    What are doing in my wood

  223. Ted.

    I’m really a budgie disguised as a bluetit.

  224. Nicola Green

    Zorros back in town!!

  225. Robin Sanders

    ‘Cheeky Chappie’

  226. Roger F

    You think I look daft, have you got a mirror handy?


    Look into my eyes, not around my eyes and repeat after me…I will feed you forever, I will feed you forever.

  228. Frances

    Please, just one more nut. Wife and five chicks to support.

  229. malcolm davey


  230. Christine

    I always feel like a great tit when I take a “selfie”!

  231. Mike Peck

    “I bet you two suet balls you blink before I do”!

  232. Stephanie Ratcliffe

    Errrr I think you will find you’re out of seed, yes definitely out of seed, yes you need more seed, anytime will do, GET TO GWD!

  233. glyn challinor

    YOU THINK THIS IS IN YOUR FACE ,,?Yeah too right im upset if you give me the same crap as you did yesterday boy youre in BIG TROUBLE

  234. Laura


  235. Tom Gore

    How long are you keeping me waiting?

  236. Champaklal Lad

    Who’s a prietty boy.

  237. Jane Davidson


  238. Wendy Copcutt

    I love a selfie!

  239. sue powell

    i would call the blue tit talking heads after the group who were around in the punk era his hair looks like a punk artist ah bless!!

  240. Pat Welsby

    Where has all the sunflower seed gone.

  241. Mrs joanna harvey

    Watching you , watching me!

  242. Hillsidehappyhen

    Will you be my Mummy?

  243. Pam Needham

    I am the tweetest one of all.

  244. Clive Woodford

    Go ahead, make my day!

    As said in Dirty Harry

  245. David Davis

    Look into my eyes, feed me on the chirp of three.


    you tweeted me

  247. Patricia Lyndsey

    Here’s looking at you kid

  248. Rob

    show us your nuts or else……

  249. Sue

    Here’s looking at you kid!!!!

  250. Marianne

    The ayes have it!


    Feed me, Feed me Now!

  252. Leslie Hunter-Jones

    Hi, I’m Cyndi ….. Do you like my True Colors ….. They’re Beautiful, like a Rainbow .. 🙂

  253. Terence Aherne

    what do you mean i look a right tit my hair is supposed be this colour

  254. Clarissa clow

    Seeing if you are getting my next order ready.

  255. Doreen Patterson

    Step away from the peanuts!

  256. Bazza

    Who are you calling me a tit?

  257. Laraine Fisher

    I’m ready for my close up now Mr Finch xx

  258. Murray

    I do look a big tit

  259. Peter

    Will you take that mask off, we don’t raid the nuts until next week !

  260. Jacky Egan

    Got my blue cap and goggles….who says I might not be a member of the Olympic swim team!

  261. Sandra B

    ‘Please feed me’

  262. Lesley Watret

    If you don”t feed me I’ll tweet and tweet til I’m blue in the face!!

  263. Annette

    Feeder empty……more please!

  264. Paul

    What Do you mean I’m too young for a blue rinse…

  265. Jackie Roberts


  266. robert mullard

    Hey Guys, what do you think about my new blue hair style.

  267. sharon turner

    Remember to look after me in the winter and I’ll sing for you in the spring…

  268. Sandra Steele

    Please give me some food pretty please

  269. Sue W

    Who’s the fairest of them all?

  270. Keith Rodger

    ” Do you think I have overdone the blue rinse just a bit “

  271. Paul Cremins

    Have you ordered me those mealworms yet?

  272. robert gotts

    Garden wildlife food made me this beautiful

  273. Jeanie Hansford

    Hey! tweet cheeks, care to join me in a sunflower snack?

  274. Ursula Fuller

    Someone is telling me to Watch the birdie

  275. macria gotts

    Best bib and tucker and ready for dinner

  276. frances watts

    come on why am I waiting

  277. Maggie

    Be a sweetie look after the tweetie

  278. Scott campbell

    Feed me

  279. Mike Lucas

    My reflection shows I’m a blue tit, and there I was thinking I was a canary who couldn’t sing!!

  280. Jackie Edwards

    Am I cute or what?

  281. Mike King

    Who’s you lookin at ..?

  282. Lady T

    I’m wearing L’Oriole hair colour ‘Summer Skies’……………..because I’m worth it!

  283. Howie G.

    “The name’s Tit, Zorro Tit. Now hand over all yer peanuts!”

  284. Martin Harris

    You may think I look good but I’m too blue to be great!

  285. Sharron O'Gorman

    Are you coming out to feed me today or what!!!

  286. Neil

    I don’t care if budgie’s have patented it ….WHO’S A PRETTY BOY ……..So , ..there I’ve said it WHO’S A PRETTY BOY ….now what you gonna do ….who’s a pretty boy ……

  287. Alex Brown

    You think I’m too young for a blue rinse? I thought it was quite becoming!

  288. David Webb

    If Mum had done an on line shop my meal would be here already.

  289. Carol Viveash

    Competition:. Hey, there’s no food left and I’m still hungry!

  290. Dora Smith

    I need some more seed the feeder is empty

  291. Annette Gilbert

    Ok, I know you’ve had a lay in, but where’s my breakfast!!!

  292. Moira Williams

    “Look into my eyes – More sunflower kernels”

  293. Clare

    Come on then, I’ll take you on!

  294. Clare


  295. Marilyn Anderson

    Who’s a pretty boy then?

  296. Clare

    Er, hello – food time!

  297. Clare

    I was going for the eighties Adam Ant look – what do you think?

  298. Carol Martin

    Please can Budgie come out to play today?

  299. Clare

    Please Sir, can I have some more?

  300. Janet

    SO – who ate all the mealworms than?




    Who are you calling a Tit!

  303. Ant

    Wha daur meddle wi me?

  304. Anthony

    I think the blue rinse really does make me look a bit of a tit.

  305. pauline jones

    bit of advice, don’t fly till your eye liner is dry ! !

  306. Gwen Kenny

    Yes, I’m taking to you!

  307. Debbie Cripps

    How’s this for a selfie!!

  308. Gill Cullwick

    I kow, like me, you can tweet and twitter but please, dear humans, just give me food a bit quicker!

  309. Kathryn Jane

    Quick! It`s feeding time in the human roost!

  310. Steve Russell

    Where’s my food? Please hurry up, I’m hungry!

  311. David Wilcock

    ‘Drat! Blinkin’ mascara’s run again!’

  312. Val Kerner

    Mum – super dinner! Just wish this bigger bird would let me get my share ‘cos I’m only little and he eats quicker than me!

  313. Joan Jenner

    I’m waiting, feeders empty!


    Wheres the grub?

  315. Ruth Urosevic

    I know it’s a brilliant disguise! Those caterpillars never see me coming. He he he….

  316. Roger Nelson

    Okay where’s the suet then!

  317. VEE


  318. Sue

    I’ve a little blue cap on my head,
    Eyeliner black, makes me drop dead…..

  319. Sue McCarthy

    Well punk, do ya feel lucky?

  320. Delyth Earp

    If that isn’t from Garden Wildlife Direct – forget it!



  322. Linda Budden

    Hope i haven’t overdone hair and makeup?

  323. jon pym

    “Take me to your Feeder”

  324. K Forrester

    Smile, watch the human!

  325. steve smith

    will you guys stop calling us TITS

  326. Roy Janson

    Tweet me to a suet ball.

  327. Daphne Hall

    Are you sure my feathers are all in place before you take the photo?

  328. DaveHenderson

    Here’s looking at you ‘blue’ eyes

  329. Linda

    Have you placed that order with Garden Wildlife Direct for my dinner yet?

  330. Sable Corrie

    EXCUSE ME Sunshine – yea you with the camera – I’m just going to have a private ablution before my juicy mealworms, supplied by Garden Wildlife, so please push off !

  331. Phillip Parvin

    If you put this on Twitter I’ll suet you.

  332. Sable Corrie

    EXCUSE ME sunshine but I’m just about to have a “private” bath before tucking in to some succulent mealworms from Garden Wildlife !!!

  333. Valerie Brandon-Joyce

    I know there is a Pokemon around here

  334. Alison May

    Anyone seen my glasses? !!

  335. MR C PROWER

    It’s Garden Wildlife Direct keeps me looking this good!

  336. elaine evans

    Mirror mirror on the wall ………

  337. Sheila Mears

    Are you up for a Mexican stand off.

  338. John Millar


  339. Amanda Tarrant

    “We wear a beanie, son, and we haven’t had any dinner!”

  340. Raphael Patrice

    Did you see me in the new movie Angry Birds, so don’t ruffle my feathers!

  341. David Thrussell

    Can I politely ask you to give me a little more personal space, thank you

  342. Alan Taylor

    Oi! Don’t you ruffle MY feathers!

  343. ms mcalpin

    THANK YOU for the lovely sunflower seeds! please don’t stop putting them out for us.

  344. Nonna G

    Is anybody there? You do know the feeder is empty don’t you?

  345. jackie

    What!! I didn’t do it!!

  346. Pat White

    What’s for tea, Mum?

  347. Diane Marshall

    I’m sure its dinnertime

  348. Lucille Coles

    Ah!!! All that lovely food from Garden Wildlife Direct and your Mummy and Daddy aren’t feeding you, you say.

  349. Tracey

    Blue for brains and blue for beauty, now look at me,I’m such a cutey!!

  350. Barbara Davis

    Who`s looking at you kid *Me *

  351. David Nudd

    I’m getting the hang of these “selfies” !! Who said squirrels are the clever ones when it comes to working things out!
    Jenny Nudd

  352. Eileen Smith

    Don’t expect me to say ‘cheese’!

  353. Dave Bates

    “What are you staring at – has the label fallen off”

  354. Gwen Blakeburn

    What’s Happening ?

  355. S.Read

    Titter on twitter

  356. Tracey

    Blue for brains and blue for beauty, now look at me, I’m I’m not such a cutey!!


    Feed me, PLEASE!

  358. Cyril Rogers

    You don,t scare me mate

  359. Amanda Tarrant

    And I say to all cat lovers, ” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

  360. Tom Morrison

    Look into my eyes, you’re feeling sleepy, when I count to three and flap my wings you will FEED ME!!!

  361. Allan Rychter

    Although I’m in DIRECT competition with the WILDLIFE in my GARDEN I still have a full tummy .

  362. Pat Randles

    Feed me, because I’m worth it.

  363. ian hollowbread

    Just checking my eye liner

  364. David Nudd

    No l am not wearing Glasses!

  365. Sadie Kemp

    Watch the birdie!

  366. Helen Mclean

    Please mum, can I have some more?

  367. Norma Miriam Mayhew

    If I take your breath away – you should see my brothers and sisters!!!

  368. Nancy Fowler

    needing a wee hand with that camera?

  369. Sylvia Green

    Mirror mirror on the wall I’m the prettiest of them all,


    Had a shower this morning now I can’t do a thing with my feathers

  371. Colin brazier

    Here’s looking at you baby

  372. Norma Layton

    WOW, I get better looking every day !!

  373. Rachel Hoare

    The name’s Tit, Blue Tit. I like my mealworms shaken not stirred.

  374. Jackie Edwards

    Can you tell I love sunflower seed heart chips?

  375. Jean Flower

    Who you looking at?

  376. Nicholas

    Latest Storm Trooper (scouts) helmet design.

  377. Amanda Tarrant

    I am in decline. It’s no wonder I am a bit blue.

  378. Paula Bradfield

    “What do you mean you’re going on holiday?”

  379. Jean Dougan

    Mama says I’m not cute, I’m just gorgeous

  380. Michael Barnes

    Did you know your bird feeders are empty ? You must go to garden wildlife direct,and quick, my tummy is rumbling !

  381. Hilary Walls

    Your countryside needs you!

  382. Douglas Buchan

    Need more premium seed mix from Garden Wildlife Direct

  383. Steve attrill

    Excuse me but my feeder needs topping up !

  384. John

    You lookin’ at me?

  385. Amanda Tarrant

    -“You’re a tit Harry”
    -“I’M A WHAT!”

  386. Maureen Isherwood

    They call him Tutankhamun, it’s the eyeliner that gives him that Egyptian look

  387. John

    Good food makes beautiful birds.

  388. Margaret

    Got any grub for me?

  389. kay haighton

    My first tweet

  390. jenny reade


  391. Wendy Towers

    Remember Me??? Were’s my Fat Ball’s???

  392. Jo Stevenson

    Is this my best side?

  393. pamelia evans

    to see me just feed me

  394. Don Smith

    Come on Mum where have they hidden the feeding station?

  395. Terrence Candler


  396. Colin Epathite

    Hello!, alright if you cannot hear me I will give you a tweet!

  397. Sue Gray


  398. Sue Acres

    Why do you say I look a right tit?

  399. Susan Hodges

    Look into my eyes , I love you xx

  400. L Hill

    They didn’t warn me that this blue dye was permanent, I only asked for a blue tint, I didn’t realise that I was a blue tit forever……


    Get set shampoo and set!

  402. Graham Chapman

    Do you like my hair in this shade of blue or should I have gone darker?

  403. Lee Finney

    You didn’t win, huh, does this face look bothered!

  404. martin humphries

    Damm that shampoo is good

  405. Michelle

    Windswept & Interesting, that’s me!

  406. Deb

    “I said have you re-ordered the fat balls yet? – Just remember we know where your washing line is!”

  407. Sharon ross

    I`ve got a birds i view which only you can solve,so if you can afford to help
    me feed my little ones at this time of year then i`d be so happy for you`d bring
    myself and others alot of cheer so feel free to hold out thy hand and i little blue
    will do my best to bring some cheer into your life at this time of year.

  408. Dennis Goodship

    Can I have shredded tweet for breakfast please

  409. Jeff symonds

    What a bird brain I can’t remember the password for my Twitter account

  410. Jeff symonds

    I can’t remember my password for my Twitter account

  411. June Bulloch

    Don’t you DARE stop feeding me!

  412. Christopher Regan

    Ready for my close-up Mr Spielberg !!

  413. Annie

    Always be yourself. Unless you can be me, then be me! I am so beautiful 🙂

  414. Sylvia

    Keep them cats away !!!

  415. liz denial

    Who needs to go to the gym when you can do your early morning worm ups right here in the great outdoors

  416. Christine Marcus

    And who forgot to order my bird seed then!!!!

  417. Amanda Tarrant

    You could have called me ‘Blue Cap’ or ‘Blue Bonnet’ – you Tit!

  418. JOHN HUTT

    What”s happening, you don”t tweet me any more ?

  419. richard esam

    Table for one please

  420. Amanda Tarrant

    I have a Latin name – can’t pronounce it.

  421. Irene Dickerson

    How’s this for a blue tit selfie then?

  422. martin young

    Hey, do not even think of pinching my peanuts


    You looking at me looking at you ? What the fecking hell for – I’m a blue tit not Mrs Brown !!

  424. J Hamill

    Please Sir may I have some More!?

  425. Elizabeth Bailey

    I spy with my little eye ……………………………………a feeder full of sunflower kernels, yummy!

  426. Lesley white

    What you looking at?

  427. John Charlesworth

    HELLO. Thank you for looking after me in your garden,

  428. Simon Bourne

    “Do my roots needs doing?”

  429. Carol Jull

    “Nothing here! You need to go to Garden Wildlife Direct quickly”

  430. Diana M Smith

    I’ve got my face on for my selfie, next I’m tweeting on twitter, then networking at the bird table…got to fly!

  431. doreen longmuir

    Birds eye view

  432. Michael Farrow

    Please let me sleep

  433. Lesley Douglas

    Please will you fill up the feeder now!

  434. Judith Webster

    Aren’t I just adorable? Please say yes

  435. Raymond Loades

    I am tweeting feed me with Garden Wildlife Direct feed it is scrumptious and healthy.

  436. Muriel Wilson

    No! I am not related to ‘Orville’

  437. Belinda

    Lovin’ this selfie lark! I know I’m a blue tit! Just saying! 😀


    Don’t move. I think I can see a sweet little human.

  439. Kim S

    But my Twitter feed tweeted it was summer!

  440. Lindsay Moore

    Tap, Tap – ‘Hello, is anyone there? The feeders are empty!’

  441. lisa streeter

    ” can I take a selfie?! “

  442. John Peck

    Hey blue eyes, what you doin

  443. Glenda Dennington

    Who are you staring at?

  444. Keith Jones

    This is MY woodland, give me the password before I allow you into it !!!

  445. Paul May

    Wild thing!, I think I love you!

  446. Caryll

    I always wear my specs, so always find the best food

  447. Matt

    “Handsome Bluetit seeking female with GSoH. Must like flying and singing. Let me ruffle your feathers.”

  448. colin brazier

    I only have eyes for you

  449. Mark

    Here Derek, come and look at this…I call it ‘humanwatching’. I reckon it could catch on. It takes a while to get into ’cause they all pretty much sound the same at first, but just start with the visuals.

  450. Alison Daynes

    I’m not scared of you

  451. jen

    It would be a blue blue Christmas without me!

  452. Jean Gatehouse

    I’m watching you watching me

  453. steven willis

    Anyone seen Alan

  454. Caroline Allan

    Hi, I’m Oliver. Can I have some more please!

  455. Rosemary Harris

    Oh no not Chris Packham again!

  456. Mark

    Life would’ve been so different if I hadn’t turned down that role as part of the crime fighting duo. I had the mask and everything. I just never thought it would catch on…and the robins are all like ‘we’ve got our own tv show and films, blah, blah’…

  457. Scarlett Orridge-Curtis

    Selfie Time!

  458. Renee E. Patel

    I am watching you! another late Breakfast.

  459. ms mary jackman

    Who has eaten all those suet pellets ?, that’s what I would like to know!!

  460. Harry

    Who’s a pretty boy

  461. Helen Mackay

    Bet you wish your face was this pretty!!

  462. Gordon Collier

    ‘Thank You For Caring For Us’

  463. Christine Constable

    I’m pretty as a picture

  464. Carol

    Fly?……I didn’t see it……where did it go?


    When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look at you.

  466. Ron Kidd

    Where’s my nuts

  467. Robert Laverick

    Fill the feeder NOW! Remember: I know where you live.

  468. Nigel elkington

    Wildlife direct is where the best food comes from for blue tits like me

  469. Westie93

    I knew the bird bath spa day would work, my colours look so bright!!

  470. Von

    Oooh, where are your feathers?I didn’t know nestlings got as big as you!!!

  471. gaynor slater

    In this Garden I’m all the Wildlife you need to see.

  472. Carol Archer


  473. Avril McGowan

    Tuppence a day……

  474. Rob Bell

    What do you mean you were thinking of buying your seed mixes from someone other than Garden wildlife direct…?

  475. Susan martin

    Your breakfast looks good, where’s mine!

  476. Gill Stone

    Face painting captured by a selfie

  477. Janet

    My name’s Blue, Blue Tit (said in a James Bond accent)

  478. Steve Bailey

    Sorry about the milk!!!

  479. Ian Cook

    My first selfie!

  480. stuart knox

    Who do you think you are? David Bailey? Now let me eat in peace.

  481. Mike Shergold

    What do you mean…..say Cheese?

  482. Margaret Hamilton

    Of course I look grumpy, so would you if you hadn’t had your peanuts!

  483. Hazel dobinson

    Stand and deliver your money or your sunflower seed

  484. Linda Walker

    I told her to go easy on the eye liner … but would she listen?!

  485. Bianca

    Got nuts?

  486. John Shorter

    Please tell the kids next door I am not a Pokemon. I’m fed up with them trying to catch me

  487. Christine Kerry


  488. Nora kerr

    I can’t believe the garden wildlife prices just look at the great value can’t take my eyes off of them

  489. steven weekly

    If your names not on the list you’re not coming in.

  490. June Cheverton

    When are you going to feed me. I’ve been waiting for ages here

  491. Anita Armstrong

    Humans have such big beaks I can’t stop staring at them !!!

  492. Valentine secker

    When are you going to refill my feeder.

  493. lesley stevens

    please may I come and sit with you its very cold out here

  494. Steve

    Eyes, nose, cheeky, cheeky chin!

  495. Lynn

    “Feed me sucker”

  496. Anthea Holloway

    My Twitter account is @featherfluster

  497. Marie McGowan

    You’ve had your breakfast now where’s mine?

  498. Fiona Craddock

    hurry and take my picture, I’m very busy you know

  499. VEE

    Whose a pretty boy then

  500. David Gregory

    Please, Sir, I want some more food from Garden Wildlife Direct

  501. Ronald Gill

    Bothered! Do I look Bothered?

  502. Faith Hughes

    I love my new eyeliner as it enhances my gorgeous blue hair tint!

  503. Maureen Moss

    I’m feeling blue, these black glasses are a bit small, can’t see the food feeding staion, should have gone to “Garden Wildlife Direct”!

  504. Julie Gannon

    Please can I have some more.

  505. Debbie Luckson

    You try looking this good 1st thing in the morning, no hairdryer no mirror, I do my best !

  506. Christopher Cotter

    Yes, it is a rather fetching shade of blue…

  507. Darren Grant

    Hello my name is Blue Tit

  508. Jane Colquhoun

    Think I should have gone for the purple rinse!

  509. Mazhar Thakur

    so are you feeding me or not?

  510. Katherine King

    Garden Wildlife is cheep cheep cheep!!!

  511. Karen Eden

    Bet you wish your tits looked like me!

  512. Jean Bullard

    Bet I can out-stare you!

  513. Ken McFarlane

    Here’s lookin at you kid!

  514. Sue Wylie

    OMG is that a rare Sue Wylie in the garden?

  515. Jenny Simpson

    Forget the tweet tweet where’s my breakfast?

  516. Mukesh


  517. Janet Reay

    Yes Joyce, went for my blue rinse yesterday!

  518. tessa milton

    arnt I just beatiful.

  519. Brian Thorne

    Is my eyeliner on straight

  520. Viv Lucas


  521. Heather Corn er

    I thought you had forgotten me !

  522. j swann

    only went in for a trim,look wot see did.

  523. Jean Hunter..

    What are you staring at me for?

  524. Julie Tift

    Do you think I am getting enough lift from my new hair dryer?


    Yep still looking good!

  526. Jonny Reay

    Well……….. It wasn’t me, it was the cat……………..I’m only small and fluffy………….honest

  527. Heather Corner

    I thought you had forgotten me !

  528. Tony

    What do you mean “bad hair day”, I’ve only just woken up!

  529. Angela Knisely-Marpole

    Where’s my breakfast? I’m hungry!

  530. Marilyn White

    They’ll never recognise me in this Zorro mask!

  531. Jean Payne

    Here’s looking at you, kid

  532. John

    Im definitely going to change my hairdresser after this effort

  533. Sarah Dobromylska

    “I’m the dandy highway man that you’re to scared to mention”.

  534. Debra Ludlow-Wilson

    Welllllllll? So you think it’s the right blue?

  535. Chris Pashley

    I’ll stare you out any day

  536. Karen millard

    I know I’ve put on weight …. I’ve gone up a cup size!!!!!!


    Like my Selfie?

  538. Sharon

    Oh come on stop staring and feed me

  539. alan rowland

    On Stars in their Eyes today is Blue Tit , tell us who your going to be . Tonight Matthew I am going to be Adam Ant

  540. Colin Carter

    My Mum thinks I’m a great tit

  541. Margery Agombar


  542. Row

    ‘PUNKS BACK’ – Call me seed vicious

  543. mandy halder

    I am smiling!

  544. Chris D

    What do you think ? Too much eye-liner ?

  545. Sylvia Hogg

    Have you opened my Twitter account yet!?

  546. Jess Small

    Been rather wet this year but at least she gets me decent food from Garden Wildlife Direct.

  547. nick Walton

    Oi, where’s my breakfast!

  548. Malcolm Gray

    “Spell that?”, “G-A-R-D-E-N-W-I-L-D-L-I-F-E. . . .”

  549. Rachael

    I’m watching you or looking at you

  550. Judith Mackrill

    Sure! I’ll sing for my ‘Supa’

  551. Liz Cook

    Will you just hurry up with my breakfast!

  552. jackie ballard

    where`s my breakfast……

  553. Jess Small

    What a summer this has been I’ve been wet most days but at least I’ve had decent food from my Wildlife Direct.

  554. Alan

    You Blueking at me?

  555. June Dewar

    What do you think of my new eyeliner?

  556. Heather Parsons

    Today’s Tweet from the garden

  557. June Dewar

    So there I was ……………

  558. Gillian Hunt

    Look into my eyes . . . feeeeeed me . . . feed me now!

  559. Nigel Randall

    ” so you have a Twitter Account, I hope you are following me”

  560. Canarymary

    Tweeting to a Canary

  561. Gillian Hunt

    Can you do cute as good as this?

  562. Jeni Hurlock

    …………. and now for the news from the Enchanted Woods.

  563. Liz

    Hello my darlings!

  564. Colin Boucher

    Can you go to Garden Wildlife Direct and get me some more delicious food please!

  565. Ann-Louise Hargreaves

    I woke up early…there was no worm!

  566. shelley

    “who took the seeds out of your fat ball”

  567. Geoff

    A cheep shot!

  568. Keith Jones

    You watch me and I’ll watch you!

  569. Keith Bankes

    That’s the last time I have a blow dry to get to the seeds early!

  570. Susan Clarke

    We Birds Need You!

  571. Isobel Macgregor

    Time to fill the feeders Mum!

  572. Sarah Cheshire

    I’m ready for my close up Starling!

  573. Carol Blanshard

    I’m waiting. Have you overslept?

  574. Jean

    I wish Mum was not addicted to tie-dying.

  575. Andy L

    Swipe right quickly, he’s gorgeous!

  576. P Thompson

    This mirror needs a clean I look really rough

  577. JamesR

    “That’s the last time I fall asleep when the kids have got their colouring books out……..”

  578. David Reynolds

    ” I wear these swimming goggles so I’m not recognised.”

  579. Peter Akister

    I AM smiling, just take the photo !

  580. Julia Connor

    Do you think this Goth/punk look will catch on in Bird world?

  581. Chris Spencer

    So is that close enough yet!

  582. Jan

    I’m loving the blue tint. Can I have a touch of red on my cheeks please?

  583. Chris

    Always clean your beak….

  584. Eddgrove

    I’ll be REALLY blue if you don’t feed me & my chicks. Call GWD now!

  585. Chris

    Always clean your beak…..

  586. Patrick Riley

    I voted remain

  587. Paul B

    Do you mind taking a passport photo? I’m not sure if I’ll need one after Brexit.

  588. roger case

    Here’s looking at you kid

  589. Dave

    So, will Brexit affect my migration plans?

  590. Chris

    Always clean your beak……

  591. Jackie Morgan

    Gel. I need hair gel!

  592. Chris

    Always clean your beak……..

  593. Jim A

    Stick ’em up. Your peanuts or else!

  594. christine smylie

    Don’t mess with me Dude; I can pack a heafty peck when I want to..!!!

  595. Dean

    You do know there are no sunflower hearts left don’t you?

  596. Sharon King

    Take that mask off Maisie, I know it’s you !

  597. Maryan hadley

    Someone mentioned Twitter feed?



  599. Peter

    Where’ve you been till now. I’m starving !!!!

  600. Grace Lawrence

    My dad told me it would wash out

  601. Eileen Anderson

    Pay attention – I’m tweeting!

  602. Janet Tildsley

    Get up .I am hungary

  603. Karen Chadwick

    Don’t just stand there…… feed me!

  604. stacy jackson

    “Yep, I like my seed from garden wildlife direct.”

  605. Rita Philbey

    Ever had the feeling you’re being watched ?

  606. E. Salter

    So where are my sunflower seeds.!!

  607. c woodhams

    Go ahead, make my day

  608. Catherine Rochatte

    FRIEND OR FOE? I can’t quite see… So either feed me or (gulp) eat me. Just get on with it…

  609. Susan

    WAITER! I am ready to order now: sunflower seeds no husks thank you.

  610. Brian

    I’ll be back !

  611. PeterT

    “Watch the birdie” they said when I applied for the modelling job; they just didn’t tell me it’d be for two hours!

  612. Sylvia

    I’m Not going Nuts, I’m busy TWEETING Garden Wildlife Direct especially for you!

  613. jean

    Is this a mirror ?

  614. Alison midgley

    Where’s my breakfast?

  615. philip leyland

    I washed my feathers last night and can’t do a thing with them !

  616. Maggie Davis

    “Just got in from the windy city, got any thing to eat?”

  617. Helen Batty

    Last in the queue for the feeder, AGAIN!

  618. Patricia Coomber


  619. W. Page

    ‘Feed the birds’ NOW!

  620. June Kane

    Come on now! You like a good dinner too!

  621. Joy Cherry

    My little brood knows they can rely on a well balanced diet from Garden Wildlife Direct.

  622. Sally Busby

    Think I,m cute now !! Wait till I,m 18

  623. m j

    Please feed me, its wintery out here
    yes, I’m appealing to you!

  624. Janet Gordon

    Good morning and here’s the feather forecast 🙂

  625. Sharon Manning

    It takes a steady claw to get eyeliner looking this good

  626. Elizabeth Moss

    No one warned me about the electric wire!

  627. Linda Pritchard

    Well, whad yer know!

  628. Dave Helliar

    How’s this for a selfie?

  629. Heather Bates

    …and that viewers, is how you do ‘smokey eyes’….

  630. Prue Westbrook

    Well I’m not paying! I asked for short, back and sides and you’ve given me a blow dry!

  631. R Stuart Craig

    Look into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes. You must obey my voice. “Hurry and submit your order to GWD”.

  632. Sally Busby

    I bet I can stay still without moving longer than you.

  633. Nick smith

    Huge blue tit ,seen in local wood

  634. Jane

    Look into my eyes ….. You are feeling sleepy

  635. John Whittock

    Just thought I’d let you know. The bird feeder is empty!

  636. Braynzz

    Sorry. I didn’t recognise you without my glasses.

  637. Owen Parnell

    Do you like my blue tint.

  638. Julie Wright

    Didn’t think I was old enough for a blue rinse yet!

  639. mick cleary

    its not cold , your supposed to be blue

  640. Rosemary Atherton

    You DID invite me for tea didn’t you?

  641. Glenda Mossop

    Don’t just look at me FEED me!!

  642. Anne ryan

    I’ll be back

  643. norfolk boy

    stop arguing and order the mun & chick MIX

  644. Robin Laycock

    Have you seen where my peanuts have gone?

  645. Rosamund Aubrey

    I don’t believe it! They’re still asleep.

  646. Ben Bullough

    Two popadoms and a vindaloo please Bob … Failing that I’ll ave some of thoes puka sunflower hearts!!

  647. Jo hooper

    And when are you going to fill up the bird feeder?

  648. Quinny

    “Who’s nicked my window bird feeder?”

  649. Peter

    “Where is my food from Garden Wild Life Direct ?”

  650. Dawn cann

    Well,! Where are you.?

  651. Patricia Taylor

    What are you staring at? Just feed me!!

  652. Geoff Colebeck

    You may have called me a Tit!, but I forgive you as you do feed me some lovely food.

  653. daria jakuba

    I know what’s best ( Mother and Chick seed mix) .

  654. Rob Conacher

    I only closed my eyes for a minute, where has summer gone?

  655. Colin Mount

    Good Morning to you

  656. Ann Meekings

    I seed you

  657. Rita Brown

    Hey you, yes you, where is my breakfast?

  658. Pauline Wright-Simpkin

    And here is the news!

  659. Ken.Johnson

    Please, don’t forget me.

  660. David Chapman

    Just gimme the seed !

  661. Rita scott

    How gorgeous am I, been well fed and watered thanks to my caring parents and their human suppliers of good food.

  662. MARK DYER

    Do I look scared?

  663. Patrick Satchell

    48 49 50…..hope he doesn’t find me this time!

  664. Caroline Aldridge

    A little bird told me that the best grub in town comes direct from Garden Wildlife Direct!

  665. David Stringer

    No, it’s not a blue rinse, it’s natural!

  666. SanMaplethorpedra

    Wait a minute – I’m doing the annual people watch!!!

  667. Joyce Ellaway

    Love this new face mask !

  668. June Graham

    mesmerised by cheap cheap seed

  669. Marion

    Manager please! I have been waiting over 2 minutes for you to fill my feeder.

  670. Valerie Lang

    I wanted to be a Great Tit, but someone had used all the black rinse.

  671. Rachel hall says

    Hello in there, yes you in there, our feeders are empty and they have volunteered me too sit here till their filled

  672. Roy

    Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?

  673. Barbara Madden

    Come on where’s me Breakfast

  674. Bob Smith

    And precisely how you thought you would get away with it??

  675. Frances Heaton

    I hope you’ve placed an order for more supplies of premium peanuts, supplies are getting a tweety bit low!

  676. Deborah


  677. Debbie Tomkins

    What! This blue rinse is permanent!

  678. R Byam

    Come on, hurry up and fill the feeders!

  679. Corrina

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes… you’re under.

  680. jez

    Robbie the robin was really annoyed after his girlfriend was let loose with the makeup kit.

  681. Maxine

    You sure!! I think I look a right “tit”

  682. claire Fergusson

    Where’s my dinner!

  683. Susan hulse

    Aren’t I lovely one more snap please

  684. susan judge

    as selfies go, i think this is my best one !!

  685. Josephine Lobb

    Watch the birdie!

  686. Tracey Johnson

    Ok I’ve been to the groomers now “Get some nuts”

  687. George Dawson

    Hi folks, hot from twetter Garden Wildlife Direct have some great offers.

  688. Janet

    I don’t mean to look scary. It’s that Hitchcock blokes fault!

  689. Pauline Townsend

    ….could I have a little bit more please?

  690. Angela

    “What the……I told them blonde highlights, blonde not blue!”

  691. JaneB

    Just a quick twitter about the bird seed mix I prefer from Garden Wildlife, please.

  692. sue mallett

    I think I need to cut down on the hair conditioner 🙁

  693. Linda Day

    Think I may have overdone it with the eyeliner this morning

  694. David Allen

    If you say ‘watch the birdie’ one more time!!!

  695. Celia Haselgrove

    The blue rinse didn’t quite work out the way I wanted.

  696. lorna meadows

    hey dude do i look good or what!!!

  697. Mike

    Yes, I am smiling, really!!

  698. Joan Adams

    Can I join you I’m hungry!e

  699. Lynn

    Don’t you wish you were gorgeous like me?

  700. Lisa Wilkes

    Its rude to stare !

  701. Janet

    What do you mean take my sunglasses off!

  702. Peter

    “I’m talking to you, Garden Wildlife – direct!”

  703. Pamela Albonetti

    You know you love me

  704. jenny reynolds


  705. Paul

    ME, it wasn’t me, that was the other fellow, we just look alike

  706. Jo Silvester

    “Why’s it taking so long to get my lunch, a blue tit’s got to eat you know, we don’t live on bugs alone”

  707. steve smith

    Oi! where’s my dinner?

  708. Rod Maplethorpe

    I’ve got a birds eye view !

  709. Graham

    What Me!!

  710. sara

    Please feed me, I’m starving…..I had a bath specially so I could look cute and fluffy.

  711. Colin Hadley

    Let’s see who blinks first then!

  712. Christina Thorne

    OK. I’ve emailed the order to Garden wildlife direct.

  713. Madeline King

    Quick kids dad is on skype

  714. Ken Green

    Where did that sparrowhawk go?

  715. Herbert

    OK, the cat is behind me, That’s why I am on my own.

  716. Brenda Collins

    Where is my bird seed!

  717. Barbara Mason-Walshaw

    Under this devilish masked disguise, I am really a Sparrowhawk!!!!!!!!!!

  718. Philip potter

    This is Peter bluetit reporting from a woodland near you..now back to the bird box

  719. Alistair Meikle

    Are you coming out to feed us or what!


    I’m feeling blue!

  721. E. Holt

    “Are you ready to take my order from the garden wildlife direct a la carte menu?”

  722. Mr Lindsay Snape

    You know a chick needs food!

  723. Sam McRobbie

    Look into my eyes…… You will feed me now!!!

  724. Luan Cherry

    This is Bluey McBluetit reporting live from the local feeding station.

  725. Paul Steenton

    You looking at me!!
    Feed me or I’ll be back!!

  726. George Hendry

    I’ll be back

  727. Sonia Thorn

    I feel silly with this make up on

  728. Karen

    Curiosity killed the cat – I hope!!!

  729. Bob Neale

    You always think you are watching me…………….. THINK again! I got my eye on you.

  730. Andy Fortune

    Who is wearing mascara, other birds use it don’t they.

  731. Rosemary Whitcombe

    Come on you lot can’t you see I’m hungry and have a family to feed its not cheep!

  732. Dave

    Oi, get out of my way!

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