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Great news: we now stock RSPB bird food & feeders!

July 6, 2015
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Due to high demand, we now stock a range of official RSPB bird food and feeders at competitive prices. RSPB, being the official charity for the protection of birds, has produced its own range of food and feeders, including seed mixes, coconut shell suet treats as well as various bird feeders.

Let's look at some of these products sold by us from the RSPB range. Have a glance, and click through to view some of the product-specific details.

RSPB Bird Feeder Mix

A fantastic blend of fine wild bird seeds, chosen not only for their nutritional value, but also for their convenience for pouring into wild bird feeders.

You'll find these seeds pack a mean punch when it comes to oily goodness - the black and white striped sunflowers contained within this mixture ooze oil, and the husk-free oats and canary seed are ideal accompaniments.

Your garden birds will thank for giving them this special blend of all year round RSPB will bird seed. Buy now

Ideal for birds such as: blue tits, great tits and greenfinches.

RSPB Bird Feeder Mix
RSPB Mealworms - 500g

RSPB Wild Bird Mealworm

Birds love 'em, so do some humans, but we'll save these wonderful RSPB mealworm treats just for our garden wildlife. Packed full of crunch, these dried mealworms are the perfect additive-free treat for many species of garden bird. They hold the same nutritional value as their live counterparts, minus the moisture.

Available in official RSPB mealworm transparent resealable pouches, they are ideal for storing away in the cupboard. Scatter them around the garden or on the table and birds such as robins and blackbirds will flock. For an extra 'juicy' favour, soak the mealworms in warm water before serving. Buy Now

Learn more about mealworms here


RSPB Wild Bird Suet Sprinkles

These are the ultimate bird treat: fruit, suet, nyger seeds and sunflower hearts all rolled into little packets of energy-dense pellets, ideal for scattering around the garden and on the bird table. You'll notice bird after bird, or perhaps even an entire flock (perhaps not, it's not Hitchcock!), come flying by for a quick 'pick me up', and these sprinkles are the means for a dash of vitality.

Available in official resealable RSPB pouches that can be resealed, they are good for all year round feeding. Highly recommended. Buy now.

Learn more about wild bird suet foodhere

RSPB high energy wild bird suet sprinkles
RSPB Classic Bird Feeder

RSPB ‘Classic’ Bird Feeders

It's a classic! This wildly popular bird feeder from RSPB is a renowned quality product in which seeds can be placed for a variety of garden birds. Versatile and durable, this RSPB seed feeder is available in small and medium sizes, come equipped with not one but two feeding ports, ensuring your garden birds will not be in competition with those naughty squirrels (perhaps not the red ones, though!).

Made from tongue-twisting polypropylene, RSPB seed feeders are made from UV-stabilised polycarbonate tubing that prevents yellowing. Buy Now

RSPB Wild Bird Buggy Suet Nibbles

The RSPB buggy nibbles are a super treat for birds. Jam-packed to the rafters with suet-infused mealworm and cereal pellets, your birds would thank you heartily for giving them a damn tasty 'all-year-round' meal. As a fantastic alternative to straight foods such as peanuts and sunflower hearts, buggy nibbles appeal mainly to birds such as the blackbird, great tit, house sparrow and robin, among many more.

It's really straightforward to feed buggy nibbles, since they are designed to be placed inside either wire-mesh feeders or nibble feeders. Give them a try. Buy now

RSPB Wild Bird Suet Buggy Nibbles
RSPB Wild Bird No Mess Seed Mix

RSPB No Mess Wild Bird Food

The RSPB no mess mix is a very popular blend of kibbled maize, husk-free oats, canary seed and oil-rich sunflower seeds, ideal for your birds' ticking hearts. The great thing about no mess is exactly that, birds eat them and there's nothing to clear up afterwards.

Plus, one very large bonus is that the RSPB no mess mix is suitable for the vast majority of wild garden birds and (yes, there is more!) it's ideal all year round fodder. All you really need is a compatible seed feeder, or you can simply scatter on a bird table or over the ground. Whatever you do, the RSPB no mess mix will have you peering out at loads 'a birds. Buy now.

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