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Species Extinction – The State of Our Wildlife

January 14, 2022
How to scare away pigeons
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The earth, our ecosystem and our wildlife are extremely fragile. With numerous reports being published discussing the ‘code red’ status of our environment, it’s important that we all remain aware of our impact on the planet, and in particular, what our presence does to the numerous species which inhabit our planet.

More than 99% of the 4 billion species that evolved on our planet are now gone due to mass extinction events, and since humans have evolved, hunting, habitat disturbances, and the introduction of unnatural predators. In the 1900s, the top cause for species extinction was habitat loss, closely followed by hunting.

How can you help your local wildlife?

As well as looking at the overall picture and doing your best to limit your impact on the environment, there are plenty of steps you can take to help our local wildlife and prevent them from being added to the extinct species list.

  1. Feed the birds – keep your garden bird friendly with a variety of nesting boxes, feeding tables and good quality wild bird food.
  2. Dig a pond – a pond can provide a varied ecosystem for plenty of insects, birds and even fish.
  3. Control cats – plant cat-repelling plants and keep your own cats indoors during the spring to limit their impact on young animals which are born or hatched during this period.
  4. Actively involve yourself in conservation – there is more than likely to be a local conservation society in your local area. Get in touch and see what you can do to help.

We’re committed to creating a safer planet for humans and animals alike. Learn about Garden Wildlife Direct’s journey to becoming eco-friendly here.

Find out about the state of our wildlife

We’ve produced the following infographic to explore the state of wildlife across the globe, how extinction happens, and what the current situation is.

Species extinction infographic

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