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Spooktacular Halloween Quiz


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Which film has Morticia and Gomez as its main characters?
The UK is famous for it witch trials around the 17th century. Do you know which county the famous Pendle witches lived in?
What sort of chair were witches made to sit in as a way of testing their innocence?
Which game involving fruit is commonly played at Halloween?
What is the name for a ghost responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved?
Often connected to Halloween, who wrote the original story of Frankenstein?
Trick or treating is the practice of going from house to house, but for what purpose?
Halloween was first celebrated by who?
What do pumpkins grow on—stalks, trees, vines or bushes?
We all know Halloween is celebrated on 31st October, but what Christian event occurs on 2nd November?
What is a group of witches called?
What term is mostly commonly used to describe a male witch?
Who sang the 1962 song ‘Monster Mash’?



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  1. joan linwood

    I counted 13 questions,and I also ask are pumkins really grown on a vine?

  2. Pam Mallinson

    There is no bird seed like it. Enjoyed also by the hedgehog!

  3. Laura C

    Loved it, please can we have a Christmas Quiz too? Thank you

  4. elizabeth richards

    Great fun!

  5. kerry

    Great fun.

  6. Pam Mallinson

    Fun quiz but are you sure pumpkins are not grown on stalks?!

  7. Ron Cox

    The response stated I scored 12 correct out of 13 questions but there were only 12 questions?.

  8. Lorraine Binns

    That was as good as your products.

  9. Haydn

    Good fun, Great Company Great service.

  10. Angela N

    Blessed Samhain everyone

  11. Cath

    Good quiz – happy Halloween.

  12. Mcdonald

    Happy Halloween

  13. CJ

    While i am marked two wrong the answers were not there
    But the witch hunts and trials were first in Huntington-shire but this answer was not available.
    and Halloween was first celebrated by the Celts not the Druids

    1. kerry

      Druids were ancient Celts, so yes, you are right too.

  14. Brenda

    Fun quiz

  15. Brian


  16. Pam Harper

    Enjoyed the spooky quiz -thank you. Nothing scary about your products or prices though.

  17. Greta

    Happy Halloween

  18. Ross jury

    The celts were the first to celebrate Halloween,(All Hallows’ eve)

  19. Sally Fitzsimons

    Great fun thank you

  20. Elaine Turner

    I was born at 30 minutes past midnight, does that make me a witch?

  21. Teresa Dodd

    Great fun to do the quiz

  22. John Norris

    Enjoyed doing the Quiz

  23. mike

    Actually i think the Romans first celebrated halloween!

  24. lesley

    pumpkins grow on a stalk

  25. Pam Roberts

    Pumpkins DEFINITELY have a stalk and usually grow on the ground!

  26. pauline marsh

    pumpkins do have a stalk,

  27. Nidge

    Fingers crossed and have a spooktacular halloween everyone!!!

  28. Lyn Scotter

    Really enjoyed that bit of fun! You always supply great products for great prices, thank you xxx

  29. Brian H. Drake

    A little light hearted trivia.

  30. June Bulloch

    Love these kind of quizzes – great fun – and great prizes too.

  31. Christopher Packham

    For some reason my first submission got corrupted, so I sent in a second entry

  32. Ally Leeks

    Great idea and good fun! Blew it on the pumpkin! As Homer would say, Doh!

  33. Leeanne W

    That was fun!

  34. Brenda Perkins

    Great fun

  35. Ann Swann

    good quiz
    should have known pumpkins grow on what would be termed a vine.

  36. Stephen Bailey

    Wizardly Quiz!

  37. Kay

    Fun quiz.

  38. M Malcolm
  39. Richard Todd

    Quite good fun, was not aware that Halloween was first celebrated by Druids especially as to some authorities Druids never existed at all and are a recent invention.

  40. Jo

    Great competition. Thank you!

  41. Kerry Elkot

    Fingers crossed, I win…….

  42. Lynne Prichard

    As others have said Halloween was first celebrated by the Celts but good quiz.

  43. Alun

    A bit of fun which is great

  44. Haydn

    Good bit of fun

  45. Mavis

    I enjoyed doing the Quiz.

  46. Sandra White

    Great fun quiz!

  47. Sue Chadwick

    Great quiz. Managed to do it with cat sat in front of screen!!

  48. R Smith

    The actual Halloween was first celebrated by the celts but not having the correct answer put Americans.

  49. Angela Freeman


  50. Margaret Smith

    Although the Americans were the first to celebrate Halloween as it is now, it was originally the Celts. 🙂 Good fun, my grandchildren loved doing this..

  51. Jd

    Got them all right, yehhhhh

  52. Malcolm Dunbar

    From Google search.

    Ancient Origins of Halloween
    Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1.

  53. Eric Bains

    Very enjoyable.

  54. Julie


  55. Liz Austin

    Good fun

  56. wendy kinzel


  57. Delphi

    The kids enjoyed it, I helped a little always feed your wildlife.

  58. Kathryn Hames

    A bit of fun and general knowledge

  59. Mike Charles


  60. Tony


  61. Margaret Hall

    Good fun!

  62. Anne

    A bit of fun!

  63. Jackie Young

    Wow. I know more than I thought I did

  64. Jay Turner

    nice quiz

  65. lorna meadows

    great game

  66. Carla

    Great Fun!

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