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July 3, 2018

August: When Garden Birds Start to Wander Further Afield

July 3, 2018

Summer Drinks in the Garden? Keep those Bird Baths topped up for guests!

July 3, 2018

You can’t beat a cool drink in the garden on a summer’s day. We all know how refreshing it is, especially on those days when the temperature soars. Our garden birds feel the same way, as the sun dries up puddles and pools out in the countryside finding somewhere to drink becomes harder and harder for small birds. Check out some of our ideas to say ‘cheers’ to your garden birds this summer.

Garden Ponds

If your garden is large enough, a pond is a great addition to help not just birds but other wildlife. Keep the edges shallow and provide some stones or branches for convenient perches and you will be rewarded with birds drinking and bathing often splashing about like kids in a paddling pool.

A pond can add lots of other wildlife to watch too from amphibians such as newts and frogs to dragonflies, darters and other winged insects. As many of these creatures breed they can encourage new birds to take advantage, Grey Herons will feed on tadpoles and young frogs, Chiffchaffs and Great Tits will hunt through pond-side vegetation for insect larvae and eggs. If you can manage to create some muddy edges in a larger garden you may even have the local House Martins and Swallows calling in for house-building supplies!


Bird Bath

Not every garden is large enough for a pond and for some family gardens they’re just not suitable. But don’t despair, you can still provide water using a bird bath. We have a wide range of bird baths on our website in different designs from free-standing to hanging to simple dishes that can be placed on the ground in urban gardens. You might not get the wide range of wildlife that a pond provides but the local Blue Tits and Starlings will be sure to enjoy it.

Drinks Feeders

The simplest way to provide a reliable water source through the summer that can be used in even the smallest of gardens is a drinks feeder. Just like seed feeders, these are hanging water ‘feeders’ that small birds can use to take a much needed drink. Easy to use and easy to top up, once your local birds know the water is there, they’ll be back every day.

However you provide those well-earned drinks to your garden birds be prepared to get up early or stay up late if you want to see them drinking and bathing as many species will make daily visits either early morning or mid-evening rather than during the middle of the day.

Once your local birds have found your water supply they’ll continue to return even beyond the summer. Many birds have daily routines and will call by for a brief drink. Providing water year-round adds another reason for many birds to visit your garden but it’s important to remember if it freezes up during the winter months to break the ice in baths and drinks feeders to ensure that water is still available.

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