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The Most Popular Bird-Inspired Baby Names

September 9, 2022
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Choosing baby names can cause much more stress than first-time expecting parents may think. Of course, you want to choose a name that your child will love just as much as you do, and finding that perfect balance between charming and meaningful can be tricky. Enter, baby names inspired by birds! There are so many bird baby names that you may not even have considered, and some popular ones that will absolutely surprise you.

We’ve combed back through the birth records to find the most popular bird baby names in the U.K. since 1996. Let’s find out which names came out on top!

Top 10 Bird Baby Names

Here in the UK, the ten most popular bird baby names as of the end of 2020 are:

1.   Ava

2,679 baby girls were named Ava in 2020. Compared to the mere 30 in 1996, it’s safe to say that this beautiful name has boomed! Although the direct origins of the name Ava are unclear, we now know it to mean birdlike or lively, making it the fourth most popular overall girl’s name in 2020.

2.   Phoebe

The name Phoebe has soared in popularity since 1996, with 1,543 bouncing babies being christened with this surprising bird inspired name. There are many suggested meanings behind the name Phoebe, but the one that cements its place on the top bird names for girls is the bird that shares its name! Phoebe is a bird native to North and South America, introduced in the mid-1800s. Of course, there may also be many avid Friends fans out there!

3.   Callum

The first of our bird names for boys is Callum, a name which 551 newborns were given in 2020. Callum originated in Scotland and is the Scottish Gaelic word for dove. The dove is a worldwide symbol of peace and purity – the perfect name for a bouncing baby boy!

4.   Robin

Robin is a beautiful name for any child and is certainly a favourite among celebrities. The infamous Robin Williams certainly boosted the popularity of this name, and now it’s cemented firmly in the world’s favourite baby names. 381 children were named Robin in 2020, and this unisex name is perfect for your cheery young baby.

5.   Jonah

This traditional name has seen a comeback in recent years, perhaps with the fame of such celebrities as Jonah Hill. Of course, the most famous Jonah can be found in the Bible. The prophet sacrifices himself to save the sailors on his ship by throwing himself overboard, where he is then swallowed by a whale. Surprisingly, Jonah is derived from the Hebrew name Yonah, meaning dove, and 373 sets of parents provided their pure baby boys with this classic name.

6.   Woody

This sweet unisex name comes from the charming woodpecker. These rarely spotted birds have beautiful monochrome feathers with a fiery red crest, perfect for the twinkly eyed children out there. Woody has only recently become a common name for children in the UK, and 347 babies were blessed with the name in 2020.

7.   Phoenix

The phoenix is a mythical bird that can regenerate itself in flames. In several ancient cultures, they believed that the Phoenix represented the Sun God, which provided light and warmth to their communities. 323 sets of parents named their child after this mythical bird and the light and warmth it represents.

8.   Piper

Sandpipers are a large family of adorable wading birds found all around the UK. Their contrasting brown and white feathers make for a beautiful, glossy colour combination and their three-note call is distinctive and melodious. Of course, many beautiful, melodious baby girls receive the name Piper in relation to the bird – 301, to be exact!

9.   Aya

The whimsical name of Aya has several meanings. However, the Hebrew translation is bird, or to fly swiftly! Although there are several different spellings of the name (such as Ayah and Aiya), this simple, three-letter name is the perfect bird baby name. Although it is similar to Ava – the most popular bird inspired baby name of 2020 – only 139 baby girls were named Aya in 2020.

10.  Lark

Larks are possibly one of England’s most well-loved birds, and their beautiful songs make them worthy of that title. These song birds can maintain their song for most of the day – just like young babies! 120 little girls were given the name Lark in 2020, making this bird inspired baby name a truly subtle gem.


Have the top ten most popular bird baby names surprised you? Inspired you? We hope so!

Of course, you might be looking for a more unique name for your little angel. If you want to give your child a name that’ll stand out from the crowd, you should definitely consider bird baby names!

To help you solve the name game, we’ve taken a look at the top bird baby names in the U.K., celebrities that have inspired their popularity, some more modern bird inspired names, and the bird baby names that we don’t see that much anymore.

So, take a look at some of the most popular – and unpopular – bird names for girls and boys, and see if inspiration strikes!

Modern Bird Baby Names

A surprising amount of bird-inspired baby names weren’t even used in the U.K. in the late 1990s! Here are some bird names that parents neglected as far back as 1996 which have seen a boost in popularity between then and 2020.

modern baby names inspired by birds

Famous Inspiration For Bird Baby Names

Still a bit stuck for baby names? Don’t panic! There are plenty of pretty bird names you could consider for your baby with varying sources of inspiration, including the children of celebrities and TV show characters. Check out some of these famous bird baby names and their rise in popularity over recent years.

bird inspired baby names

bird inspired baby names

bird inspired baby names

bird inspired baby names

bird inspired baby names

bird inspired baby names

Old Bird Baby Names That Have Dropped In Popularity

Unfortunately, some baby bird names for girls and boys have seen quite a decrease in popularity over the last few decades. Take a look at some of these once loved names and see if they inspire you to bring them back to life!




Using a government data set of birth names, we looked at the popularity of baby names with bird origins from 1996 to 2020. From this, we found names which have become more or less popular since 1996.

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