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The Ins and Outs of Mealworm for Birds

The ultimate guide to wild bird suet food

June 2, 2015
Wild garden birds absolutely adore suet foods, especially during periods of time such as the breeding season when they require energy for mating and essential nutrients for their health. Those wild and frenetic 'calls of nature' must be fueled somehow; after all, it's a competitive time for birds, and the more energy they have, well...the rest is history. So, we have put together an Ultimate Guide to suet foods so you know precisely what varieties of suet foods are available, how to go about choosing the right types of suet for your birds, and which will provide the right types of nutrients for sustained health and vigour. Let us begin...

1. Suet Fat Balls

Up first are suet fat balls, which come in a variety of combined ingredients, the most popular being the standard fat balls without any additional mealworms or fruitiness. These fat-rich and oil-dense bird balls are perfect for laying out on garden tables, for placing on the ground (blackbirds, for instance) or placing in specially-designed fat ball feeders so your birds can hold on tight and munch away.

Although these standard fat balls sell like hot-cakes, there are some interesting variations available, and you could almost say these are ideal for the more 'adventurous' bird. These include super fruity fat balls, and of course the extra juicy mealworm suet balls. Delicious!

Suet fat balls are a fantastic energy-dense treat for many garden birds. Take a peak at our 'standard fat balls'

3. Suet Pellets

These are like hundreds and thousands for birds, and are the perfect snack for softbilled birds to arrive, have a bite; go away, and return (very quickly)...for some more. In fact, we can call suet pellets the 'fast food' of bird food, but without the connotation of unhealthy fats. Oh no, these pellets are rich in essential oils, fats and other nutrients. Ideal for casting on the ground or table, they truly are a treat and come in both nutty and seductively juicy berry-flavoured pellets.
Suet pellets are a common treat for birds
Suet blocks are a fantastic energy-dense treat for many garden birds

4. Suet Logs

When these suet blocks are mounted on a log feeder, they always remind me of a wooden Kung Fu dummy. But far from birds sparring with the feeder, they'll be busily munching away on a highly nutritious treat. These logs are ideal because they come in a variety of different flavours, which means birds can enjoy a selection of different suets such as mealworm or berry. Try hanging the log feeder from a branch or pole in your garden; the birds will flock.

5. Suet Blocks

Wild bird suet treat blocks are a highly dense, energy-rich food and are suitable all year round, catering for a wide range of tastes. Perfect for placing on the ground, on the table or in a suet block feeder, you're sure to get get multiple varieties of birds flocking for more. The really big plus point is the variety available. Your birds will be spoilt for choice as suet blocks are available in fruity, insect and chopped nut blends, and more.
Suet blocks are a common treat for birds
Now you know what you're looking for, head over to our bird suet foods section for some more inspiration on what to feed your birds.

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