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Top ten tips for attracting wild birds to your garden

May 7, 2015
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Here is a comprehensive list of the top ten most practical tips for attracting birds to your garden. Please read on...

1. Use a wide variety of bird food (a varied 'menu') to attract different types of birds to the garden - never leave your feeder empty!

2. Use a range of different bird feeders, stations and tables, and keep them in the same place so birds remember where to feed.

Seed Feeder

3. Place the feeders in the correct location in the garden! For example, under the cover of a low hanging branch, near a shrub or close to a small tree. Using cover provides some protection from predators and allows your feathered friends to feel safe and sound in your garden.

4. Ensure there's a daily supply fresh water for drinking and bathing

5. Keep your garden free of cats if possible! Here are a few steps you can take to reduce local birds falling prey to cats.

Install a Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent recommended by the RSPB. This deterrent uses ultrasonic bursts (which are inaudible to us) to repel cats without harming them.  The CATWatch will repel cats up to 12m away and will protect a total area of 125 sqms . CATWatch is simple and easy to install anywhere in the garden and can be either mains (adaptor included) or battery powered.

Fit a bell on your cat’s collar to alarm wild birds and small mammals.

Keep your cat indoors at vulnerable times for about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. This is especially crucial during the breeding season where birds are tired from building nests, searching for food to feed their offspring and during cold weather when birds are in need of high energy foods.

CATwatch Cat Deterrent

6. Clean the feeders at the end of the day, ready for the following morning.

7. Feed regularly and with a wide range of food, to maximise the amount of birds you attract to your garden. Do this all year round and, if possible, every day.

8. Offer live mealworms - birds love this!


9. Make your garden bird friendly by setting up a nature area for your wild birds - don't be too precious about a patch of wild growth.


Perhaps a little over the top, but it could work!!!

10.  Grow insect-attractive plants in the garden; foliage that is pollen-rich, shrubs with berries and patches of nettles will do well to attract hoards of creepy crawlies, aka live bird food!

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1 comment

  1. Many habitats are disappearing, birds need and deserve our care more than ever; they enhance our lives in so many ways with their beauty and their songs.

    In my garden, local parks, country walks, coastal paths and beaches, I cannot imagine having no birds to appreciate and share our wonderful world.