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Where to Position Your Bird Feeders

August 3, 2021

After purchasing a bird feeder it can be confusing to identify the best place to position your bird feeders in. Where you place them dictates not only if it’s successful with the garden birds, but also which ones it’ll attract. Read on for more information into what factors to consider when positioning your feeders as well as which areas attract which species.

Birds will only feed in locations where they feel safe, so generally try to place your feeders above ground, near shelter such as trees or shrubbery but with a good vantage point so they can easily spot any oncoming threats. You also want to position your bird feeders somewhere you can easily view them, as to not miss out on any bird feeding frenzies.

Here are our top tips for where to position your bird feeders


Bird feeders should be placed somewhere that offers birds protection from predators, harsh weather and pests such as squirrels. To do this we recommend placing your feeders near shelter and above ground, however try to place them slightly away from larger trees and fences that cats and squirrels can use to reach the feeders.

The best place to position your bird feeders is somewhere they’d be cast in shade, sheltered from harsh winds and roughly 10 ft away from a tree.

View Point

A good vantage point is important for birds as they not only have a clear view of oncoming threats, but they  also know to wait their turn if they see the feeder’s currently busy. A great way to offer a good view point above ground is by using a Bird Feeding Station which can provide a few types of bird food to attract a number of winged visitor species.

Water Source

Although bird food is the most important provision for birds, often overlooked is the importance of water to drink and bathe in. Try to place a Bird Bath a few feet away from your feeder to keep it clean whilst providing somewhere for a quick dip.

Which Species Feed Where?

The best way to attract garden birds is by replicating their natural feeding habits. For instance, Woodpeckers are known to enjoy Suet Balls, so to attract them try placing a Suet Feeder near the trunk of a tree. Smaller birds such as House Sparrows, Tits and Greenfinches enjoy feeding from hanging feeders that swing in the breeze. When it comes to winter however, birds are much less fussy about where they feed.

How To Feed Robins

Robins alongside Blackbirds, Chaffinches, Dunnocks and some Thrushes are ground feeding birds. The best way to feed them is to use Ground Feeding Trays. These trays can also be taken in at night to reduce the chance of attracting pests such as rats. A Ground Feeding Haven is also worth considering as it offers protection for these birds, guarding them and their food from larger birds and squirrels.

To learn more about the Robin: The Robin

To find out more on Ground Feeding Birds: All About Ground Feeding Birds – some tips

How To Feed Birds With No Garden

Although a garden setting is ideal, it’s still possible to feed birds without one. Window feeders such as the Chapelwood WindoWatch Bird Feeder are a great way to attract birds and give an amazing close up view when they’re feeding. Alternatively, you could use a Window Feeder Hook to attach any feeder of your liking to instead. If you have a balcony you can use a feeding tray such as the Gardman Compact Ground Feeder Tray  placed on a table to attract them.

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