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May 15, 2015

THE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED – Thank you for all your amazing comments! The winner is Carol Jenkinson. Thank you very much for your wonderful poem.

It’s competition time again, and now with Springwatch on the horizon we can all reflect on our favourite British garden bird.

You’ve got a chance to win a fantastic Chinese lantern bird seed feeder, along with our hugely popular 5kg bag of all year round seed mix, worth £20!

All you have to do is:

Tell us your favourite British garden bird and why.

We’re not asking for poetry (although if you wish, you can), but let’s leave you with some inspiration from one of our most celebrated poets, William Wordsworth, in which he writes ‘to the cuckoo‘:

O blithe New-comer! I have heard,

I hear thee and rejoice.

O Cuckoo! Shall I call thee bird,

Or but a wondering voice? 

To enter the competition, simply leave your answer in the comments section below. The competition closes at midnight on Saturday 23rd of May. The lucky winner will be selected based on the best garden bird tip for 2015. Garden Wildlife Direct reserves the right to remove any answers deemed inappropriate or offensive. Entrants must reside within UK mainland. Good luck!

Please see our competition Terms & Conditions for more information.

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  1. A cheeky woodpecker or two visits our garden tree,wondering if there are any nuts for me, Busy
    unaware whats going on he swings around without a sound, flits from tree to tree and back again to finish his tea!!!!

  2. Little Jenny Wren she is so proud
    she loves to sing and is quite loud
    With tail erect and bobbing too
    I’m sure she sings just for me and you.

  3. Walter the pigeon, I’m only assuming it’s a Walter because it suits, anyway, Walter turned up last summer, whether he’s a homing pigeon or a racing pigeon, again I don’t know, but, he has rings on both legs, I’d like to think he’s a racing pigeon, more butch. He probably was just stopping for a rest, a drink and something to eat, but, realising that I get my wild bird food from Garden Wildlife Supplies he obviously liked what was on offer so, he has hung around, he turns up most days in the morning and just mooches about on the lawn feeding, I sprinkle some seed out every day, occasionally he has to avoid the Yorkshire Terriers who take great delight in stalking him, but, he soon comes back when the coast is clear. So, Walter is my favourite bird, he’s part of the family now, but, I do wonder sometimes where he comes from.

  4. I love watching them all! Any wildlife that comes over including the squirrels and at night the foxes and bats. But during the day it has to be the crows and seagulls, they play with each other playing catch with stones, playing chase and sliding down roofs it’s wonderful to watch.

  5. The fabulous NUTHATCH ,looks like a Dolphin with his straightness & blue plumage with black eyeliner & turns into the Red Arrows in flight.
    I wish they wouldn’t turf out all the seed for a particular piece from the feeder!!!!.

  6. It has to be the robin – so colourful, so friendly and we love watching these ground feeders doing their utmost to balance on one of the poles on our bird feeder and managing to get some seeds from there too!

  7. my favourite bird is a robin because it’s plumage and song brighten up a winters day

  8. Our favourite garden bird is the robin. They are such colourful, bouncy birds who follow me around the garden as I work, weeding and planting, hopping around and hoping to pick up a wee snack or two. They are also very feisty, squabbling about food and territory. A pair has nested in our shed/garage and have raised two or three babies this year.

  9. I am very lucky to have a charm of a dozen or more beautiful goldfinches visit my garden every day, during which they regularly consume almost 2 litres of sunflower seed hearts from a feeder hanging from a branch on a hornbeam tree. Additionally, some of them also attach themselves to the side of an adjacent stainless steel tubular niger seed feeder, whilst the others are fighting to get access to the sunflower hearts feeder holes. It is such a colourful sight seeing them flying to and fro, especially when the sun is shining brightly and revealing all of their beautiful plumage and markings.

  10. I’ll pick the starling as my favourite garden visitor as they bring theatre to the garden, from their noisy ‘curtains up’ arrival demanding attention, to their by turns dramatic then comical squabbles over the feeding stations but then they politely queuing for their go in the bird bath. They are also such beautiful birds with their iridescent purple and green spotting on their feathers. A wonderful and under-appreciated garden performer who deserves top billing.

  11. My favorite Birds are the Tit family why they are one Of our smallist birds we have here in the UK and one of the prettiest and bountyfull of Birds you’l ever see they bring Joy to watch them at feeding time the sheer pleasure they bring as they hang upside down on feeders and pound at nuts if you blink you could miss them as they are extreamly fast.


  13. All birds are welcome but I have a soft spot for starlings. Our garden is currently a little ‘starling creche’ and it would be quite entertaining to draw up a chair and watch their antics all day. I see how hard their parents work in feeding them and how their young starlings love a bath – quite often several young are splashing around, all at once! It is a happy and uplifting sight and much better than television any day!.

  14. The Nuthatch. I have a upside down bird on my peanuts. With a long black beak a buff shirt and blue coat. Patience pays off. As the nut is released. He flies away with the prize in his beak. My little upside down bird.

  15. A few months ago I had an all white bird arrive in my garden. My husband called it a rock dove. It seemed to be a cross between a dove and a pigeon. It sat on the outside of my landing window and so I “blue tacked” some small plastic trays to the ledge and started feeding and watering this bird. He slept on the window ledge all night and came when I filled up his feeders during the day. He stayed for about 6 weeks. One day he had gone. Strangely enough I still look to my window ledge at night when I go up to bed just in case. My favorite bird always has been a Robin since I was a little girl and thought that they only came at Christmas time because of the cards. Now I know different and feed them along with hundreds of tits, sparrows, pigeons (which I hate), magpies, blackbirds, doves, once in a blue moon a sparrow hawk (death bird) which I shoo away from my garden. We once had a Jay which we took a picture of because no one believed us. Also for a few days a male pheasant which I fed on top of our garage but he also disappeared. My husband said the fox probably had him.

  16. My best garden bird is the Bullfinch, I have never seen them before and feeding sunflower hearts from my bird feeder was wow, brilliant, a new bird for me, I have always loved the Robin, he’s now second place, so if you hang a bird feeder in your garden and put in good quality food, you will see a difference in your garden.

  17. In my garden I have about fifteen pheasants waiting by my bird table in the mornings for their daily seed they stand by me waiting I think they are handsome birds my partner says I get through a lot of seed but I love feeding them as well as the tits sparrows ,chaffinch ,wagtails blackbirds even the crows and magpies.

  18. Little robin redbreast
    Sitting on a twig
    Happy singing in the sun
    Dreaming of flying to far away places

  19. Hi, please comment as usual here. We’re updating our comment system, which will be much better than before! Everything you have written will appear very, very soon!

  20. We started with 2 bird feeders and all types of pidgeons began to feed. We then went to 3 bird feeders and a tray and two sittings per day. We then had 4 birdfeeders, two trays and a section of the lawn fed in four sittings, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. We had 300 birds at the last sitting and it is costing us a fortune in bird seed. However the pleasure we get is wonderful. They feed whilst my husband is still filling the feeders and are so used to him and the dog that they take no notice of either. They allow all the smaller birds to join in and are such a pleasure. Our roof and gables are full of birds waiting for the next “sitting”.

  21. At the moment, it has to be the starlings! The parent starlings are bringing their fledglings to my bird feeding station to teach them the ways of life…. it is so funny watching them fall off the contraption, squabbling amongst themselves, asking their parents to feed them, different families getting mixed up and starting fights and creating a generally noisy party! It makes my day watching them, I will miss them when they ‘grow up’. 🙂

  22. I love the sparrow with its cheeky little face. I have a whole colony in the ivy on the end of the house. They are so busy making nests and feeding babies

  23. It has to be for me the Dove, the cooing reminds me of when I was a child listening to them at the bottom of Mum and Dad’s garden, they were always in pairs, now I have a pair in my garden, just lovely memories.

  24. Favourite bird Yellow wagtail perky little fellow, lovely plumage, confident, gait.Only ever seen him once.

  25. I love the sparrows, they chirp so sweetly and love to fly into my lavender bush to eat the thrip bugs.. helping me with my gardening duties!

  26. Starlings are mine because they are no nonsense hooligans that dive in elbowing everybody aside and get on with there lives . I don’t know why but I imagine that they are very intelligent . Also, in complete odds with their behaviour, their look is lovely because the iridescence of their feathers catches the sun .

  27. My favourite garden bird is the Goldfinch,the reason being is that we live in an estate that is right next door to an idustrial estate which has quite a lot of noise.
    We never saw any until we started your seed, so I am very pleased that I did and will continue to do so.

  28. It has to be the blackbird ! They are so courageous, faithful and intelligent.I think they have enormous energy and zest for life like no other bird. They are risk takers in flight, daring and bold and certainly live life by the seat of their pants ! They make excellent parents too.

  29. I love my friendly collection of sparrows. They sit in the bush, patiently waiting for their morning feed. They tweet excitedly when I open the door. I like to think they sing “thank you for the food” when I head back indoors.

  30. The robin sitting on my spade
    Has to be the best God made
    The red so bright upon his breast
    Gives so much joy and life of zest

  31. I love the Goldfinches that visit my garden, their song is so beautiful and uplifting, it never fails to make me smile.

  32. I have many favourites but my all time has to be the Robin, I love seeing there wee red chests and always until recently thought they only stayed in the UK during the winter months, the sing beautifully but also there’s the saying if you receive a robin in your garden it’s a loved one looking down on you. Love that.

  33. Troglodytidae

    The small dumpy
    Wren with its
    Bellowing song
    Cocked and ready
    He prances along

  34. We love the Great Spotted Woodpecker, especially now he’s found the fat balls we had from you.

  35. My favourite has to be the cheery little robin redbreast and my family of sparrows-mum dad and babies perched along the fence-“seven little sparrows standing on a wall”…..

  36. Of all the wonderful birds that visit my garden my favourite has to the Robin. The Robin is the bird most likely to keep me company when I’m in the garden. It’s a plucky little bird who punches well above it’s weight with the other birds in the garden and it’s beautiful song can be heard from before sunrise until often long after dark.

  37. My favourite has to be the humble house sparrow . Every day of the year they’re out there noisily living their busy lives. They enjoy all the facilities laid on for them, feeders, bird baths, nest boxes, areas to dust bathe in and shrubs to sit and sunbathe on. The garden would seem empty without them!

  38. Pied Wagtail. Such a lovely “bobbing” bird, we have two visiting our garden at the moment, nested nearby. Such a pretty little pair, very dainty but determined little beauties.

  39. I nominate the pied wagtail. We have a pair that have been visiting our garden for a few weeks. With their bobbing tails, searching for food, they made a nest then moved and made another. Such a lovely bird a joy to watch.

    If I could nominate my own bird it would be my cockerel Flash, he is a wonderful kind cockerel, who looks after his “girls” he finds them food, he picks up corn and drops it at their feet for them to gobble up. He even finds new nesting places for them when the nesting boxes are full, he nestles in and then makes calling noises for them to follow him, then sits outside and waits til they have laid. Such a special little man! (but not sure if cockerals are allowed to be nominated, as not a wild bird!)

  40. As stunning as a bird of paradise I feel truly lucky to have the aptly named GOLDFINCH as a regular visiter to my garden.

  41. Among the many birds that grace my feeders; blue, great, coal and long-tailed tits, blackbirds and robins, jays, collared doves, dunnocks, magpies, crows, thrushes and the infamous hairy grey birds – I have three ??? the Wren remains favourite visitor to my new garden. To be able to view them so close and for such a long periods a joy. Such a busy little bird peeping away as he or she picks bugs off the patio walls. Always a fan of little brown birds, I hadn’t realised they were so patterned until I was able to observe them close up through the patio doors; with their delicate eye stripes and chequer patterned wing edges they are even more beautiful than I had thought.

    However, recently I have been besides myself with the arrival of a pair of Bullfinches to my feeders. The photo is the male Bull’ taken from my bedroom window this morning. Unfortunately Mrs flew away before I could get my camera to work. Robin has found someone he cannot bully off the sunflower seeds!


  43. My favourite bird is the wren. For obvious reasons, my namesake, and a plucky little bird. Lovely to see her in the garden with her tip-tilted tail and bright beady eyes.Keeping a weather eye on the bird-table.

  44. Our Blackbirds – who have made their nest On TOP of the bird house that we put up for them to use, underneath the canopy of our log cabin, and because they come down to feed from the wall when I tap it, after putting out the suet pellets, bought from Garden Wildlife Direct – They LOVE them.

  45. My favourite garden bird is the LONG TAILED TIT.

    Why: Unlike all the other tits they all get on so well with each other. There’s no fighting or squabbling. Instead they chatter to each other with their sweet high pitched melodic voices. To see 7 of them on my nut feeder is a delight with all their long tails all criss-crossing each other. They are just so happy to be all together and not a bad word amongst them. Their colouring is subtle, black and white with pinky brown patches are very pleasing to the eye. Even their pretty little faces brings a smile to my face. In flight they look like tiny little puffballs with long tails at least twice as long as their bodies. Their nests are just as delicate and pretty as the bird, made with moss, feathers and spiders weds making a cosy and snug safe haven for their wee babies. Happy, sweet, tiny little birds full of character and care for each other.

  46. I love my family of Crows. I think they are a very misunderstood bird. I have been watching them closely over the last couple of years. First it was a pair and then they brought their young to the garden. The more I watched them the more captivated I became with their antics. They are very amusing and bring a smile to my face every day. It is quite comical that instead of fleeing from my cats they sit tight and swear at the cats, and it is the cats who turn away.

  47. The Blackbird that sings his song from the same branch every night, whilst watching Mrs Blackbird fill her beak with as many mealworms as she can carry!! I also love to watch him bath he nearly empty’s the bird bath by the time he’s finished.

  48. A teenage robin whom I’ve named Maxwell. He is absolutely gorgeous with loads of birditude!

  49. I get so much pleasure watching the Great Tits feeding in my garden. Their colourful plumage is a delight to behold.

  50. The siskin has to be my favourite. We have in the past been lucky to have a flock of them visiting us all year round. Now we are lucky to get one or two occasionally. I hope they are OK! When I see them close I always think their faces look like Plasticine models, such tiny black spots for eyes! They are brave little fellows( and lasses), who will happily stay on the feeders for a long time and are not easily scared off.

  51. 2 seagulls , have , worked out if they shake the wooden brush poles that I stick into the ground with the feeders fitted onto the end , [ the feeders then can be placed anywhere u wish, and RIGID ] the sunflower hearts cascade out of the feeders due to the slight vibration , but stacking up behind the gulls , a host of ground feeding birds WAITING , to join in YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYY

  52. robins that sit and wait for free corn they pinch from the hen house,watching the young ones get to be as cheeky as mum and dad, taking great pleasure in knowing that whenever I go into the garden they will be there

  53. How do I choose between the robin, first to the new bird table and never far from a turning spade; the house martins returning to their outhouse, feeding on after-rain insects; a thrush nesting in the privvy, incubating bright blue eggs; wrens in full voice on the tops of their hedges; grey-headed dunnocks in the depths of old snowberry; blackbirds running for cover; finches, tits, the squabbling house sparrows lined up on a gutter, all waiting for seed; pale doves from someone else’s dovecot; pied wagtails scouring the lawn … ?

    In short, we are blessed with so many avian visitors here that choosing a favourite would be nigh on impossible. I propose instead to try favouring them all!

  54. I love the long tailed tits. They are such a lovely little bird and all the family
    arrive and leave as one!!

  55. I love the two robins I see every morning – they know the sound of my voice and enjoy the mealworms I put out for them and the other birds.

  56. Favourite British garden bird has to be the male Blackbird, simply for the beautiful music that this bird creates, early morning & early evening, we have loads of visitors to our bird feed station, but this has got to be the best.

  57. The Blue Tit -The most efficient of acrobats, dressed in the prettiest coloured costume and entertains us onlookers for hours with its ingenious displays of agility.

  58. Aww, if I HAVE to choose, I’d say it’s the long-tailed-tit. They arrive in a flurry … a swoop … a gang … then off they go …

  59. I think my favourite bird is the robin. Very friendly and sings his heart out. I also like the goldcrest and jenny wren. Jays are also visitors to our garden.
    We also have a camera in a bird box and it is very interesting sitting in our armchairs watching the comings and goings of two blue tits building their nest.
    Badgers and foxes are also visitors to our garden and we have a camera on the apple tree which records their nocturnal comings and goings.

    Kind regards,
    Arthur Perkins

    PS Badgers also like your peanuts

  60. The bullfinch is one of the Uk’s most attractive garden birds
    The male having an unmistakable plumage of bright colours
    shy and can be hard to spot but……
    get them in your garden and it’s pleasing to the eye
    proving to ge a perk rather than a pest!

  61. I love each species for different reasons. The Blue tits are currently nesting in our bird box for the second time this year. We call one of them Scruffy. When he’s so busy looking after his Mrs and babies, his head feathers fall out and he looks so Scruffy. He’s been around for at least 4 years now. But I love watching the Magpie babies too. They are so comical, their curiosity gets them into mischief. I think my favourite has to be the local male Blackbirds though. They love to copy the tunes I whistle. I have taught them bars from classical music, Barry Manilow and from the Addams Family. They then teach each other the tunes, so I can be out walking the dog and here the tune to “We’re creepy and we’re Kooky” several streets away, or in the local park.

  62. A Robin
    What do I see when that red breast comes in sight? A friend,
    who comes uninvited and yet is the most welcome of guests,
    who makes me smile and colours a colourless day.

  63. For me it has to be the Blackbird. I have some real characters in my garden and I am extremely fortunate that there is one Blackbird that takes food from my Husband’s and my hand. We have named him Scruffy, as come moulting season he loses almost all of his feathers and looks a right scruff. My husband has even taken to breeding mealworm in his shed so that he has fresh food for his babies. I feel very privileged to have this relationship with him and will miss him so much when he no longer visits.

  64. The Blackbird
    Such a joy to hear it singing to greet you in the mornings and evening sitting out in the warm nights

  65. Can you guess my favourite bird ? The prettiest I’ve ever seen — black and purple — hints of green Can you guess my favourite bird ? My chatty, clever darling — it is my handsome starling.

  66. At the moment it is blackbirds as we have a pair feeding five youngsters in and around our garden

  67. Goldfinches are at the top of my list because of their outstanding colours, probably resulting from regular feeding on Nigel Seed supplied by
    Garden Wildlife Direct at very reasonable prices.

  68. The robin is my favourite garden bird. They are pretty all the year round, but also remind me of remind me of Christmas. They are also very friendly and watch close up, as my husband potters about in the garden. They will take their food from anywhere, the lawn, bird feeders, bird table and the earth.

    Best regards


  69. …has to be the cheeky little robin! Makes an appearance whenever we are in the garden and hops from spade to twig, he is becoming more daring every time. More recently I discovered the robins have nested in our gas meter box and there are a few babies in there (found them when I went to take a reading!!). I won’t be taking anymore meter readings for a while. A little robin limerick:

    “There was a young bird called Robin
    Who hops like he’s bobbing
    He jumps on my spade
    To show his chest that never fades
    A sight to see when I am bird spotting”

  70. I dont have a favourite bird,i love and enjoy all the birds in my garden,blue tits, green tits,blackbirds,yellow tits,robins,starlings,jackdore,doves, wood pigeons, woodpecker,wren,sparrows,great tits,goldfinch,chaffinch.yellow hammers.i feed them all daily and they give me endless pleasure to watch and they all bring there young ones to see me.the blackbird sits on the branch of my tree and sings to me while I fill all the feeders every morning.i would not swap this for anythink.

  71. I love all garden birds but my favourite at the moment is a male blackbird who is diligently feeding his two youngsters. They resemble fluffy footballs and are bigger than their Dad. He watches for me to open my kitchen door in the morning and as soon as I put chopped apple out on th feeder , he is there to feed. If I am late he sits and waits on the rail.

  72. I love listening to the song thrush with all its different songs but I love best of all the little blue tits and their young for all their antics and acrobatics hanging on the feeders and happily dodging the two cats next door.

  73. We get a pair of bullfinches on the feeders most of the year. They prefer the sunflower hearts like the goldfinches.

  74. I really love the Robin with their cheery red breast (male only!) and the way they sit on the fence while you are digging, then swoop down and gather some insects that have been disturbed. I have a Robin family living in my garden which have become very tame, and will sit on my hand to eat if I put some seeds in my hand.

  75. My favorite garden bird has to be the robin. Feisty, brave and always around with a beautiful song to match. They will nest in the most unusual of places and are very resourceful. Whenever I am working in the garden there is always a robin brave and curious enough to come and have a look at what I am up to, even sitting on the edge of the planter I am working on. They are the external icons of winter, brightening a dull day with promises of Christmas on the way. But the main reason robins are special to me are because of my mom. We lost her 5 years ago to a brain tumor and she adored Robins, we even had one made up on her memorial plaque. The day we scattered her ashes there seemed to be robins all around the churchyard and it gave a little comfort. Beautiful talented clever joyful little birds that always bring a smile.

  76. I love the song thrush, it has the most beautiful and varied song that it gives me a feeling of joy when I hear it.

  77. We love all the birds that come into our garden.We have gold finches,green finches,great tits, blue tits ,long tailed tits,blackbirds,robins to name but a few.Our favourites at the moment are two little blue tits who are nesting in a box on our window box. The young have obviously hatched and it is a joy to watch how the parents fly in and out carrying food for them.They are the most devoted parents.I would just like to add that it is your sunflower hearts which have brought most of these birds into our garden.

  78. my best birds in my garden are the gold finches i can have up to 20 but mostle 12 the colours are the best i’v seen the next are yhe blue tits when they build their nest and with the camerc i can watch them feeding the little one

  79. The House Sparrow – so confident, cheeky, chatty, compact, chirpy, cute, confrontational, conspicuous, contentious, cantankerous, caring, crude, companionable, and that’s just the swarm who live in and around my garden!

  80. The Blackbird sings to me and warns of coming rain with a special trill like music. A pair visit every year outside the back door and nest in the ivy where I can watch them progress with nest building and later on enjoy their young testing wings and footing – they play in the taller flowers and tweet until Mum turns up again with food – such a wonderful gift of nature to see open beaks and both parents encouraging the young birds progress.
    I watch all of this through the kitchen window from my electric wheelchair= – how blessed we are.

  81. I like our blackbird he comes to be fed most days and has just recently brought the young ones to feed.

  82. My favourite bird is the long tailed tit because I love how they come in a flock and have a cheeky character. I also love their markings and cute little heads 🙂

  83. NUTHATCH is my favourite bird
    To watch him (and her) darting into the garden like some supersonic blue grey plane
    With his robber style mask, up to the feeders, then out again,
    Watching them crawl up and down the trees, just makes me smile
    Before I know it I have been there for a while !!

  84. I’d like to nominate the Swifts that “twee” across the perfect blue evening Sky’s, they come in May acrobating in the air as if on gossamer wires or invisible rollercoaster rails. Delightful screeches fill my ears and a sudden rush of wind noise as one cartwheels inches above my head making my wife squeal with joy as well . a swish and s thump as one of a pair land in a breeding box erected by our neighbors knowing that this is the only time they touch land of any sort ,sleeping on the wing at extreme heights normally ,the box must bring welcome relief for those few weeks of long sleep before the eggs hatch and then the mayhem of catching thousands of flying insects to get them strong enough and quick enough for the long flight to Africa .These are my favorite birds

  85. my favourite garden bird is the long tailed tit because it is just like a little mouse with wings

  86. I love all the birds that come into my garden, but my favourite is the Goldfinch for its beautiful colours

  87. The robin is my favourite lovely red breast and always lovely to see one makes me proud to be British.

  88. woodpecker woodpecker pecking on a tree how we all rejoice to hear and see thee ,,, we have a mr and mrs woodpecker feeding at our bird table there habbits are wide and varied and also they seem to be some what of a bully when after the nuts and fat balls we putout for them so they are our favvvvv visitors to our table and we also so have manyother comical visitors but good old woody wins peck down

  89. My favourite garden bird is the Robin we have 3 they are known mostly as a winter bird but ours are hopping around all the time with their little chirrups!!

  90. We have a nesting box with a camera in it where a great tit has nested for the last few years. We have named her “Fluffy” because when she curls up to sleep she appears as a large ball of fluff. At present she has eight chicks which she and her partner are working overtime to feed.

  91. My ultimate favourite is the Long-tailed Tit – a cheeky ball of pinkish fluff with a tail longer than its body. Often I hear them first, twittering excitably as they flit from tree to tree. Being gregarious they travel in flocks so I am always sure to see more than one. They stay long enough to feed briefly on my peanut holder before moving on to look for insects.Always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face!

  92. The Robin as it can be a bit of a character landing on your spade and surveying the freshly dug soil for worms!

  93. its got to be the blackbird, it sings at the crack off dawn, and still singing at dusk, we also have a robin that comes for his meal worms ,but the blackbird is the choice for us

  94. I like to see a robin in winter, but my very favourite bird is the WREN. So small, and that cute upstanding tail and the song! You can here him in early spring, not quite got those vocal chords tuned up; then the melody and then powerful in the summer, I delude myself that I’ll see him this time. But, no! He is a master of concealment. I find his nest so precarious, so flimsy, yet I can count 5,6, SEVEN beaks. How does the nest hold them all secure? And when they fledge it’s a flutter of wings and diving for cover, watched over by mother. The cutest bird in the UK. I love them.

  95. My favourite garden birds this year are the masses of goldfinches who have chosen my feeders and garden to winter,nest and feed their young. The colours really make my heart sing and brighten a gloomy dark day! They have forsaken the niger seed and chosen to gobble up the sunflower hearts which I purchased for the first time from you!!

  96. This is a difficult one however, after much thought and consideration my favourite bird must be the Blackbird. He follows me around the garden chirping at me asking me to give him his favourite foods which are an apple core and a handful of Garden Wildlife Direct Mealworms. I am subsequently rewarded myself when he returns at dusk and sings his beautiful evening lullaby from the chimney top before he heads off to his nest for the night. WONDERFULL!!

  97. My favourite bird is the Robin, he sits and watches me while I’m in the garden and if the suet pellets run out he soon lets me know. My Robbie almost eats out of my hand and we have chirruping ‘conversations’.

  98. my favourite bird is a wood pigeon- we call him droopy wing -4 years ago he flew into the picture window and damaged his wing -it was winter ,snow was on the ground -we put him in cat cage overnight then let him out ,he couldn’t fly so we put him in cat pen (no cat in of course ) after a few days he regained use of the wing but it has always drooped -he never goes far from the garden and brings all his offspring as well


    Of all the birds in my garden
    I love the magpie best.
    Strutting about in his French waiters garb,
    He outshines all the rest.
    Some think he’s plain
    In black and white,
    But on closer inspection you’ll see
    He is green and purple and blue, so bright
    That he dazzles the eye a bit
    I love him – but I am a six foot man
    And not a baby tit.

  100. My favourite bird is the Great tit. They come back year after year to my nest box and give me so much pleasure watching them. At the moment there is a box full waiting to depart – the parents are working so hard to and fro to the feeder. I hope they wait till the weather improves.

  101. We feed many birds and our present favourite is a very portly pigeon who we have named Captain Mannering. The captain is quite bossy and keeps all the other birds in order. He was much less portly six months ago but due to liberal amounts of bird food he now has trouble taking off for flight.

  102. My favourite garden bird is the blackbird, they are extremely intelligent, funny and cheeky. I had one that used to come in the back door waiting for his suet pellets, but when we had a conservatory built on the back he no longer could get to the back door, so he used to peck like mad on the conservatory roof and then he would keep sliding up and down the roof to get our attention,it was so funny but also so clever of him.

  103. my favorite garden bird this year has to be the greater spotted woodpecker we have a pair coming to the garden on a daily basis feeding on the fat balls and sticks,
    I drilled an old branch with a 25mm wood bit and push the food into it so i get a natural shot and the birds have a natural perch to feed from.

  104. Being lucky enough to live in the beautiful British countryside, we regularly have many lovely birds (and squirrels!) visit our bird feeders.
    However, we are most privileged to have the Kingfisher come to our garden. A sudden flash of orange and blue is all we usually see, but sometimes we are rewarded with a sighting of this amazing bird sitting on a perch waiting for his dinner to swim by. We scramble around to grab the binoculars before he disappears and then watch in wonder as he dives and catches. Fantastic!! Hopefully he has a hungry family to feed nearby then we will be able to see even more of these incredible beauties.

  105. My favourite garden visitor is the Greater Spotted Woodpecker. He has impeccable manners and always waits for the other birds to finish before he takes his turn at the nuts. His plummage is colourful without being showy and his gravity defying choice of perches always makes us smile.

  106. I love all the birds in my garden robins sparrows blue tits chaffinch doves pigeons etc but my favourite is the swallow ,I really admire the little birds they fly all that way from Africa to nest in our large shed loads of them they are quite tame we watch them nesting have their young then fly away till next year amazing little birds

  107. My favourite bird is the robin. We call him “Eyeball Paul”, because he is my little stalker. I open the bedroom curtains and he immediately flies past to check I’m there. I go into the kitchen and he sits on the shed roof and fixes me with a hypnotic stare which says “feed me NOW please!” Eyeball Paul gets his breakfast first, before anything else is done for anyone else….then his second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. Every time I move anywhere near a window, he’s watching. He comes in the conservatory, tilts his head on one side and just WILLS me to put out another feed of his favourite suet pellets. How can I say “no” to Eyeball Paul?!

  108. My favourite British bird?
    Well that’s an easy one to say
    The Wren of course it has to be
    Favourite of my Mum and me.
    Now Mum has had a nasty trip
    And broken a bone, just near her hip
    She’s in some pain and not at home
    So I tell her about her garden on the phone
    But for a glimpse of her favourite bird
    She will try to walk, or so I’ve heard
    So in her garden the Wren might roam
    And encourage my Mum to get back home!

  109. Collared Doves are my favourites. I like the light grey colour, fluttering landing and the fact that they stay close together, flying and landing together, often preening one another. They are so docile never troubling other birds.

  110. The Dipper is my favourite British bird as they have rather unusual behaviour, a bit like the British.

  111. I love the ubiquitous UK Robin because the ones in my garden appear to spend as much time fighting and chasing each other off than they do eating and singing. They are wonderful friendly little creatures (at least to human).

  112. My favourite garden bird has to be the little acrobat the blue tit. They fill the garden with their squeaks and chirrups and are a delight to watch throughout the year. Such a pretty colour combo of yellow and blue.

  113. Tits are in mind the most elegant and beautiful of the garden bird, everyone is different in colour and in there manerisums and if your lucky to have them nest they are so trusting, we had young ones in 2013 but not 14 or 15, but they visit our feeding stations daily

  114. My favourite bird is the Bullfinch I have a pair that live in my neighbours garden and visit my feeding station daily the mail is so brightly coloured. I also get gold, chaffinch and siskins, also blue tits coal tits annd longtail tits

  115. Robin red breast. So friendly he looks as if he is a sole from the past, when you look into their yes they look as if they are wishing you good luck and watching over us, calming and mystifying.

  116. My favourite bird is the Wren
    Who bounces up, down and back again
    He plays in my garden everyday
    Watching him takes my cares away
    My favourite friend does make me smile
    I do hope that he can stay for a good long while!

  117. For me it is the long-tailed tit. They are so gregarious, no fighting on the feeders or chasing others off, they just wait their turn or crowd on together. They have the cutest faces, like little monkeys and even their song is a happy little twittering. Lovely

  118. We have put a bird box on our Ash tree 5 years ago, two years ago we found an abandoned nest in there, no eggs just bedding materials. The nest box has never been used, until this year. We watched as two Blue tits continuously flew in and out of it for days on end. Then they started carrying nesting materials into it. We now see them flying in with food and can hear the fledglings calling out for food to their parents. This has made the long wait worth it. I really do not have a favourite bird, I like them all. We have all sorts of birds coming into our garden to include: – Blue tits, Great tits, sparrows, Dunnocks, Woodpecker ,Siskins, chaffinches, Wrens, Robins, long tailed tits, March tits, Gold finches, Collard doves, pigeons, just to name a few. I like them all.

  119. We have a varied range of birds who visit our garden but last Christmas we saw a Greater spotted woodpecker and he has been coming back ever since. I’ve heard them pecking away for many years so it was great to see one in the garden. He was here recently at the same time as a Jay so both added a lovely bit of colour to our garden.

  120. I love the Robin, however, my heart has been lost to a cheeky Starling that comes to my garden as soon as the strawberries start to ripen and then gorges himself, so much so that when you try to chase him off he can’t move and just gives a dirty look before hopping under a tree!

  121. The robin, he sits on the wheelbarrow handle while I garden he is my constant gardening pal

  122. my favourite birds are ring collared doves-used to have about 18 come and have food in my garden but I was taken ill for a few months but still got 2 that come down and feed from my bird feeder-got horrible voices-but they are lovable-got loads of birds that come down and have a feed but my two ring collared doves are my favourite

  123. Nuthatch – it’s like a little power house of energy with a go faster stripe on its head. Always a privilege to see them in our garden.

  124. Our favourite has to be the Coal tit ,despite their diminutive size they refuse to be intimidated and compete heroically for their share of the seed; because of their head feather design and their general attitude we call them our little punk rockers.

  125. The Robin – because there is always one wherever you are. They are friendly, rather bossy and always help with the gardening. In fact a garden without them wouldn’t seem like a garden at all.

  126. My favourite garden bird is the long tailed tit. The delicate plumage is a joy to behold and they tend to visit as a happy family with no squabbling. I’m also a fan of Christina Hendricks in “Mad Men”, is this a freudian slip?

    Tip. Site your bird feeder near bushes or trees to give the birds a chance of escaping from marauding sparrow hawks.

  127. I’m awakened every morning
    By a chorus of delight
    And at dusk I’m serenaded
    What a way to say goodnight
    As you might have guessed the blackbird
    Is the one that gets my vote
    He has attitude and presence
    He just doesn’t miss a note
    I provide the food and water
    And a friendly habitat
    In return sweet sounding music
    Now, one can’t complain at that

  128. Our favourite garden birds are the Tit family. All the varieties have their different little characters and traits and we get endless pleasure watching them through the seasons of the year, feeding and raising their families.

  129. After thinking long and hard as to my favourite garden bird I would have to say ALL OF THEM. They all have their own unique qualities and songs. I love the wrens that flit in and out of our dry stone walls, the blue tits and great tits that visit our feeders, the blackbirds that eat all our strawberries and blackcurrants, the robin who always turns up when the garden has been freshly dug over, the greater spotted woodpeckers who play hide and seek with us whilst visiting the feeders, the thrush that eats all those pesky snails, the meadow pipits, field fares, jays, pheasants and crows that sometimes venture inside the garden walls, the wagtails and swallows that have set up home in our outbuilding, the goldfinches and chaffinches that eat all our seeds in the autumn, and the occasional sightings of warblers, coal tits, siskins, red polls, dunnocks and long tailed tits that bring such delight to see them. All of this is complimented by the song of the skylark, curlew, lapwing, the occasional passing gull and the tawny owl’s hoot at night from just outside the garden walls. Sadly it is very rare to see a greenfinch and the sparrows never visit us up here, we are far too remote for them.

  130. For me its got to be the robin, not only is he beautiful to look at but his song rings out too ,he is the most celebrated bird in the garden when christmas time is on its way ,he’s a keen gardener mine follows me about when digging the odd worm or two keeps him sweet ,when autumn on its way his song changes i often join in with his song mimicking his call as he waits for his feed and on other birds are not allowed in his garden this fearless little bird of love and beauty will go on forever bring joy to all it sees.

  131. The Robin because no matter the weather, when doing gardening he is always a constant companion waiting for any little grubs or worms and is probably the most friendly of all the small birds

  132. I am not a poet ,
    but I am full of wit
    is the little BLUE TIT
    its cheery and colourful, my second choice would be the ROBIN who cheers up those dull cold winter days

  133. The brightly coloured goldfinch who only appear for sunflower seeds or are otherwise invisible. They seem to have precise feeding times and I’ve counted 18 at a time on the two feeders or waiting their turn on a nearby shrub.

  134. Ringed necked doves , not the most intelligent birds, or brave. Our sparrows chase them the pigeons eat most of the food. As for next building , best not mention their building skills. Still I love to hear them cooing , the site of them patiently waiting to get their share of the food.

  135. I get blue tits and great tits and long-tail tits also robins in my garden all the time love to sit and watch them they sing so beautifully

  136. Robin red breast so small and cheeky around all year but hardly noticed tis winter when all`s seen as RED breast he boasts and chirps away reminding all its Christmas time on cards and ornaments clothes and all, this cheeky bird has captured all his babies not brightly coloured till cold appears a bird known to nest in hedge rows low to floor pictured in teapots and other odd objects as nest to roost oh Robin how could we not love you with the message so brightly shown tis winter as Christmas is here again

  137. A robin 2 come in my garden they sit on the bird bath waitng for me to turn the garden over looking for some worms.

  138. I love watching them all, but it always feels a special treat when a tiny wren appears darting around the shrubbery and even more special when it bursts into its glorious song.

  139. The Dunnock because it is such a modest, quiet little creature tripping about on the lawn but when it reaches the treetops, its melodious voice soars and fills the air with Spring and hope.

  140. I love Sparrows. They are so engaging, their constant chatter and song is a joy to listen to. The markings are beautiful if studied closely. I love they way they all live together in such harmony.

  141. Has to be male bullfinch.On miserable cold winter/spring he sits puffed up on the branch and looks like a Christmas bauble – always brings a smile.

  142. The humble Sparrow is my favourite bird. Although not brightly coloured they always brighten up my day

  143. It’s difficult to choose. The robin and blackbird own the garden. We have colourful visitations from finches and tits. I think it would bre thr magpie who is so funny – acrobatic and bold. It is especially amusing to see him turn somersaults when we give him some bacon fat

  144. Song Thrush all day long for me. Beautiful bird and the sound of this bird in the morning can only make you smile 🙂

  145. My favourite bird is the Robin. When you are in the garden on your own they will come and keep you company, they will look to see what you are doing and come to see if they can help ! They will sing to entertain you to let you know they are still there. Sometimes they will come in pairs and bring their off spring. They are very sociable.

  146. All the birds are welcome but my favourite are the three robins that visit at the same time …..
    Three robins in my garden, I treat them with respect, they seem so happy and content … when fed with garden wildlife direct

  147. My favourite bird is the Blue tit, it’s a beautiful coloured little bird with great feeding antics, like hanging upside down when feeding and every spring when they nest they are always tapping in the nest box, my wife says they are hanging up sign which says “Home tweet home”

  148. This British bird is overlooked,
    It hides in canines, nooks and crooks,
    It may be shy – I do not know
    But I love to see it come and go.
    It’s feathers are a dull mixed brown
    But it’s song never lets it down!
    It comes the garden again and again
    It’s my favourite – the fabulous wren!

  149. The Goldfinch, I have had as many as 18 all at once at my feeders. Sunflower Hearts are the attraction. Best price is always Gardenwildlifedirect.

  150. Redpolls. They’re gregarious, cheeky, and completely disregard the dogs and ourselves when they’re busy feeding, plus they,re beautifully coloured.

  151. My Favourite bird is a Jay
    There dash of colour is striking
    I am privileged they visit my garden
    They don’t linger for long
    But when they come I always look at them in wonder

  152. Mr and Mrs b (blackbirds)as they work hard together all year and when the baby’s come they r great parents.watching them feed them is a joy to c .

  153. Has to be blue tit as my granddaughter shouts Nana “TitwsTomos Glas” she is 2 and goes to Welsh school .

  154. A Robin because they are beautiful and remind me of Christmas…………….My favourite time of the year ?

  155. Three robins in my garden
    I treat them with respect
    They seem so happy and contended
    When fed with garden wildlife direct

  156. The Robin. There is one who sits in my plum tree and sings his head off every evening. Lovely.

  157. Blackbirds they sit on the clothes line looking through the window telling be they want fed,even better when the back door is open they come in some times I have to help them out so tame ,they are great to whatch.

  158. My garden favourite is the goldfinch – as a little dandy who whistles sweetly – and outshines the raucous sparrows. He flees at the arrival of the biker-boy starling flock, he tries to bully other goldfinches from the nut feeder. He huffs at the great tit who dares to raid the nut feeder, but flees from the greenfinch – but soon returns. He is a multi-coloured joyful sight in winter. Always welcome, always worth watching.

  159. March – newly homemade bird box per RSPB specifications – hung in our old apple tree – stunned to see that only 2 hours later it was ‘sold’ to our local blue tit couple –
    what a delight to watch the antics of the pair each morning modifying the ‘front’ door to their spec. – with all the fuss we weren’t sure if this was ‘home’ –
    but we are convinced now that babies are on the way – good to see that the sparrow and starling are making a welcome return ……..

  160. I have lots of birds in my garden, but for me it’s the little greenfinch that outshines them all.

  161. Goldfinches are my favorites. Apart from being beautiful I love their squeeky popping noise as they queue up for the feeder.

  162. Our favourite garden bird far beyond all the birds we are so lucky to visit our garden is the Goldfinch. The amazing vivid colours of the Goldfinch are amazing . They tuck in daily to sunflower hearts,niger seed,live meal worms and fatballs containing insects and of course the all important daily changed fresh water plus a bird bath to keep their colour looking in top condition. We have anything up to 10 Goldfinches arobatically seeing each other off to get to their food. We also have two male Blackbirds who have learnt to mimmick our telephone.They continually phone each other all day between their usual beautiful song scales. We also have Wrens,Chaffinches,Long-tailed tits,Blue-Tits,Great Tits ,Coal Tits,Grey Wagtails,House Sparrows,Hedge Sparrows,Thrushes,Wood Pidgeons,Ring Necked Doves,Magpies,Jackdaws,Black Caps,Siskins the occasional Green Woodpecker and last year we were very lucky to have about 15 seconds viewing of Gold Crest. Ooops nearly forgot my one enemy who visits us trying to feed himself on our fish ,Mr Naughty Heron.

  163. While the cheeky your my best friend robin, follows me around,checking out if i am digging or scattering food on the ground. Theres my shy friend mr blackbird under the laurel bush,saying to his ladyfriend stay put a minute and hush. While robin is getting angry with blue tits and the rest,my mate mr blackbirds eating the food that is the best. He seems to keep his cool and tolerates squirels that he sees ,so mr blackbird and your wonderful songs your the one for me

  164. Long tailed tits have my vote. Beautiful, sociable, lovable little balls of pinky brown fluff that brighten any garden with their piercing chatter. I have one that regularly sits on my french door handle and can’t resist staring through the glass. He knows he’s handsome.

  165. The little Robin Is the first among equals. He is not afraid to sit on the fence or spade handle and whistle to keep you company as you work in the garden. He will sit and sing his little heart out first thing in the morning to welcome the new day and still be around as evening falls to catch the last stray bug.
    Undoubtedly man’s best feathered friend in the garden

  166. My favourite bird is the Dunnock.Its not flashy and brightly coloured .Its not brash and bold.Its not noisy or cheeky.Its quite drab on first appearance but when you look closer its a really pretty little thing.I like the way it hops out of the hedgebottom and goes quietly about its business and ignores any other activity going on around it.

  167. My favourite bird is an unusual choice but it is a Magpie. They are cheerful chatterers who dance round the garden.

  168. My favourite garden bird
    Is it a chattering or a song I heard?
    A flash of black and a yellow streak
    A little red face and a pale white beak
    Pretty and all but a few square inch
    Yes you’ve guessed – mine is a Gold Finch

    I love this beautiful chirpy bird because it is so pretty and always cheers me up watching and listening – especially as they busily feed their family.

  169. the Robin, is my favourite bird, they are the gardeners friend, so inquisitive , waiting patiently to investigate what food is available with each spade of earth that is dug over. Such cheeky chappies. A Gardeners companion, brings a smile each day it appears. Lovely.x

  170. My favourite is the Collared Dove. We have a nesting pair in our garden, and they look so lovely, peaceful and gentle, pecking about the bird feeder. My 3 year old likes to hear them, as they sit on our chimney and call to each other. She stands by the fireplace and says “listen, mummy, the doves are saying ‘hello down there’ to me. And I shout back ‘hello up there’ to them.” Always makes me laugh.

  171. It’s very difficult to have a favorite bird – but I suppose if forced to choose I would pick the long tailed tit. Flocks come to our bird table to feed on the fat balls and the pea nuts. They also entertain us frequently by flocking on to a rose tree outside my husband’s study. They are so sweet, fluffy and appear so friendly.

  172. The Robin is my favourite. Throughout the year when going out into the garden you can be sure he/she is level with your eyes as you locate the small greeting that he gives you. It’s fun to turn over a small piece of ground or lift a pile of leaves and see him fly down and find something and either eat it or take it to his family. Then back he comes and sings a little song almost on your shoulder in thanks.
    To top off his and my day he can then have a good wash down in the bird bath! Shake his feathers and fly off home.
    That is why the Robin is my favourite bird.

  173. Upon my fence the Blackbird sits
    Singing his merry song.
    A distant song replies to him
    Waiting to feed their young.

  174. My favourite bird has to be the Goldfinch. They go wild for your Sunflower hearts. I sometimes have eight at a time.
    They’re cheerful little antics as they lob seeds to the pigeons and collared doves patrolling below is a constant source of pleasure.
    They can empty the feeder in three to four days,albeit with help from Greenfinches,Chaffinches and a rogue Squirrel !

  175. My favourite is the Blackbird, its the start of a new fresh day and for so many a new beginning….its the breath of fresh air, that starts our day with a smile and fills it with hope xx

  176. I wake up in the morning and view my garden with keenness

    I hear your singing call, your a great tit with amazing sweetness

    Your yellow feathers and black head, so beautiful and graceful

    You stick with your mate constantly, which is so cute and so tasteful

    oh I wish you’d stay and nest as you did last year

    Maybe you’ve moved on to next door coz they’re serving beer

  177. Blackbird.

    Sings beautifully.

    One was very friendly. Approaching me to be fed, I gave him suet pellets.
    He greeted me from work and would fly to the house if I did not feed him immediately.
    Best of all he brought his fledglings with him and introduced them to me and the feeder.

  178. My favourite garden bird is the robin who comes every day to my kitchen window shelf for pinhead oatmeal which seem to be his preferred food. When we are out in the garden working he usually comes up to see if he can snaffle grubs and other small creatures. he always seems to be in the garden somewhere (either front or more often back) and rewards us frequently with glorious bursts of his plaintive but oh so sweet song.
    We would really miss him if he stopped coming and he one of only a few species who are there throughout the year and, only in his case, always singing! .

  179. I love Robins. Their singing voice is beautiful along with their plumage. They are always the first and last birds in the garden every day. If you have a Robin in your garden it means your house is full of love.

  180. It has to be the Blue Tit. They liven up our back garden with all the toing and froing. They are wonderful, attentive parents and their markings are just beautiful. A wonderful addition to any garden.

  181. How to choose just one from all my friends? Chaffinch, as you see,The blackbird that always follows me,
    The pigeons or the long tailed tits, the wren that round our garden flits, or any other of the feathered host!
    Just one? I’ll have to choose the Goldfinch as the bird that ‘charms’ me most!!

  182. My favourite bird is the woodpecker ….. she comes and feeds on the fat balls on my stand and this year brought 6 babies which fly with her onto the lawn and they feed on the pieces of ball which fall. We had never seen a woodpecker until we bought the fat balls which contain insects. My picture file was to large to load .. will try other camera and add tomorrow.

  183. My favourite little garden bird is the cute and colourful blue tit; these tiny birds deserve all the help we can give them in our very changeable weather;

    as well as seed mix, chopped nuts and fruit pieces these little darlings come and take my dog’s hair provided on the bird table to make their tiny nests cosy.

  184. My favourite bird is the goldfinch.
    My reason is there bright colours and garrulous nature. Often in a group and gathering around the seed feeders fluttering in their bright reds and yellows and black.

  185. my favourites are the starlings as many years ago I had a lovely cat called scruffy, one day he brought me a baby starling, not injured, he just very gently put it at my feet, then a few minutes later he brought in another one and another one until there were five of them. I tried to put them out on the flat roof of my extension but the mummy did not come for them so I put them in my downstairs cloakroom and fed them on scrambled egg and insects etc. They all survived and flew off but I had to decorate my downstairs cloakroom as they had made such a mess in there. My cat was really pleased with himself and I think he was very clever not to injure them at all. I get many birds in my garden, pigeons, wood pigeons, collared doves, sparrows, robins, blue tits, great tits, nut hatches, blackbirds, jays, woodpeckers, jackdaws, a sparrow hawk, woodpecker, and lots and lots of starlings, they all squawk and push each other but really they are great friends. Starlings are great.

  186. My choice at the moment has to be the Dunnock as he speeds past our conservatory window and down to the hedge by the side of the bungalow. They are shy, plain, reserved and mouse like as they forage quietly around the edges of the garden Surprisingly this quiet little bird has a lively and somewhat promiscuous love life which just goes to show you do not judge a book by its cover.

    ‘The hedger lonesome brustles at his toil’
    It makes a nest of moss and hair and lays
    When een the snow is lurking on the ground
    Its eggs in number five of greenish blue
    Bright beautiful and glossy shining shells’ John Clare

  187. My favourite bird is the Robin. The robin always appears from nowhere when you start digging or turning over the soil. It sits there watching you to make sure it is safe for them to come to the earth, they then appear to talk I often then lay some seed near where it came to and stand back a short distance to watch them return and slowly feed on the seed. I love to hear their lovely songs and it makes me feel happy that I may have contributed to their welfare and health.

    I love all birds and encourage them to come into my gardens, front and back. Feeders everywhere, I have to buy my seed and peanuts by the sack to keep up with them, but all the birds are worth it by the enjoyment they give me as being disabled I can not get out to see them in the world.

  188. The robin is such a joyful little warrior – beauty and bravery in equal parts. He’s first to my suet feeder every morning and last to disappear at dusk. I love the purity of his song, the questioning little tilt of his head, those intelligent eyes, and that pugnacious puff of his chest that declares loudly his belief that he’s a match for anyone. It never stops being a magical moment when such a weightless but indomitable tuft of flight and song is trusting enough to land in my hand and feed.

  189. The Robin, as everyday I am outside even cutting grass with a noisy lawnmower when I turn around there’s usually one or two six foot away.

  190. My favourite garden bird has to be the Blackbird, with its wonderful song that brings a charm to the
    evening air.

  191. It,s got to be the goldfinch with its bright yellow and red markings. Unlike many other birds that they like to hang around to eating at there leisure giving me plenty of time to observe them.
    The story goes that when Christ was carrying the cross a goldfinch flew down and plucked one of the thorns from the crown around his head. Some of Christ’s blood splashed onto the bird as it drew the thorn out, and to this day goldfinches have spots of red on their plumage.

  192. I like all the birds who visit my garden.They all have their own personalities and endearing habits. I do love the starlings with their ungainly walk and constant squabbling but I think my favourite bird is the dunnock or hedgesparrow. I can hear their cheeps first thing in the morning until last thing at night.They are an unassuming little bird but they are always hopping about with their mate or family whatever the weather. A very underrated little bird but just a lovely bird to have in the garden.Love them.

  193. My favourite bird. Well that’s really difficult as my garden has been likened to Heathrow! I love them all…..from the blackbirds scuttling around in my flower beds tossing the soil all over the place to the robin that is there waiting every morning with his beady little eye watching my every move till I get all the grapes chopped, last night’s mashed potato out and all the feeders filled. Then there are the busy little wrens bobbing around in my plant pots picking the bugs off my plants and the couple of pheasants that come tapping on my french window waiting for peanuts. I have sparrows, goldfinches, chaffinches, greenfinches, great tits, coal tits, dunnocks, starlings but my favourites are the little blue tits that patiently wait for me to fill their feeders. Really, as a teacher I shouldn’t have favourites!!

  194. My favourite is the Robin. Mine is always at the back door ready to greet me. Always at the feeder a dear little friend.I like the idea that he seems to interact with us and I like the idea that Robins are “watching over us “.

  195. We love ‘Woody’ Woodpecker. He calls several times every day. He is so beautiful and so colourful. He brightens up our day.

  196. The Wren
    The wren is a tiny brown bird that is not beautifully coloured
    But has the sweetest song.
    If you are lucky enough to be able too hear it just sit and enjoy
    The wonderful song

  197. I love the robins and jenny wren. But zI do think the robin should be our national bird. He is so England.

  198. For us we felt the perky Robin just has to be our favourite garden bird. Always around when we are in the garden even alighting close to us if there is a chance of a worm being turned over when digging or weeding. Quick to return and friendlier than most birds.
    Who cannot feel cheered up when a Robin appears even in gloomy or rainy weather?
    Its definitely the Robin for us!

  199. Of all the hundreds of birds that come into my garden my favourite at the moment is a pair of ducks! We recently built a small pond in the garden and soon after a duck appeared in the garden twice a day as regular as clockwork and even swam in the pond (a very small turning circle) she has recently been joined by the drake and although he hasn’t ventured into the pond he accompanies her whilst she has a dip! I have christened the duck Patience because she sits and waits til I put fresh food out every morning.

  200. My favourite bird is the long tailed tit.with its puffed up body it looks so cute and a delight to see.

  201. Favourite bird is the long tailed tit. They seem so comic eating the fastballs upside down and at other angles.

  202. Ode to a Bull Finch

    This Finch flies like butterfly and sings like a bee
    It’s a rarely seen bird and somewhat sedentary
    With its black head and.sitting on a low bough
    The redbreast glows more than a rainbow

  203. my favourite bird is the gold finch. i have around 25 in my garden at any one time which brings great colour and pleasure to the garden.

  204. The wagtail, it follows me as I dig the garden, picking all the little grubs out of the soil, it’s a joy to see it bobbing along

  205. The robin. Although small, he’s big in character. Cheeky, friendly, feisty, distinctive, territorial…

  206. I love all the birds that come to my garden but I think that my favourite must be the Blackbird. When I hear its song in the evening, as it sits at the top of my tree,it is so wonderful. How on earth can a bird sound so special when I can’t get a note of music into my head?

  207. Without doubt every home I’ve ever lived with a garden would be graced with the ever brave and friendly Robin. I love to see the familiar red breast and often find one hopping just a bit closer looking for worms when I’m digging – the Robin always makes me smile

  208. Our blackbird. We call him Mr. B. and he’s been calling for six years now. He knocks on the window when he arrives and comes in to be fed with sultanas and mealworms, and carries them off to feed his family. When his young are fledged he brings them and feeds them on the doorstep. He has given us so much pleasure over the years.

    Blackbird blackbird glossy black and now you’re going grey,
    You bring us so much happiness
    When you call on us each day.
    You work so hard, your days are long
    And still you sing your evening song
    Oh blackbird how we love you!

  209. The good old English cheeky red Robin. There are two males who frequent my garden and they come to both see what I am doing when I’m out and about. They aren’t scared at all. I have had them within 6 inches of me and they are quite happy being so close. They won’t eat from my hand but they certainly are very friendly. They are lovely to have as both sing happily together. I’ve not even seen them fight, as I always thought male Robin’s were very territorial..

  210. My favourite garden bird is the Robin.
    It is so cheerful and friendly and I can see it and hear it in my garden every day and every season.

  211. This year it is the blackbird – or rather 2 blackbirds, because…

    Last year (2014) we successfully ‘trained’ a pair of robins to come and eat meal worms out of our hands, wherever we were in the garden. We summoned them with a whistle and a “ch-ch-ch-ch” call. In one of the lilac trees we could hear a blackbird call, but he would not come too near.
    This year, however, 2 blackbirds have taken over. Feeding time begins first thing in the morning, for as soon as we open the back door to let our dog into the garden Mr and Mrs Blackbird are on the patio waiting for breakfast – they are not phased by the dog, and she isn’t interested in them.
    During the day, by using the same whistle and “ch-ch-ch-ch” call, both blackbirds will come on to the patio from wherever they are in the neighborhood. Mrs Blackbird is the least timid, being the first one to eat some worms off my shoe. However, the most interesting aspect of their feeding habits is that Mr Blackbird is definitely ‘henpecked!’ For, not only is Mrs Blackbird usually the first to arrive, but many times she disdains to eat worms from the ground herself and opens her beak for Mr Blackbird to feed her – which he does!

    What pleasure we get!

  212. The Great Tit without a doubt. On warm days with the sun out and the back door open, I am serenaded by the song from the copse at the end of our garden. It sounds like dozens of naughty little imps jumping up and down on squeaky bed springs. Lovely!

  213. The Jenny Wren. I see the little wren messing about on and in the wall just by my window. So tiny with that sweet little sticking up tail. Always busy, really speedy and knows just what it’s after and in a wink it’s gone!

  214. My favourite bird is the crow. Many people dislike these birds but they have to eat like any other bird. The smaller birds are welcome in nearly every garden so are never short of food. A crow is one of the most intelligent birds around and we neglect them. All corvids including magpies are penalised for taking chicks and eggs yet this is nature. don’t we as humans do the same?? Eating veal etc?

  215. My favourite visitors that have started to frequent our garden are 3 ducks! They come morning and evening, quacking until they know we are aware they are there….eagerly awaiting their breakfast and dinner! They are an absolute joy to watch, chasing each other around and sitting in a bowl of water I’ve put out for them. We have many birds visit us for the endless flow of food I put out, but these little ducks never cease to bring a smile to my face and brighten my day!

  216. Song Thrush – because they’re beautiful, elegant birds that are the gardeners best friend eating all the slugs and snails and and lift the spirits being the first to start singing every morning and the last one to stop in the evening.

  217. Must be the cheeky Robin – I have 3 adult pairs that regularly follow me around the garden for live mealworms! One even comes into the greenhouse and sit’s beside the large container watching me feeding the mealworms with crumbled weetabixes! Another takes his mealworm to his nearby female companion and impresses her with a mealworm he has found…knowingly it’s come from my container!

  218. I choose the Goldfinch, because it’s beautiful colour and cheeky nature always bring on a smile. Also, it is my signal for Spring, and the renewal season.

  219. My bird is the black and white woodpecker. He visits our nut feeder often and sometimes brings a friend.

  220. Oh pretty bird with a hint of pink
    Of shy modesty to make you think
    Took me a while to recognise it
    The sissing sound of the long-tailed tit

  221. The Jackdaw,
    Such an intelligent bird. They only visit the bird feeders in the afternoon in Spring/Summer when they have young’uns. They either try and land on the feeders, or they wait for the Starlings to attack them and they tend to drop more than they take, and the Jackdaws just hoover up from the ground.
    The clever bit to me is when all the food has all gone……they come and tap on the windows with their beaks, ’til I come out and refill the feeders, cheeky sods !
    They are consuming 14 to 19 mealworm balls a day…….it’s costing me a fortune….but I don’t mind because I have hours of fun/happiness from watching them all.

  222. My favourite garden bird is the robin because every time i go out into the garden he sings to me and then comes down for food

  223. For me it has to be Mr. Robin. Such a nosey wee soul. When I’m out pottering about in the raised beds,down he comes sits very close and watches to see if I dig up any titbits for him. I love his tweets and his lovely red breast. Just to see one makes my day. If I don’t make sudden moves he will stay with me for a long time,then before I go in I will scatter some dried mealworms, his favourite .

  224. I like the wee Robin best, he is first up to the feeder to greet me every morning. He looks so bright and cheerful as he sings a little tune before bobbing his head in to take his favourite sunflower seeds, then he’s off with a chirp of thanks.

  225. hi favourite bird is the blue tit a little bird has loads of eggs and look after all of them witch we have been watching on our camera she had 11 eggs 10 hatch mum and dad have been feeding them for 5 days but a big but today when we turned on the tv all the babies had die very sad to see mum and dad not knowing what to do

  226. I have a small garden with a mixture of perennials borders and shrubs. We have a feeding station to keep the local population of sparrows, starlings, blue-tits and the odd chaffinch happy. Our feeder also occasionally provides “Meals on Wings” for a sparrow-hawk which pops in for a quick feed … usually a tardy sparrow.

    By far, my favourite visitors are about four goldfinches which arrive with the aforementioned birds but which also display complete nonchalance by sitting tight and feeding even when the others have fled. Their plumage is reminiscent of the door keepers at a five star hotel with smooth feathers and markings like shiny buttons on the back. A very smart looking bird indeed

  227. Mistle thrush. Love to watch them eating the snails in my garden. Perfect pest control

  228. My favourite garden bird is the goldfinch
    Every day the goldfinch graces my bird feeder
    I love to watch the shy little bird its colours bright like a rainbow
    It makes me feel happy to see them feeding
    And when they are not on the feeder they are in the tree above chattering away to each other
    I feel privileged that they visit my garden

  229. May favourite bird in the garden is the goldfinch Im lucky and get a lot due to many feeders they just add so much colour on a cold dull day.

  230. Woodpeckers , they come and take nuts back to the young woodpecker from our feeders , then when the baby has learnt to fly
    they bring it to our garden and it sits on the telephone wire and they shuttle up and down to the feeder taking it nuts
    so cute

  231. I love the robin, we have one that regularly visits our garden to use the bird bath and the feeders

  232. The Blue Tit – it chatters and zips about like a feathered whirlwind. Crazy little birds! 🙂

  233. The bird that most gladdens my heart is the Yellowhammer both for his wonderful sunshine yellow apparel and his bread and butter and no cheese call…

  234. My favourite garden bird is the chaffinch, beautiful colours whilst not being over-the-top like the goldfinch (show-offs!).
    I have a very friendly one that visits my garden daily.

  235. The blackbird , as every morning as I pull open the conservatory blinds, there is my mate waiting for his morning treat of soaked sultanas

  236. My favourite is the Nuthatch. Not brightly coloured but so distinctive feeding upside down on the feeders for seeds and on the wooden fences for insects

  237. I love the blackbirds, we have one that regularly visits our garden, he sings beautifully and is a real pleasure to watch.

  238. The starling, for sure they are the clown of bird life in my garden, yet they are brilliant caring parentsr to their gangly looking youngsters, the adults in their prime are such a stunning glossy blue/black colour, and the way they feed scatters the food for all the other ground feeders.

  239. My favourite garden bird is the nuthatch which is an extremely handsome bird. Nuthatches are shy and not very numerous, so I get a thrill every day when a pair appear on the sunflower heart feeder.

  240. Our garden is always full of birds because we feed them so well with food which we get from you. The usual visitors are blackbirds, starlings, goldfinches, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks, robins, pigeons, collared doves, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, crows and, jackdaws.

    We love all the birds but because of what happened last summer I have to choose jackdaws as being my favourite.

    Last year we were thrilled when two wild jackdaws became unbelievably tame. They used to come every day, sit on our feet and walk up our legs to get some food. We have lived in our house for over thirty years and had many tame birds but we have never had any as tame as our two jackdaws. They gradually came less and less often during the winter and eventually stopped coming altogether. We guess that they have now returned to the wild and are raising their own families which is a good thing but, we really miss them.

    I’ve sent a photo of them sitting on my feet waiting for a bite to eat. Isn’t is wonderful?

    I have quite a few videos of them too.

  241. I love all the birds in my garden but my favourite is the Robin he is such a sweet little bird My nan used to say that if you have a robin in your garden all the year round it was a departed loved one looking after you.

  242. my favorite is the the glorious yet elusive goldfinch. I watch with envious eyes as they feed in other gardens yet alas not mine. One visited once, a quick glimpse and it was gone. I can only hope after all these years and numerous different feed combinations that it will one day grace me with its presence.

  243. The Dunnock. They busy about the edges of the garden, quietly minding their own business, eating worms, insects and seeds, occasionally picking up food that has dropped from the bird feeders

  244. My favourite bird is the Goldfinch…… always smart, brightly coloured and seemingly happy whilst munching away on the sunflower hearts. It also cares for others by dropping little bits of seed the the Blackies to “hoover up”!

  245. For us, it’s the Bullfinch pair we see. They love the sunflower hearts and are here several times a day. Living on one of the largest housing estates in Europe they’re lovely to see 🙂

  246. Hi In my opinion the wren because it scuttles around with its tail bolt upright eating grated cheese bread crumbs and bird seeds my mum puts out for it.

  247. My favourite bird is the Nuthatch. I have one that visits my bird table several times a day and is a real character.

  248. I’m blessed with having a great many different birds common to my garden (20), but my favourite is the bullfinch. Mostly because of the vivid pink red the male has, but also because the male and female pair are happy to sit for minutes at a time chewing their way through the sunflower hearts I feed them which you so kindly sell me in 25kg bags.

  249. The robin is a cheeky bird
    With the sweetest voice you’ve ever heard
    while digging the weeds he’ll be by your side
    and stick his chest out with pleasure and pride
    the food that you give him he eats with delights
    he’s a beautiful bird, a wonderful sight.

  250. I hear the chaffinches at dawn (now 4:28) every morning;

    I wake up early and that really makes my part-insomnia really worthwhile; thank you, little birds!

  251. The Tree Sparrow is a favourite in our garden, of the 7 nest boxes they have five in occupied and keep our grandson amused with their antics at the bird table and feeders.

  252. The wren because it’s a sturdy little chap that pops out of nowhere when you are least expecting it.

  253. Cuckoos & sparrows
    blue tits & wrens,
    come into my garden & sit on my fence
    Starlings & Chaffinch
    Robins & Doves
    Your beauty is endless & so is our love.

  254. the red robin, they enjoy the honey syrup mix bird food, first choice for them and your all round seed mix is second best. They certainly know they have a plentiful supply that I provide for them, thanks to you all at GARDEN WILDLIFE DIRECT.

  255. The robin, of course. He is always there to keep me company in the garden, replacing my dog who I miss so much.

  256. The sparrow the wake me up every morning twerting at the top of there voices it makes me feel good

  257. My favourite bird is the house sparrow. They might be a bit dull in colour but the are very happy chirpy little things. They bring great joy chirping even when it’s raining. I’m lucky to have about 40 of them visiting a rose bush across from my back yard. I have an assortment of feeders for them. I also put food out on my kitchen roof which attracts blackbirds, robin, blue tit, great tit, collared dove, wood pigeon, magpies, jackdaws and crows. I also occasionally get a sparrow hawk. I find it very entertaining watching them flitting about from feeder to feeder. They are a fab little bird.

  258. The graceful collared dove flies in gently with no fuss, with his partner following close behind. They feed delicately, sometimes taking turns to feed and they are always side by side. They coo Coo coo sound can be heard clearly as they sit on the fence, basking in the sun and it is an extremely restful sound. They watch you intently as you go about the garden, ready to take flight at any sudden sound. A joy to behold!

  259. To me my favourite is a cheerful chap. Comes to meet me as I go into my garden. He’s cute, he’s bold’ he’s bright and friendly. Redbreast Outstanding, Brave, Interesting, Nicest. Yes, little Robin. Not even afraid of my dogs.
    Tip. Give live mealworms. He loves them.

  260. My favourite garden bird is the blue tit these cheeky little fellows are full of life and fun love hanging around the feeders, they care greatly for there young and once the young are ready to fledge these balls of blue fluff are super cute but be ready and make time to see them take flight cause once they go they go for good.

  261. My favourite garden bird is the pigeon. This is because during the war they carried messages in the most treatherous of conditions. Some badly injured, however they got through the most hideous attacks. This helped the ear effort greatly and some were awarded with the Dickens medal. No one could have asked more of a beautiful bird, bless them all.

  262. For me it has to be the ROBIN ,.HE AND HIS MATE.,they have bean coming to the feeders now,.for about three years ,and they nest in the same holy bush each year ,there song lets you know that there a round ;’;we also have blue tit, long tailed tit ,blackbird ,jay , woodys,picking up of floor .,meaning you have a good wild bird seed mix to go round,.

  263. Starling
    The iridescent plumage colour on the adults is stunning
    Their behaviour is intriguing – fighting over the same piece of food when there is plenty available, fighting over a single birdbath when there are three others on the same patio that are empty, all wanting to be on the same fat ball feeder when there is a second one within feet of the first
    Fascinating to see them descend into the garden as a flock and leave in exactly the same way having created chaos in the meantime. The young ones are just starting to appear here so their comic value will increase substantially over the next couple of weeks watching them learn to land on the washing line is one of our favourites
    Have yet to see a live murmuration of these birds – maybe one day

  264. seldom seen
    often heard
    the wren is my favourite bird,
    a powerful voice
    loud and clear
    you hear her song throughout the year

  265. I feed the birds all year round and find they are eating just as much now as through the winter,I cannot give a favourite bird as I am delighted to see them all,birds are so dependent on gardens , as industrial farming has made the countryside a poor resource for all wildlife.

  266. How can I choose? Like most people I love them all, plain or exotic, cheeky or shy – but I do like the ones who are willing to eat my failed baking as well as the tasty bird food supplied by you excellent firm.

  267. The nightingale, such a vast aray of tweeting, so many diffrent sounds from such a small bird.

  268. Rising well before we do
    Our fave is out of the nest
    Before the sun is even up
    In time to beat the rest
    Not stopping all day, but
    Still time to sing along the way

  269. I like all the birds in the garden but I think my favourite is the Blackbird as he sings even when it’s raining. Cheers you up on a miserable day.

  270. The blackbird is our favourite garden bird. The male of the species that frequents our garden has become known as Daring Dexter due to his friendly nature. Having whistled his presence waiting on the step, upon opening the kitchen door he hops in waiting to be fed – nearly, but not quite yet, from our hand.
    Dried mealworms seem to be his favourite, though he is quite happy with mixed seed.
    Scattering worms and seed on the lawn frequently results in mid-air squabbles with starlings. Dexter usually triumphs.

  271. We have so many different birds in our garden so are very lucky, but I have a soft spot for the jackdaws. They are so skittish compared to the Robins, tits and finches and always check the coast is clear before grabbing food, even though they are bigger than most of the others (apart from the gulls).

  272. I love all the different species that visit our garden. But, my absolute favourite has to be the Long Tailed Tit. I like watching their acrobatics on my feeders as they flit from branch to branch. They look like fluffy little pink and white lollipops, they are always so energetic.

  273. I like the robin it is one of my favourites as they are a reminder of Christmas and can be friendly

  274. A difficult choice to make but I would have to choose the Starling, such a cheerful feathered visitor at any time of the year with its chatter and spectacular formation flying in the Autumn and of course a terrific Bug catcher that is a great help in the garden.

  275. My favourite garden bird is the blackbird. We have a great number visiting our feeding station in the garden just outside the kitchen window and the antics they get up to are very entertaining. For instance, they come and tap on the window if the food has run out and sometimes come indoors and help themselves to our cat’s food if the door is open..

  276. I like most birds but the Blackbird wins because of its beautiful song. I hear it first thing in the morning and always in the evening echoing through the sky.

  277. A lovely wood pidgeon who has a damaged beak. We put a mix of all year round seed and sunflower seeds out for him and he digs in and eats as best he can. We call him Beaky and he comes regularly for his meals.

  278. My favourite garden bird is the thrush, such an unassuming little bird with the most gorgeous leopard like spotty bib, it is this bird I recall most favourably from my childhood.

  279. mine is the blue tit we have them doing all sort of things on the line and feeder they are amazing little birds this one was untying the string the little devil

  280. My favourite bird is the lesser spotted woodpecker.He visits regularly, and has a daily game with me, its called “bust a bug box” I put up the standard bug box full of short lengths of bamboo to allow bees and other insects to make a home. Once my friendly woodpecker found they had grubs inside, he daily demolishes the bodx, throwing all the bamboo lengths onto the patio, I pick them up rebuild the box and next morning he has done it again! He even posed on my arch showing me a grub he had got out, picture attached. SO he is my favourite bird, because he plays with me.

  281. My favourite bird is the Great Spotted Woodpecker. For several years we had one male who came to our feeder regularly every day then a female arrived. As the years passed we now have at least two families, and we know this as last spring there were 6 chicks along with the two males and at least one female. We could differentiate the males because one was clean and the other was extremely brown on its chest. Of the 6 chicks unfortunately one was killed we suspect by a crow as it had injured itself and could not fly. And as I type this message a male has returned to the feeder.


  283. Of all the birds we get in our garden 40+ it has to be Mr & Mrs Robin. Lots of other birds are very entertaining–colourful–special–seasonal. But the Robin shines above the rest, they are always there and they make me feel that every season brings a smile to my face. Such characters who will accept every type of food I put out Yep it’s the humble Robin.

  284. The Wren. They move like a flying mouse, but sing loud and long. For such a tiny bird, they entertain us daily hopping around the flower pots, seeking tasty morsels, and their fledglings look like giant moths.

    My best feeding tip for garden birds is not to site your feeders in the open (middle of the lawn), but adjacent to shrubs and bushes which offer an escape route from avian predators.

  285. We have seen at least 15 different species of birds in our garden but I love to watch the acrobatics of the nuthatch, balancing upside down on the feeders. Magical.

  286. The goldfinch has got to be my favourite bird. We have quite an extensive bird garden and attract many species but the goldfinch has beautiful colours and as they feed in pairs we get double the joy.

    Ode to the goldfinch:-

    with your vervant colours of red and gold
    the joy you give must be told
    thank you for visiting our garden so green
    your beautiful plumage must be seen

  287. My favourite bird at the moment is the Dunnock.. We moved house last July to a garden bereft of birds which was truly sad. I have with Wildlife for Birds help (feed) built up a fairly limited clientele but am optimistic. We do have a pair or possibly trio of dunnocks which speed down past the conservatory window to a nest in a hedge down the side of the bungalow. This little mouse like bird shy, plain, and couldn’t be more modest and retiring has a very interesting and promiscuous love life. I find this hilarious. you can’t read a book by it’s cover could not be more true about this little hedge creeper/

    ‘The hedger lonesome brustles at his toil’ from signs of winter by John Clare

    ‘It makes a nest of moss and hair and lays
    When e’een the snow is lurking on the ground
    Its eggs in number five of greenish blue
    Bright beautiful and glossy shining shells’

  288. I adore Goldfinches. I love everything about these birds, their plumage, shape and song. I have 16 Goldfinches feeding in my garden at the moment and have managed to gain their trust. They regularly feed from my hand ……. but I would still like to win the beautiful Chinese lantern feeder and the all year round seed mix as I have so many birds in my garden they cost a fortune to feed at this time of year!

  289. This is a bit like asking if your house was on fire with your children inside and you could only save one,which one would it be.
    I think I would have to say the Blackbird.To sit outside as the sun is setting and listen to the incredible power and range of his song is to listen to the voice of heaven.

  290. How to choose? Life would lose so much joy if any one were not there. The Goldfinch is a joy of colour, when they appear. The Robin is such a character and boldly sings his presence all year round. The Song-thrush stops you in your tracks to listen to his song. The Sparrows are like a noisy, rowdy bunch of school-children in and out of the hedge. The Blue-tits, Great-tits and Coal-tits are always busy, back and forth, whenever there are nuts and seeds to be had; always there to entertain you. The shy Wren, with his loud voice? I love them all! Even the “little brown jobs” that secretively go about their business in and amongst the flowers, trees and shrubs without shouting for attention with colour or song. But I think my favourite has to be the Blackbird in his smart black suit with his shining yellow eye and that amazing, wonderful song that epitomizes the end of a Summer’s day as he proudly sits atop the rooftop and sings his heart out. He surely brings joy to everyone.

  291. It’s sooooooo hard to choose-I LOVE them all!!-they lift my spirits so. They are all very different, I love the starlings splashing about in the bird bath, the little wren that is soooo sweet, the gorgeous woodpeckers(greater spotted)-3 generations now!-must be the peanuts ha ha, love all the finches-chaff, gold, green, bull they all visit on occasion. Mr&Mrs Blackbird, the beautiful majestic magpie, little robin redbreast not to mention all the Tits-blue, great, coal, & even the Heron that dropped in recently-I love them all Each and every one distinctive and different sooooo fortunate. Our garden is blessed.

  292. The robin bob bob bobbin along the hedge

    Wants to get a wedge of the feed

    Oh that’s good seed

  293. The Pied Flycatcher is my mostest (!) favourite visitor to our garden. He arrives in April and prospects various nest sites, singing outside the bedroom window until ‘Mrs’ arrives. She usually rejects his choices even though he spends hours showing her his favourites!! This year he has been spurned by 2 females so far but is still singing. When he is bored he chases the Siskin, with a flurry of mid air dancing, then returns to his telegraph wire singing and singing. One year they nested in the box by the front door – amazing!! I just love to hear him – and can tell when the female arrives by the change in his song. Unfortunately my husband misses out as his hearing is going but he can tell by my excitement that Pied has arrived!!!!!! I can sometimes hear replies, like an echo, and he continues his song yet again.

  294. The Robin. So lovely to look at, his song so lovely to listen to, he is so friendly,seems to follow you on your woodland walks.

  295. Blue tits are a delight,They hang precariously from nut feeders like acrobats,Love to warch them

  296. My favourite bird is the Robin. They are so bold, always coming up to me when I’m gardening – almost getting under my spade if I’m not careful!

  297. It has to be the goldfinch, their beautiful colours, the cheekiness on the feeders, their courage when the sparrows try to muscle in.
    They keep us entertained for hours

  298. I love the long tailed Tits that frequent my Garden. They are so small and delicate looking with cute little round faces and a little pointy beaks. The lack of any bright colours is massively offset by their absolute sweetness.

  299. It’s really hard to choose one particular bird as I have so many lovely ones in the garden now. I love the long tailed tits for their beautiful markings when they flock down to the bird table, and I love my cheeky wee robin. If I must choose, then I think I would choose the goldfinch. It has beautiful bright colouring and a lively chatter, not to mention the acrobatics trying to get at my sunflower hearts. I swear at times they must be Britain’s version of parrots, lol.

  300. Blackbirds they are so happy, they sit on the fence and sing to us, but at the moment they are shredding my back door mat to make a nest. When we garden they come really close looking for worms. But also have lots of sparrows that all try to have a bath at once and make us laugh.

  301. The Red Pole is my favourite – such a pretty little bird from the Finch Family a speckled body and a lovely blush breast. We have an array of birds in our garden, goldfinches are our most prevalent, chaffinches, robins, blackbirds, sparrows, greenfinch and many many more venture into our garden as we back onto fields. We also have the “mad birds” – pheasants, they mop up all the seed that the others drop on the floor as do the chaffinch, blackbirds, collared doves. My ultimate favourite is all of them, they all join in in the dawn chorus which I do miss during the winter.

  302. My favourite bird is blue tits because They are very witting and clever birds. I like the way they hanging under the fences find insects and They always come in pairs also hold by their claw whilst they eats peanuts.

  303. English Robin, they are friendly, audacious, cheeky, intelligent, attractive and just so darned cute. Their songs and sounds are varied and wonderful too.

  304. Blackbird for their wonderful sounds,three in all daytime, evening and their loud warning of danger.

  305. The robin. He/she is around all year and keeps me company while I am out gardening in cold windy weather and makes me smile. He/she is always thankful for the food I put out and makes a lovely sound as a thank you. Which ever window I look out of he/she seems to be there.

  306. I know this sounds boring, but actually my favourite garden bird is the…..Robin.

    We have a huge range of birds in our garden, swifts, blackbirds, thrush, blue tits, great tits, finches, etc. etc….But as I am putting the bird seed and peanuts out every morning, the one bird that flies down to greet me, landing on the seed box and trying to help himself, even before I have taken the feeders off the trees is….Mr Robin!

    (I know you haven’t asked this – but the bird I am most fed up with is the Jackdaw!! They are nesting in the honeysuckle outside of my bedroom window and the noise is amazing…it sounds as if there are 30 of them…on top of that they get on the roof and bang about at 5.30am! waking me up….plus, they try to shove the little birds away from the bird feeders. Luckily we also have moorhens nesting on the pond, and they won’t take any nonsense from anyone and chase the jackdaws away from the seed. Oh for a quiet life!)

    All good fun!

  307. We are blessed with a pair of Woodpecker that are so interesting in how they feed and flit about also with being a slightly larger bird are very colourful.

  308. My favourite bird is the Robin he is the first bird I see in the winter jumping around looking for food – so friendly. Often sits on a branch of a tree and watches me working in the garden in expectation of something exciting to eat. His sweet chirping lifts the spirits. Yes my favourite is definitely the friendly Robin.

  309. We feed a multitude of different birds in our garden but my favourite is the Bullfinch – we have two pairs but one of the males is exceptionally bright in colour and beautifully marked – he always comes to the feeder with his mate who is also a lovely specimen but, of course, not brightly coloured.

  310. My favourite garden bird is a crow. They are so intelligent. We have a family who visits our garden several times a day. They are so interesting to watch, the way they gather and sort the food out to carry away.

  311. my favourite garden is the bullfinch they have so much colour I love to watch all birds but as I said love the bullfinch

  312. When I am in my garden a robin sits on my trellis singing to me. He greets me first thing in the morning when I open my back door knowing I’m about to supply the suet sprinkles that he will take to his mate. If I’m a bit slow with the suet he’s not too shy to hop in the doorway to remind me.

  313. I love the Robins, so beautiful and happy. I love to hear them singing and watching them feeding the chicks in my garden. We feed all the birds but the Robin comes nearer the house and gets very friendly. They follow me around the garden when I’m weeding and I do so enjoy seeing them.

  314. Hello 🙂
    I have got to admit i LOVE all the birds and wildlife i am fortunate enough to have in my garden! There is one bird that has a special place in my heart…
    the Blackbird….Every morning and Every evening i am privileged enough to be able to listen to our regular little friend who sits on the aerial of the house opposite We wake up to his beautiful singing and sit in the evening listening and watching him singing his little heart out! 🙂
    Every day without fail he is there (i’m just waiting for his arrival now!). and brings a smile to my face as if he is telling the world all is well.
    Thank You

  315. We are blessed with a pair of Woodpecker that are so interesting in how they feed and look so colourful.

  316. ROBIN, each spring I “train” a Robin to take mealworms from my hand, later in the spring he starts to take some back to his young. Often his mate sits on a branch above him and he takes the worms to her to feed to the young. It is an immense privilege and joy to be trusted in this way.

  317. My favourite bird is the long tailed tit ,a lovely social bird that always makes me smile and encourages me to put more for out in winter because bad weather will always follow.

  318. I love the goldfinches I have in my garden and my blackbirds but I think if I have to choose 1 british bird that is my favourite it has to be the Robin they are so cheeky.

  319. My favourite bird is the woodpecker. We have seen them feeding babies in our garden and there is a drumming spot on a capping spike of the electricity pole near our boundary, which they tend to use very early in the morning!!

  320. My favourite garden bird is the Greenfinch.

    The greenfinch is rarer than most but enjoys a bit of my toast
    His greenery is seen as he pecks and he preens
    He visits with his friends mainly at the weekends
    I love his broad beak and love to hear him speak
    So special is he a new bird table will be!

  321. I have to choose the Robin who comes at every opportunity to get mealworms especially now as he is feeding his young who he brings with him now they are fledged. He comes into the shed with me and swings from the light wire and helps me hang the washing on the line by sitting about a foot away from me and singing. He has become a real friend.

  322. I’m not sure if he counts but there’s been a wonderful old pheasant in our garden these last four years, patrolling the perimeter daily, awakening us early, and almost eating out of our hands on the back doorstep (peanuts mostly). He’s been so cheerful and reliable, really brightening up many a sad and lonely day for me, coming running down the lane when called, clucking whilst gobbling his dinner like an old man complaining, escorting shy lady pheasants around the flowerbeds from time to time, and NEVER making any trouble at all with all the other little birds or ducks who occasionally visit, even appearing to be good pals with a small single partridge and a couple of bossy magpies – but, alas, Ferdie’s been missing this last week and we fear a fox may have found him asleep in the bushes or something. He had an injured foot for a long time and seemed to given up his roost in the tree by our kitchen of late – perhaps to a very fine much younger pheasant who’s been hanging around? The last time I saw old Ferdie he appeared to be having a “chat” with the younger bird in the field beside us (handing on his territory perhaps?) – they didn’t seem to be fighting (might even be father & son – both with excellent plumage and fine long tails). And then no more. I shall miss him if he’s gone – esp. that swagger of a walk, his silly jumping up and down to sqwark and, as I say, he’s been so very friendly and tolerant – and looked almost apologetic for almost treading on a sparrow in our courtyard one morning. I can see all the birds coming and going from my big low kitchen window, you see – and that is where we put out seeds and odds and ends for them. They are ALL wonderful to watch – each with their own character – and so many different sorts. I have learnt a lot and shall continue to do so. Pheasants are a firm favourite of ours here in west Wales – and, obviously, this excellent old chap in particular. He had a real twinkle in his eye, head on one side …

  323. The magnificent majestic swallow that travels 6000 miles to come to its second home in my outbuilding every year

  324. I love to see the gang of long-tail-tits that come through so rarely that it’s a treat when they do!

  325. Robin , always a joy to see and I always like to think they are a loved one who has passed away and returned to see me .

  326. It has to be the Green Woodpecker!! Such a character of a bird, brilliant to watch on the ground feeding and prising out worms with its spike of a beak and beautiful plumage, but then with its flapping flight and waffle call when it flies off it is like the comedian of the UK bird world!!

  327. I love the blackbirds. Now i don’t own a cat i encourage all wildlife. i have had 2 blackbirds nest for the past two years, however magpies have had the eggs both times. i love to hear them sing and at about 6pm they sit on our aerial and sing their little hearts out. Makes my day

  328. It has to be the goldfinch I sit for hours admiring their colours while they tuck in to my niger seed

  329. My favourite has to be the Jay, so intelligent, so beautiful, and so caring – always come as a pair, one watching and one feeding. Beautiful!

  330. My favorite bird is a very frequent visitor to my garden, being larger than the average “tits and sparrow’s that I feed on daily basis. It is in my opinion that they are the most vocal of all our native birds, Enough said about the fantastic song bird that I love to listen to in the early evening. It is of course the wonderful Black Bird.

  331. My favourite garden bird is the beautiful Gold Finch lovely colours and fed on Niger seed.

  332. My favourite garden bird is hard to choose. We have do many beautiful birds. I think that the Blackbird must get my vote. Their song is next to none ( closely followed by the Robin)

  333. Blue Tit – have seveal nest in our garden each year and have a nest cam in one of the boxes